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Gee.. I can’t connect 3G in Changsha.. I also can’t connect wifi, either.. 3G connect will be OK when I arrive in Shanghai.. Go straight to Shanghai!!!!!
아놔..장사에서 3g안터져..wifi안터져..샹하이에오니 3g도 직진이구나.. 에헤라디야~~~ 샹하이 직진!!!!!!

If you leak the photo posted on my app, you will die.
너네어플 사진 유출하면죽어!

It’s just begun! The project to get out of a baby-like-chubby belly has set out!! Can Keun-suk get out of it and play a guitar gorgeously at CRI SHOW…!!??
시작됐다! 아가배 제거 프로젝트 가동!! 과연 근석은 크리쇼에서 상의탈의후 화려한 기타연주를 할 수 있을것인가…!!!뚜둥!!!

tenshi_akuma’s note: The photos below are evidence ones. kk

11 thoughts on “[12.06.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Please JKS don’t worry about that small little belly..I’m sure for all the preparation of Cri show..rehearsing ..traveling ..will get rid of that small little belly ^_^
    Let’s enjoy yourself..you looks too good already..Fighting fighting our jKS ^_^

  2. lol!! it’s the first time that i saw him with those cute little belly..did it decrease your sexiness??? of course not!

  3. hahaha… he gain weight in his belly.. LOL…
    i hope he prepare new killer body not only for Cri show 2, but also for new project (international movie)…i hope…

  4. Oh yes he s got a little bit of belly try not to eat late at night and exercise more but I think his work is very hectic and there’s no time for him to do execise regularly and most important thing take less fatty food and drink less as specially alcohol…. If possible . Take care our dear JKS


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