[13.06.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo (1)

Credits: Jang Keun Suk weibo
English Translation: Sarah YE

Beijing, when I arrived in Beijing, it was good and comfortable. But when I got out from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, I couldn’t smile… they had to keep enforcing the security… it’s too dangerous to me and you too. Hope no one get hurt.
@张根硕 : 베이징 북경까지는 너무 편하고 좋았는데 상하이 홍차우 공항에서부터 웃지를 못했다. 안전을 늘 강요하건만… 너무 위험해… 나도..너희들도.. 제발 아무도 다치지 않았기를..

I want to be the regular guest for Happy Camp TT_TT, I like everyone so much. I love you. Give me a call when you come to Korea!!!//@JasonJang: Thank you. You’re the best. Happy Camp is a super happy and interesting program.
@He Jong (Main MC of Happy Camp): Some Korean friend would like to join you on weibo, he asked to “pay attention” to him, I will build a bridge for him!@Jang Keun Suk@ Li Wei Ja @Xie Na @Du Hai Tao Hito @Wu Xin, oh, by the way, he is in the picture. (He Jong @ all the MCs of Happy Camp)
나 쾌락대본영 고정하고 싶어 ㅠㅠ너무 좋아 모두들 사랑해요 한국오면 꼭 저나하긔!!! //@JasonJang: 谢谢你们!你们最棒!超级开心有意思的快乐大本营
@何炅 : 有个韩国童鞋想加大家微博,也要求大家关注他,我来搭个桥!@张根硕 @李维嘉 @谢娜 @杜海涛Hito @吴昕 噢对了!画面里还有他!@JasonJang

XinTianDi is the best!!, so, Shanghai diary stars now? kk
@张根硕 : 역시 신천지가 짱이군요!! 슬슬 샹하이 다이어리 시작?? ㅋㅋ
Here is the link of introduction about Shanghai Xintiandi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xintiandi

The security came successfully, so I will not be afraid anymore!!!
@张根硕 : 경호원 따돌리기 성공했으니 난 더 이상 무서울게 없다!!!!!

Don’t believe me?
@张根硕 : 안속네..-_-…

Nya,!!! Don’t follow me now, let’s meet at 3pm on weibo, if the responses is good, I will have a Fan Meeting on weibo. Looking forward to it please… when I can write my project proposal?
@张根硕 : ㄴ ㅑ!!! 지금 따라오지 말구 3시에 웨이버에서 만나? 오늘 반응좋으면 웨이보 온라인팬미팅 할거니까 기대해..아 근데 기획안 언제쓰지-_-??

NOTE: If you’re weibo member, you can join the Q & A time with Jang Keun Suk at this link http://talk.weibo.com/ft/201206135922

Am I handsome? Am I?
@张根硕 : 워 헌 슈어이 마??有木有?

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  1. Thanks sis Sarah for translation. Everyone (eels) said this program is a must see, very funny and Sukkie is candid, witty and charming right always…kekeke

    PS. Jason’s tongue actually ruined the beautiful picture for me….LOLLLL

  2. So envy with eels who can join in weibo…
    But glad to see Sukkie is happy..

    Yes you are super duper handsome my prince!!!


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