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  1. Thanks, I’m a new fan of JKS. So glad to find this site, and even more so, reading everyone’s thoughts about Love Rain. When I think of Love Rain, the first thing that comes to my mind is that bright yellow umbrella. I think I’m like In Ha, who’s stuck at the beach with his first love. The chemistry between JKS and Yoona during the present is undeniably cute, but, I’m emotionally stuck at episode 1 to 5. One scene in particular: When he finally told her his feelings, and her response was, “Why couldn’t you tell me this sooner?” I think I’m the only one who wished that the entire story simply remained in the 70’s…just knowing that they will never end up together…so sad. Can’t hardly wait for the DVD cut to see more of In Ha.

  2. Kaori chan, Thanks for sharing this consolidated link as I would like to go through again as I might have missed out a few of these thoughts by our eel sisters who have shared due to our fast moving thread here.. really appreciate this list and I’m going to bookmark this page ^_^

  3. Thanks Kaori-chan for putting these together. I didn’t read all of them the first time they were posted because I haven’t watched the relevant episodes then. It’s the first time I followed a drama over a period of 10 weeks so I wasn’t too absorbed into it before. I have just rewatched LR and finished it in 3 days. There were scenes that I kept rewinding. Sukkie has done a great job in LR. I can feel Joon’s love, pain and happiness. LR makes me believe in love again. I am thankful the director has made this drama. I will now take my time to read all these posts over coming days/weeks. I’m already thinking of watching LR for the third time first. kkk!

  4. rain falling on earth just to make earth feel how it loves her
    rain pouring down as happiness
    rain pouring down as tears
    rain showering love
    rain filling love everywhere
    rain making tears wept away
    rain washing away loneliness n sadness
    umbrella sharing love
    after all love rain
    showering rain of love
    love is the reason
    monsoon the love season

  5. Just miss LOVE RAIN… Tenshi, thanks a lot for putting all these beautiful thoughts on Love Rain. And thanks to all EELS who put all these beautiful thoughts. I will watch Love Rain again for the nth time.

  6. Thanks! This archive makes it so much easier to share with people that are just coming to appreciate this lovely drama and hopefully our Prince.

  7. Just watched Love Rain for the nth times…and just reading again the thoughts written by EELS. What an eloquent recaps of LR. I always love these recaps. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts…

  8. I’m a new fan of JKS from the Philippines. I always watching Love Rain before I’m going to school and It makes me happy :)) JKS and Yoona have the best chemistry eveeeer yehey! I hope someday they’ll work together, watching both of them in Television it feels like Love is everywhere! <3 and I hope after my college graduation this April I want to go in Korea and meet them hahaha How I wish! <3

  9. I’m from the Philippines and our local station ABS-CBN started showing Love Rain 2 months ago. Love Rain is the best Drama I’ve ever watched. Both JKS & Yoona did a great job portraying their roles that I started following their careers since watching LR. I really appreciate their acting and they have an amazing chemistry on screen.

    I hope that they’ll do more projects together in the future and I assure you that you have a lot of fans here in the Philippines.

    Wishing you both happiness and safety all the time. 🙂

  10. Thanks ss,

    I really love to see Love Rain film. I will read all thoughts. I want to see the film again and like Suk Na: beautiful couple. 😡


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