[article] Jang Keun Suk, beautiful childhood “Little Prince”

I posted the thread “How different is JKS from his childhood?” before. Here’s another news.

Credits: mydaily

Actor Jang Keun Suk has possessed beauty like a flower since childhood. On May 24th, his photos were posted on an internet community with the title “Was Jang Keun Suk beautiful when he was a kid?” Those photos show young child actor JKS starring in various works. He had an innocent smile like he has today. Besides, he had a cuteness characteristic to a kid. You can find himself of purity like a real “Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)”. Netizen commented as follows; “He smiles like an angel from childhood.” “He never changes. He’s grown up in a cool way.” “His parents must choke up being proud of having him.” “As it is now, his smile is very pure and beautiful.” and “He deserves No.1 of the most beautiful kids contest.”

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  1. totally agree with this statements..i always said he had an angelic smile and dazzling eyes..he just changing from beautiful and young innocent boys to a pretty intelligent man with smartness 🙂

  2. How can we not fall in love with this interesting special person ^_^
    I personally love Jang Keun Suk for being himself 😉

  3. Looking at these photos, he hasn’t actually changed much. Ok, maybe matured a bit. But the sparkle in his eyes and that irresistible charming smile have not changed one bit. At times, I still see in him this young boy. He has the spark and vibe of youth and the maturity of a level-headed matured young adult. Kudos to his parents for raising up a wonderful and brilliant child.

  4. OMG. The pictures on the left from: one missed call make me speechless. If only I had such a perfect handsome classmate, high school would never be the same, I would arrived at school the earliest 🙂

    • Oh yeah! That’s it! Was thinking which movie/drama it came from ‘coz it looks really familiar. Thank you. I love all the pics, but I especially love those three. 🙂

  5. I like him alot and I watch his work and I enjoy it and I listen to his songs but I think he was much better when he was young I mean he looked good and cut in more manly way than now his clothes and hair style was better than now but I still think he is really good actor


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