12 thoughts on “[Video] TEAM H VOL 1”

  1. He’s such a hottie !!!! Looks awfully skinny in this video though …. do eat and keep yourself healthy !!!

  2. I have no problem with him smoking, he’s a normal young adult but I want him to cut down cos I think it is affecting his teeth! He should also consider his social responsibility to those younger than him for continuously posting smoking pics/vids in public.

  3. Our Princejks..Jast being himself ^_^
    Let him enjoy himself as long he is not causing any harm to others..
    We only can advise him to smoke less or even quit smoking,guess it’s alittle difficult ;-(
    Even doctors are smoking! We eels are concern of our Princejks’s health and happiness ^_^ hope he will understand our heartache to see him smoke..harming himself..we eels love and care for our Princejks so much 😉
    Please promise to take care of your health..our Princejks <3

  4. Wen, I agree with you. Is there a way to inform JKS that we eels don,t feel comfortable seeing him smoke. He should not post this kind of images as the public may misunderstand him.

    • Lynn, actually from my understanding, Sukkie has received many eels’s concern for that but I guess he is an adult already and we can’t stop him from smoking in club during his personal time.. I can understand that as I myself dislikes smokers but I can’t help there are people around me who are people I love who are smokers and I ever ask my dad why he smokes when he knows it is bad for health.. he said due to stress and to simulate thinking.. but good that my dad has quitted smoking now.. which I think Sukkie will cut down and when he settle down with a family of his own ^_^
      By the way, I have seen his LoungeH performance live in S’pore as well as concert vids around Asia.. when he is performing in public for performance, he will not smoke just like the vid link below which he performed in Japan just early this year.. only during his personal time like those in club. Don’t worry, I guess there is a reason why Sukkie edited the above LoungeH vid and upload to Youtube.. his message is he is bringing LoungeH to other parts of the world besides Asia.. and also, that is real him in LoungeH ^_^

  5. Thanks QQ for sharing and I can fully understand & accept . Am just too protective towards our prince image. He can smoke privately ( but not too much) …kkkk.


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