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  1. Sis Reb, Thank you thank you a million times for writing the final episode. Oh my dear lord, your thoughts and analysis on this episode (of this drama) make me cry cry and cry. You have validated some of the reasons why I love this drama so much.

    I’m a simple girl, not thinking too deeply about dramas beside seeing the oblivious acted out story lines and plots by the actors/actresses. When you pointed out all those symbolic, umbrellas, benches, necklaces, flowers…etc…my mind goes ….OMG…. how could I missed all those meanings. With my simple mind and romantic heart, I just know this drama is so beautiful love story.

    Though, in the middle of the drama, sometimes, I feel like the story is going in cycle a little bit, the scripts keeps repeating itself, I was lost and confused like Joon and Hana, about they wanted to break up or not break up…lol so frustrated……but when I think about it all over again…those repeated scripts were true intended by PD Yoon somehow. Sis Reb, after reading your recap, it all makes sense to me now.
    I wish everyone, eels and non-eels, read your recaps then they can understand the hidden meaning of the simple things happened in LOVE RAIN. And in real life, we do those simple things all the time in the name of LOVE, for lover, family or friends. Sadly, sometimes, we take those simple actions for granted and blush them off as meaningless.

    From the start to finish, LOVE RAIN is not only teaching us about the meaning of love, but teaching us to cherish and remember each and every single simple things you might have done with your loved ones, and teaching you to make chances and take chances in life. Sometimes, it might be difficult decision that you have to make, it might break hearts, but that’s life all about…..really!!!

    P.S sis Reb, this tread will be added to my bookmark file forever. I can see myself reading this recap over and over again….kekeke

  2. Thanks sis Kailey, it means a lot to know that this review has given you so much joy, I put a lot of my heart into this piece and I am glad to see the benifits. It make me smile more than you know to hear you saying it makes sense to me now and I feel that then at least I have achieved something. I wanted more than anything to show the world the beauty that I saw in this drama and from your words I can see that I have achieved just that. Thanks sis for letting me see that and in turn recieve such beautiful words from you. Indeed you are right, we should cherish and remember the simple things, for in the grand scheme of things it is these that really matter, and at times it is also true that you should take chances and make changes, for without these we achieve nothing. Decisions are always dificult, because to open one door you are ultimately closing another, and it is in the nature of man to want to keep his options open, however if you never choose a path you never get anywhere either, so you are right, sometimes it is necesary to take the path that will break hearts but yes this is what life is about. Love you sis, hugs xxx

  3. Thanks so much Aphrael for your note at the top, it means a lot :0) but I want to know too? What were you looking at, kekeke, hugs sis xxx

      • Ah that’s what I thought, as to the where else? I wouldn’t like to say, have to ask one of the peels, lol. 😉

  4. WOW!!! I’m totally speechless! What amazing, deep & eloquent analysis for the last epidode. Thanks a lot REB! Do not worry you are not the only hopeless romantic. I’m sure we are many. I love it so much!

    • Awww, thanks sweetie. Here’s to hopeless romantics the world over, i’m with you all the way, lol. 🙂 Hugs xxx

  5. Rebikita, I really love your thoughts and analysis !
    Your sharp and thorough analysis of the story and comparisons between characters are amazing!.. Plus your use of beautiful language really makes this a wonderful piece of recap of the final episode of Love rain.

    I hope this article of yours will attract more people to watch Love Rain as this drama is definitely my favourite among Sukkie’s dramas… I prefer LR to YAB now.
    I can really see the great improvement in Sukkie’s acting, especially those emotional scenes … his teary eyes, the sadness in his voice, his breathing etc…

    Love rain is truly a romantic piece of work that I have not watch in a long, long time.

    • Thank you anjellsmiles for the compliment, it would be good if that were the case as I would most definitely recommend this drama to anyone interested in this genre and even then probably to some that weren’t, lol. How bad would I feel though if I had peeked their interest by telling them the end of the story, I feel bad just thinking of it, lol. I just wanted to share my love for this drama and I hope that this account will allow people to see new things they might have missed or just generally remember with me the wonder that was, Love Rain. Hugs sweetie xxx

  6. Thanks, Reb!!! A really wonderful review on an equally wonderful drama. And it’s so perfect for a perfect final episode! I think no one could’ve written it any better.

    You know what, I was amused reading your thoughts as I realized we had the same thoughts running in our head while watching the episode! OMG! Could it mean we’re kindred spirits? Is that good or bad? LOL! 🙂 I was actually about to write something similar but shorter on my blog a couple of days back but decided against it. I’m glad I didn’t for I couldn’t have said it any better.

    I felt a pang of sadness when Joon said that they were happy but also guilty. To me, the guilt was more towards his father and Yoon Hee rather than Hye Jung, though that fact can’t also be discounted. At least, Hye Jung’s suggestion that they get married solves that part of the puzzle.

    And then the scene when Joon was sitting on the bench alone looking at the postcard his father sent had made me worried for a while there. ‘Coz I was thinking maybe he was contemplating so much on going ahead with the marriage because he was guilty of the fact that his father and Yoon Hee never had that, why would they? But then again, I think the postcards his father sent were already suggesting it (they were all photos relating to marriage/wedding) and somehow giving them their blessing for truly there is no reason for them not to do it at that point in time. In Ha and Yoon Hee were happy as they were, and they were equally happy for him and Ha Na.

    And, sis, I just looove the part about the benches!!! A bench is essentially something to sit on, wallow in, wile the time away (or grieve), wait for someone who may or may never come, or spend happy times together with either a loved one or a friend, and that’s just to name a few. Ah, benches, who would’ve thought that if you look deeper, it could symbolize a whole lot of things?! 🙂

    Surely, Love Rain has brought us many happy and sad memories which will remain in our hearts forever. Not to mention the fact that it also reminded us of many happy or sad moments in our own lives, made us look at love and life from different perspectives, and left us with a heartwarming feeling; and for some, hoping they can have the same happy ending as Joon and Ha Na.

    For me, it is the best drama so far, despite the ratings and however simple the story and plot may be.

    • browneyes88, thanks sweetie my heart is overflowing from the comments here and in ECI, I’m glad you posted yours here I feel it’s good that they go on they blog though I appreciate all the love that this review has gotten be it here or there.

      I put such a lot of love into this review and though I don’t normally say this, I struggled hard with this one due to the pain I was in this week, so it is all the more rewarding to me that everyone is getting such joy out of it, it makes the struggle worthwhile and I couldn’t be happier.

      In the end though I am truly glad that through my writing I have able to bring back some of the joy and memories that we have had these past ten weeks, and the ones we really should be praising are the writers, actors, the producer and all the behind the scenes people of the love rain team that we don’t see, they have made this drama what it is and they have done a wonderful job.

      As for the guilt part, I think you are right, I think the postcards do signify a blessing from In Ha and Yoon Hee, and at the end if you didn’t catch that subtlty In Ha tells them again, to love each other and live happily, I would hope that they were able to accept these blessings and remove the guilt from their hearts and I think that the fact that they in the end married means that they did, since it is left to the viewer to decide I choose to give them the happier option, lol.

      It seems a lot of people liked my bench theory, kekeke, i’m glad I made everyone smile :0), will you ever sit on a bench the same way again, lol.

      And I will agree with you on one last thing, maybe we are kindred spirits and of course that is a good thing, lol, and that is that the memories from love rain will remain in my heart at least forever.

      Thanks sweetie :0)
      Hugs xxx

  7. Thanks Reb for sharing – i have read halfway through, and need to run now coz i have to get ready for a meeting – but i must say i really love every single details you mentioned and the symbolic meanings of the umbrella, necklaces…and especially benches 🙂
    I will continue reading later, but i must say i really fall in love with love rain more after reading your thoughts, thanks sis!

    • Thanks Hazy, I’m glad you are enjoying it sweetie, good luck with your meeting I hope it goes well for you and this will still be waiting for you when you get back so no need to rush :0), see you later honey, lots of hugs xxx

  8. Finally I finished reading! I still have yet to collect my jaw from the floor lol!!

    What I love so much from this drama is its understatement which speaks volumes if you care but look deep into it. It really sets it apart from those other see-it-in-the-face dramas that don’t take much intelligence for one to get the message.

    The flow in this drama is gradual but full of depth. You have done a great job analyzing these different layers like peeling an onion skin. Indeed PD Yoon never takes a scene without sending a message that is so subtle they are mostly hidden. Thank you Reb for showing and guiding us through all these which we would otherwise not have noticed and thus not been able to appreciate. With this review I shall be rewatching LR with new eyes 🙂

    Love you babe!

  9. Aww, I totally agree, one of the things I like about this drama it that you can watch it as a light hearted story, just leting the scenes roll over you not having to think at all and it is not remotely taxing, instead it is just a nice easy watch for those days that you have worked too hard and just want a nice quiet chill to something that doesn’t require brain power. Then for those days when you want to watch something a bit deeper where you can spend time thinking and analysing and just generally trying to feel what the producer was trying to say to you, gues what, you can pick up the same drama and what do you know, there it all is. It’s a bit like two sides of a coin but with perception and I love it.

    In someways that means that it will have something for everyone even if they don’t see all the nuances of the drama, but I like the fact that as sisters we have got together throughout this drama and shared our thoughts, thereby allowing us to get the most out of this drama that we can, and I can’t think of anything better than that :0). I am so glad Aphrael came up with this series, massive hugs and a big thanks to her.

    Love you too babe,

  10. Hi! The drama ‘ love rain ‘ was good I did enjoy the drama thank god good ending worth while watching well do such thing really happens …. Maybe yes or maybe… Looking forward again for both Seo jun n Hana new drama

  11. same here.. i really like this drama… and it’s touching and really has a storyline unlike other dramas which either the other partner died or seperated.

  12. A very long and well researched review on what was an awesome finale…
    From Ep 1 to 20 Love Rain has never faltered…despite the hurdles it had..It has been a bittersweet journey for me… 🙂
    Jang Keun Suk selectd a masterpiece and I would like to congratulate PD Yoon,Yoona and all other actors…
    LR Ending may seem lik it had diff things mixed up…But I would say no…It is in perfect sync with Episode 1 of Love Rain..
    Ep 1 had that vague dreamy quality… In Ha narrating about Yoon Hee…he repeats some interesting moments between them….And it had a disjointed feeling…we had seen Dong Wook fall for Yoon Hee…yoon hee falling for In Ha and In Ha`s pain from various angles..
    Similarly we see Joon and Ha Na’s love developing beautifully..a sweet narration with some heartbreaking moments…In between those sweet moments there were some farewells to be said..By sun ho to his love for ha na with his suggestion of marriage…and by mi ho forever burying her love..and tae sung accepting his defeat with a feeling of regret of what could have been.
    And most of all we see Hye Jung burying the hatchet after 30 years of hatred…By accepting Ha Na she finally accepted peace into her heart..She turned into the sweet friend of In ha,Chang mo,dong wook..Mayb Hye jung did turn bitter due to lack of love but am glad ha na treated her lik a mother from the start…she is joons mother and ha na loves her lik her own…
    Many may have been sad that Yoon Hee and In Ha never appeared..that their happy moments never wer seen..but as i see….Ep 20 was a narration by Joon..Joon understands his fathers love but he can never accept it because it is a hurdle for his own..
    So it was right that the older couple was never shown…according to joon his world consists of ha na and his friends..
    I got a feeling that Joon was narrating this from a long time in the future like recollecting those sweet moments..am happy that finale gave a feeling of a solid dream which finally ended with them running over to their wedding…jus lik the day when ha na said “I want to be together” on top of the bridge…A full circle starting with In ha narrating his love to Joon narrating his love…
    Forever i wil never forget my JooNa!!!
    Thanks to JKSForever for building a bridge between fans and LR!! and also to all the contributors from 1 to 20!! Good Job Eels 😛

  13. Well said sweetie :o). I would disagree on only one point, I think that Joon did accept his father’s love in the end, I think that through his own experience he finally understood his father and accepted the love his father felt for Yoon Hee to the point that he even felt guilty for getting in the way of it. I think that Yoon Hee and In Ha needed to be out of this episode for a number of reasons, firstly you are right this is an episode narrated by Joon and therefore to be away following the other couple would be out of pace with the episode but it is more than just that, this is the end and it is another way to put firmly in our minds that the ending belongs to Joon and Ha Na. I agree with you 100% this episode is very much a mirror of episode one and it was done beautifully in a way that only PD Yoon, Jang Keun Suk, Yoona and all the rest of the love rain team could. I truly think this group of people made a very successful team. Thanks for your comment sweetie, I love your observations as usual :0). Hugs xxx

  14. Oh ! God Up till today I’ m still repeating the drama ‘Love Rain’ over and over again I just can’t stop it I just love to watch the both of them Seo Jun and Hana they match well n especially Seo Jun he looks fanstatic n he got his style I’ve put aside all other programs n still keep on watching LR only . How I wish the story still not end 20 episode is a bit too short another few episode will be just nice do you all friends agree?

  15. 4 reb..it’s really nice stories..very touching and it’s really different from other Kdrama that I’ve ever watch. 2 thumbs up for all the team of LR, especially for jang geun seuk & yoona. Iwish they will continue their relationship in real life….

  16. Oh ! Me too wish that both JKS n Yoona will continue their relation ship in real life as like what showed in ‘ Love Rain’ the true sweet loving couple

  17. Love Rain is such an amazing drama that can touch everybodys heart so deeply when Im watching it I become so attached with it I felt that I become part of the drama that everytime the main characters are in pain I can feel their pains and heartaches also that I cant do anything but to cry especially the break up scene of Joon and Hana. This is an perfect example of one true love. Love that cannot fade away by time a love that is willing to wait and a love that is willing to sacrifice for the sake of their love ones. The sweet moments are really nice and I giggled a lot. Jang keun suk and Yoona are really great actor and actress theyre act are very convincing and very natural. I would like to congratulate the stars and staff of this drama for a job well done and for touching our lives even for just a moment.

  18. i really love this drama its very amazing i really interesting with it n im sure that it will attached everyone’s heart who watch it n yeah you are right kirstenbela me too i can feel their pains when they cry when they get sad when they get soaked also i was get cool instead of them they are really very impressive actors i hope that jang keun suk n yoona work again n show as very attractive move like love rain i would like to say that both of you are stars keep it up thanu


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