[31.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

On the second day it’s also No.1~~Yee-ha~~Again it’ll be No,1 Oricon weekly chart!!
둘째날도 1위구나~~에헤라디야~~ 이번에도 오리콘 위클리까지 쵸져!! 2日目も1位だろ!!やーほ!! ごのままでオリコンウクリまでいくせ!!!

Well, do you wanna go to Karaoke with me??

I’m wandering the city of Beijing.. I found a shop was unusually bright.. What made it so?
When I drove around again, there is Prince of Asia at Caffebene in Beijing!!!! I’m eating Yummy ice shavings~~~
북경시내를 돌아다니던 중.. 어느 한 가게가 유난히도 빛나고 있었다..도대체 이게 무슨 일인가..차를 돌려 다시 가보니..아시아프린스가 북경 카페베네에 뙇!!!! 급작 빙수 빠는중 냠냠~~~

Bonus! He’s Italian macho man!!
뽀나스로 이태리 상남자도 뙇!!! ボナスのイテリのマチョマン!!

3 thoughts on “[31.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Our Princejks is the best..with or without his album hitting first in the chart ^_^
    Is an encouragement for him..well done our Princejks 🙂
    You are always the best for us eels and we will love and support you only always 😉
    Sincerely promise ^_^

  2. Our Prince’s album will definitely be No. 1 again, just like last year !
    Congrats JKS for a job well done.
    I love the songs in this album.
    Support and luv U forever.


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