[30.05.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo

JKS: I have come … Chinese eels … be high .. Hi Cri!!!!!!
我来了… 中国的鳗鱼们啊…狂热起来.. Hi Cri!!!!!!
@张根硕:내가 왔다… 중국장어들이여…열광하라.. 하이크리!!!!!!

JKS: We are now on the same piece of land..!!
@张根硕:우린 지금 같은 땅에 있지롱..!!

This ah this, ammunition ammunition!!! ammunition cri !!!!
这个啊这个 弹匣弹匣!!!弹匣cri!!!!
@张根硕:이거야 이거 탄창탄창!!!!!! 탄창크리!!!!!

Give me five more of this … my first time seeing a water gun that can spray so much water.. but the problem is the water runs out too fast.. it needs 5 ammunition cartridges..!!
@张根硕:나 이거 다섯개만 더 구해주라.. 내가 살다살다 이렇게 물 많이 나가는 물총은 처음보네..근데 문제는 물이 너무 빨리달아..탄창 다섯새는 있어야할듯..!!
Background check for the watergun gift: June 1st is Chinese Children’s Day. As a gift from sukbar and also eels all know how much he likes water gun. So Happy Children’s Day, Uri Prince! and How old are you?

Nya, before you bought the water gun, did you all buy my album?
Nya, 买水枪之前你们都有买我的专辑了吗?
@张根硕:ㄴ ㅑ 물총사기전에….근데 너네 내 cd는 다 산거지??-_-?
After play he become a “sales man” again! Are you serious? lol. The album is must own, I would say. Super!!!

Oh Yeah, A night in Beijing.
@张根硕 : 오예 베이징 나이트|~~~~
Background check for this post: This liquor is very famous liquor in China. Called Guizhou Mao Tai. It is also very strong liquor. This is one of the gift from a sukbar, an ahjumma eel bought that for Sukkie. Chinese eels are spoiling our Prince. Heavy drink “andwae yeo!”

4 thoughts on “[30.05.2012] Jang Keun Suk Weibo”

  1. Ivy, really nice to see Sukkie playing with the gifts he received from Chinese eels… I guess the water gun is for him to get ready for Cri Show in Shanghai & Shenzhen!!! ^_^

  2. It’s good to see Suk in a playful mood after working so hard in Love Rain … he is really happy and excited to be in China at long last ~^^

  3. Sarah thanks for posting all background stories, make us all feel connected and not get lost on why he gets those gifts!
    its so funny how he’s very casual in mentioning what else he wants hahaha he enjoys the gifts and shows how much he appreciates it, that’s why eels continue giving him more, because they know he’s is putting it to a good use and not to be put in a room..


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