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Jap-Chinese translation: VIKI (Sukbar)
Chinese-Eng translation: aphrael


As a new Hallyu star who has garnered much attention in Japan, Jang Keun Suk has liked music since young. With a passion for Japanese visual rock, his wish is to release his first album “Just Crazy” under his own name.

During the one year of production, even when he is working as an actor, thoughts of his album were often on his mind. A work of confidence, “Just Crazy” album is invested with much feeling which is conveyed through the first Excite Music interview.

“Purple Concept”, a purple-mood album

Excite: Before we talk about the much-anticipated first album “Just Crazy”, let’s ask about JKS’ music experience to date. How did you initially come to be interested in music?

JKS: I think I became interested at the age of 4 or 5 when I watched TV programmes with dance and music. After that, when I was a high school student, I became interested in Japanese culture, and what was trendy then was Japanese visual rock. From then on, I listened to rock music from various countries. These few years, I also listen to dance music and not just only rock.

Excite: The opportunity for you to make your own music?

JKS: During my acting work, I played the role of a rock band singer in the movie “Happy Life” when I was 20 years old.

Excite: You played the role of the singer in the rock band “Active Volcano” (in the movie).

JKS: Yes. During that movie, it was my first time practising the guitar and doing live scene filming at the same time. It was a very happy time. With that experience, I thought of whether I could sing as Jang Keun Suk in my future performance. From that time, my interest to develop rock music became even more stronger. Unknowingly, the role of a musician is not just the nature of my acting work but has become Jang Keun Suk’s life!

Excite: “Just Crazy” is your first solo album. How do you feel compared to the Team H album (with friend and music producer Big Brother)?

JKS: I feel just as happy, but there is some difference. Since April debut (of Team H album) last year, preparations for this album started immediately. Song selection, music arrangement, discussion of the lyrics and artistic work etc. It took one year to prepare. During my acting work, I often thought about the album. Because of this, the happiness from its completion is also a lot. Happy not just because of the satisfaction in doing it, but because of the confidence I gained.

“What kind of feelings to have as I move forward”

Excite: What is the concept during production?

JKS: I want to make an album with a purple impression. My debut song “Let me cry” did not have a simple image; if I use colour to describe it, it feels black. But from the preparation stage, I wanted to produce and complete this album based on the feeling of purple. At the beginning of production, the producer communicated this, “Please set as the goal an album with a purple impression and purple feelings!”

Excite: That’s why purple is used on the album cover?

JKS: This design was decided after much discussion with staff. Many feelings, thoughts and intangible stuff poured out from our mind, because this album is the nature of my own work.

Excite: Aggressive songs. Gentle songs. Colourful songs. Sad songs. An album rich in many various types of rock.

JKS: Yes it’s like that. And all (the songs) reflect my feelings. Because besides the song for which I wrote the lyrics, the other song lyrics are written after lots of discussion.

Excite: The hit song “Crazy Crazy Crazy” is a very horror type of rock.

JKS: The expressions for this song change continuously. The lyrics have a strong story line. There is a story but my own character is also strongly reflected.

Excite: Then what kind of character is it?

JKS: Simply said, it’s “doS” [laughs]. Because of that perspective of the world, so for the MV my eyeliner was very thick.

Excite: In contrast we have the song “In my dream” with melody and lyrics both written by you. This is a heartwarming narrative song, and also the only song in this album sung in Korean.

JKS: It’s been 20 years since I started working. The song “In my dream” is written on the basis of having worked 20 years. What is the reason that I continue to run forward until now? And what kind of thoughts should I have in order to move forward? I wrote the lyrics as I considered these issues.

“At my Japanese concerts, I see many expressions”

Excite: This melody, during last year’s Tokyo Dome concert…

JKS: Yes! It’s this song!

Excite: sang this kind of song right!

JKS: Yes [laughs]. That song is the raw form, but the lyrics are entirely different.

Excite: “Guardian Star” that’s only in the normal edition is also memorable. Does it evoke nostalgia? Giving a sense of assurance?

JKS: This is a song released at last year’s Arena tour. I said that on stage, this song came about because of the great East Japan earthquake. I wanted to do something for the people of Japan, so I decided to sing this song. I put my feelings into the album to convey to all.

Excite: The last song “Tomorrow” is a relaxing pop song. As one listens, one starts to feel very blissful.

JKS: Because it’s a song brimming with hope. I wanted to have a harmonious song that enables one to feel tomorrow and the future as the ending song for the album.

Excite: How was it to sing in Japanese? Besides “In my dream”, all the lyrics are in Japanese.

JKS: Of course singing in Korean is better as I can express my feelings better. It’s my mother tongue so I can sing more smoothly. Actually, singing in Japanese is not that hard because I had sufficient preparation.

Excite: You have Asia Tour from July to October, and 8 concerts in Japan. What kind of stage effects will you have?

JKS: The details are not decided yet, but will perform most of the songs in the “Just Crazy” album. There will still be a part on rock, but it will be completely different. Just like the performance last year, I want to show many different images. For this, I will steadfastly discuss this with my staff.


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  1. sis Ivy, thank you so very much for translation. OMG…purple is one of my favorite colors too. I love every things about JUST CRAZY, the concept, the color, the designs, and the promotion pictures which I have been drooling for days. I’m feeling Crazy crazy crazy just like eels master..lol

    I’m so excited about this album and nervous at the same time because my pre-order is not arriving yet. I can’t wait for hold this album in my own hands…lol

  2. Wow!!! What more can I say, Thank you Ivy 🙂 ….can’t wait to see Suk showing many different images in his upcoming concerts …ahhhhhhh!!!!!! CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY

  3. thanks so much, as always, ivy for the translation 😀 another part of him sealed in an album. Liked the part where the interviewer discussed the different music styles that JKS rendered in this masterpiece — that’s what he is — versatile, flexible, has a lot to offer. ^.^ Oricon, brace yourself. ^.^


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