[Notice] Let’s make a trend using #JUSTCRAZY on May 29th

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All eels! Let’s cheer up JKS acting without rest. Plz, tweet some cheering masseges with #JUSTCRAZY as soon as the last episode of Love Rain is over on Tuesday May 29th. You can use this “JUST CRAZY” logo and chained Crazy Suk ^^

tenshi_ akuma’s note: It means that “Let’s tweet something makes Sukkie cheerful and supportive and make a Twitter trend using #JUSTCRAZY after the final airing of LR. This attempt will start as soon as the airing ends. It’s at around 11pm (Korean local time) on May 29th. Don’t forget!

2 thoughts on “[Notice] Let’s make a trend using #JUSTCRAZY on May 29th”

  1. What a pity! I can’t attend this activity for I can’t logging in twitter ,but I can pass this news!! Eels ,fighting !!!!!


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