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  1. I felt the same way, too!!! This drama takes you to a roller coaster of emotions ~ from happiness to downright sadness, to wishful thinking and beyond. At times, you get so confused and lost you don’t know what or how you feel anymore. I just hope that it would all end on a happy note, somehow, especially for Joon and Ha Na. They should not give up on their love for each other even if the whole world is against it. And with In Ha and Yoon Hee supporting them, I think there is still hope for this two to be together in the end. I hope PD Yoon will not disappoint. Oh, let it have a nice and warm ending. An ending so befitting of a really great drama! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Pam, for sharing your thoughts with us ^^

    Whatever Love Rain lacks in terms of action and complicated plot is compensated with the depth of emotions masterfully and naturally conveyed by the lead characters, and it is these emotions that touch our hearts as we watch their love story develops.

    “let me just say that JKS is amazing and remarkable in this drama… again. His eyes spoke on its own, his voice breathlessly captivating and his smile launches not just a thousand but gazillion ships! … … Brilliant and gorgeous… that is Sukkie.” Absolutely agree!

    And I also agree that Yoona has done a great job so far. She has her fair share of critics (which actor/celeb doesn’t? even Sukkie has his antis) who say that many other actresses would have done a better job of it. Yes, but the point and fact is, other actresses are not acting this role and Yoona is. She has done what the script has required of her, from a gentle, quiet, demure lady in the 1970s to the modern and lively Hana. Hana’s first love, painful but memorable, is a growing-up experience for Hana as she gets the first taste of sweetness and sadness. I think that Yoona has done well in her crying scenes, as these scenes actually require varying intensity of sadness and hence different crying expressions. Her acting is quite natural, nothing under-done or overdone, and through her crying, I feel the emotions of her character. Good job, Yoona!

  3. aphrael77 I totally agree with every thing you said.. you’ve spoken with every thing i wanted to say and more. jks is always great and we his fans will always be there for him.i hated yoona before but now he made me love her and i have to say she did agreat job as well..

  4. well.. I always wish a happy ending for joonHana … they through a lot obstacle .. I just wish a happy ending for them. it’ll be heart wrenching story if they’re not happy ending..

  5. Sis Pam, Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts/or rants with us. I love reading your thoughts. You had expressed all the feelings I have, but can’t put in words.

    At the beginning, Love Rain captures my heart with its breathtaking beautiful scenery and the magical feeling of timeless love. This drama drew so much emotion in me. I laughed; I smiled; I cried so much for this drama…. I love this beautiful drama so much.

    In every book I read, every drama I watched, true love means experiencing great happiness and also suffering great pain and heartache at the same time. I hope and pray that Love Rain will have a happy ending.

    • Kailey,
      “In every book I read, every drama I watched, true love means experiencing great happiness and also suffering great pain and heartache at the same time.”
      YES, that’s what Director PD Yoon has wanted to tell viewers!

      As Yoon Hee said to In Ha,
      “Love has two faces, happiness and sadness. Love and rain are alike, aren’t they?”
      we understand what these lines mean very well 🙂

  6. “His eyes spoke on its own, his voice breathlessly captivating and his smile launches not just a thousand but gazillion ships!” – Absolutely the most PERFECT description of Keun Suk’s brillance!

    Hye Joon is a ridiculously hateful character, in other words so hateful until it is ridiculous that such a person can possibly exist and not be locked away (for insanity). It’s hard to imagine anyone with so little, almost NO LOVE at all for her one wonderful son. She merely wishes to possess Joon like an accessory first to get to InHa and then to simply own him.

    Miho on the other hand, is just plain STUPID if she still wishes to marry Joon after seeing for herself how much he loves Hana and even more vividly important how Hye Jung herself has turned out after “having” InHa without his love. Does she really want to be another Hye Jung? Dummer than dumb!

  7. Hats off to Pam for an excellent analysis of ep 18. You’re almost as expressive as the wonderful cast of LR. I’ve wallowed (almost like a pig in the mud!) in this drama in a most unbelievable way – trolling the net daily to know more about the cast, to listen to the achingly beautiful songs by Tiffany & JKS over and over as well as watching multiple repeats of each episode. Your insight only heightened my enjoyment.

    I am going to have a hugh hangover which I am not looking forward to but guess that’s a pretty puny price to pay for the pleasure of watching this drama unfold. Its just crazy that to be entertained, LR also exacts a price, that of being put through the emotional wringer episode after episode. I was more than happy to laugh at all the funny moments that was specially outstanding in Ep5, but hated to be reduced to an emotional wreck being conned into believing everything is for real as everyone has been – noted all the comments above speak (almost desperately..ha..ha) of hope for a happy ending for the deserving. We really want that dont we even though this is only make belief?

    Accolades to the PD for the beautiful setting, artistic filming and an outstanding cast – JKS, Yoona especially. Every director’s dream. No less my praise for actors in the roles of Sun Ho, In Ha, Yoong Hee, Cho Soo, Hye Joon, Mi Ho. They extracted the exact response from us didnt they? Now for the big headache. When will I find another drama that will give me the same satisfaction and enjoyment as Love Rain has?


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