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  1. stvcri,

    I really like your observations abt love…
    – “how love can’t be all fairy tale but instead it’s about hard work”
    – “Love cannot work without sacrifice”
    – “love is worth fighting for, where love isn’t something you pick up and just drop when you think it’s too much or too boring”

    True love is never an easy path, and it’s been more tough for Joon and Hana because their love comes at the expense of the happiness of their family – I still find it a heartache that In Ha and Yoon Hee have to sacrifice their love for their kids, I know they are caring parents, but still ….

    And to know that their parents have sacrificed their happiness for theirs, won’t there always be a shadow of guilt over Joon and Hana? Just look at Hana’s face when she faces her mom in ep 17, and the guilt is written all over her face and behaviour.

    I smile at the unspoken rapport between Joon and Hana. To try to repair the situation, Hana goes to speak to Joon’s dad, and Joon goes to speak to Hana’s mom! Joon and Hana are so sweet together …. which makes me dislike Tae Sung when he backstabs Joon in front of Hana’s mother by saying that Joon is not suitable for Hana. Excuse me? Huh! Joon and Hana are the perfect pair! 🙂

  2. I agree every words you say here.

    We make a choice and we take the consequences. Joon and Ha Na made their choice and they want to be together even the future means unclear, even that means they have bear something which might hurt someone they love, and that would hurt for themselves too. Yes, love, the love they have for each other made them choose this tough road and I hope they will be like this to face whatever happened in the future.

    Love Rain is story talking about the true love. Is not fairy tale, is not rainbow, is love rain.

    Thanks Steeve.

    This was lovely. I’m totall fall for Joon, in my opinion this is the best character that Sukkie has played and also matured role how he did it, just show how great he is at acting. I’m so so so glad that PD Yoon choose him to play in Love Rain. I couldn’t think anyone else would do better than him.

    My first crush for Sukkie’s screen role still would be KMG in MMM. That sweet, free spirit rocker. But Joonie is the MAN in my eyes.

  3. I admire Joon for his courage for not willing to give up his love – Ha Na. Despite Ha Na initiaing a break-up, he refuses to give up and press on. This is what true love is all about – having the courage to choose the one you love, although it may mean hurting someone else.

    I love this episode – it portrayed the loving scenes of Joon and Ha Na happily together, as if they were enjoying their short honeymoon as newly weds.

    And I love the scenic countrysidein this episode (eg. 2nd last picture posted above) – PD Yoon is known to capture such magificient views.

    I hope it will be a blissful, happy ending for Joon and Ha Na.

  4. LOVE JOON’S CHARACTER!! Brave and courageous in facing his own feelings and emotions, proactive and decided in his pursuit of love and yet at the same time sensitive, non-abrasive and understanding towards the concerns of his love ones.

    This is an episode where the goodness of Joon simply shines through. Keun Suk portrays the character to perfection. It showed that he thought hard about the character and assimilated it into his persona – very intelligent and highly exquisite execution. Have never seen that expression in the last picture of Keun Suk in all his performances so far – he is truly extending his capabilities!

    • Staying Up Late.. it is amazing that many eels are talking about the last picture of Sukkie above as it is an expression that we have not seen before in his past drama/movie..and this scene in Love Rain really touches our heart… somehow his acting is so good that it really resonates our feeling..

      • Yes! That look is simply touching – his eyes so clear and full of hope but yet at the same time a little disbelieving that he would actually hear such wonderful answer from Hana (that he’s been chosen as Number ONE!). Beautiful!

        BTW, read LoveRain ep 19 synopsis. Seems that Joon is moving out of Hye Jung’s house (HURRAY!!!) and the he continues to be a pillar of strength for Hana – which means that they are still together (DOUBLE HURRAY!!!)

    • I agree, I loved the expression in his face in that scene. I think Joon’s character has changed throughout and he is a more reserved version of himself in this episode, but in that scene he showed a lot of vulnerability by revealing insecurity over Ha Na choosing to be on his side and choosing him as her first. I love the contrast between that and how overly confident he appeared when we first met this character.

      • VULNERABILITY is the word I was searching for in description of the “look” in the last picture! You’ve nailed it.

  5. Sukkie’s actoring is indeed amazing!! In addition to this expression (last picture above), I also love his expression in the last few minutes of episode 16 (repeated at the start of episode 17) when Ha Na told him that she wants to start afresh with him…. I could feel that Joon was so so touched with Ha Na’s decision that he almost drop tears of happiness….


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