[drama] Love Rain ep 18 Preview

Credit: Sukbar Chinese text translation
English text translation: Sarah Ye
English sub sa_sha26.

Text translation of the contents in the preview, this is a spoiler, if you don’t want to see, please do not click the link.

Hye Jung to Joon: Marry to Mi Ho.
Joon replied: That’s absolutely impossible.
Hye Jung to Na: Leave my Joon, right now!
Na: I’m sorry.
Joon took Na’s hand: Go! Leave here!
Hye Jung to Joon: Joonie ah!
Mi Ho to Sun Ho: No matter what, we need to stop Joonie oppa.
Na gave Joon a sweet kiss on the cheeck.
Yoon Hee gets her eye checked.
Sun Ho to Joon: You said blind? Really?
Doon Wook to Yoon Hee: This time can we just let In Ha know?
Hye Jung to Joon: If it was not Yoon Hee, I would say congrats to the wedding.
Joon to In Ha: There is one thing I need to let you know, Dad.
Joon to Na: Even it is hard, even there is something, please just don’t runaway.

9 thoughts on “[drama] Love Rain ep 18 Preview”

  1. Joona fighting. And love is for loved ones be together go through better and worse! And I want to see baby Joonie at the end of the drama. Please give a happy ending. Yoon Hee and In Ha come to US. Yoon Hee gets treatment for her eyes and they live happily there and not to have any trouble because Joona’s bonding. :)) Why we can’t solve problem with that. Then it is no problem. hahahaha. I smile so big when I think of that.

  2. I love how Joon stand to fight for their love, and how Ha Na follow Joon’s lead. Finally the kids saw where the mistakes of the parents in the past. But how I wish Joon add something like ” Mom don’t repeat your painful history on Miho when you married Dad” when he said never to marry Miho. But I love that back hugging of Joon & Hana.

    • Yup, I agree with you. Its a landmark of Joon’s character. The strong determination, to walk on the difficult path for their relationship to work, which is the one lacking in In Ha’s character in the 70’s.

  3. Yes, finally! They are fighting for their love! Woohoo! I hope Ha Na doesn’t give up on him again, despite her mom’s condition and Hye Jung’s opposition. He sure is worth fighting for.

  4. i love the way sukkie brings his character in loverain…it so natural…i feel the pain in his heart…his longing for haha…..i’m happy when his happy…i’m angry when he is so mean to hana..that’s how good he is in this drama…he make me cried when he is crying…sukkie your acting is great….clap…clap…clap


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