[ENG-SUB] J-COM_20120512

*UPDATE: password has changed!!! See the comment below.
English translation: tenshi_akuma

This videos are likely to be deleted soon, so I uploaded them on our secret channel, jkseelsbond. To watch them, please log in first, then click the link below.

13 thoughts on “[ENG-SUB] J-COM_20120512”

  1. Tenshi dear, sorry for my blindness, but how should I log in? I mean which button or part should I click? Coz when I play it there occurs ‘ this video is private’
    Does it mean the vid already deleted?

  2. Thanks for sharing, it was so great listening to the director’s comments, also the opinions of JKS and Yoona on Love Rain πŸ™‚

    Ps. English subs were great, so nice to understand what they were saying, once again

    Thank you

  3. Sis Tenshi, πŸ™ i logged in but apparently since im logging in from PerΓΊ google asks me to confirm the email address or type the name of the country and city from where i usually log in waa

  4. *UPDATE: our secret YT channel’s password has changed in June!!! Below is a new one.
    ID: jkseelsbond / PWD: princeofasia


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