[19.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter

I’ve been afraid to take a photo with Yonna, so I’ve never tried before. But I won’t hesitate anymore… Yoona’s face is amazingly SMALL~~~~ really she has a small face. (I have her permission to post this~)
윤아랑 투샷찍는게 겁이나서 시작조차 안해봤다면 주저하지 않았을거다.. 윤아 얼굴 진~~~~짜 작네 (윤아허락받고 올려요~)

“@codeinconnu: “@chiko1204: @minzzangde A friend discovered and took the photo! It’s Guen-chan, a girl snake.. Guen-chan (♀) kk http://yfrog.com/kli3qpajj” Funny”ㅡAll right, since when I’ve become a snake -_-
*tenshi_akuma’s note: This snake was born in the same year of JKS, 1987.
“@codeinconnu: “@chiko1204: @minzzangde Twitter의 친구가 발견하고 사진을 찍었습니다!근짱 라고하는, 뱀의 여자 아이입니다..グンちゃんw(♀) http://yfrog.com/kli3qpajj” 웃기다”ㅡ나 언제부터 뱀됐냐-_-

Wow~ the weather is perfect.. It’s like the afternoon when I want to eat Caffebene wine and cheese ice shavings… Is there anyone who knows your breath will smell like Makkori if you have a spoonful of it and blow out through the nose?
아아~ 날씨 쥑이네.. 카페베네 와인치즈빙수가 먹고싶어지는 오후군요… 그거 한 입 먹고 코로 숨 내 뱉으면 막걸리맛 나는 거 아는사람?

*tenshi_akuma’s note: This is the photo of Caffebene wine and cheese ice shavings.

8 thoughts on “[19.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Our dear Princejks still as playful..love his cheerfulness but he looks tire..do get some proper rest my prince..love and always support you..take care 😉

  2. I added the photo of Caffebene’s wine and cheese ice shavings. I’ve never imagined it’s true +_+
    But looks delicious! 🙂

    • Kaori chan.. do you have Caffebene outlet in Japan too? I miss the Makkori rice wine I took with you at the Korean restaurant in Japan.. If I take this dessert, I will remember you too! ^_^

  3. Our young LR couple sure looks good together. Previously, we had GeunGeun couple, KeunShin … I wonder what they call this OTP ~~ SukNa, KeunNa??

  4. He looked so tired because he just met accident,thank God he is fine….please take care of your health my dear Jks I do not want anything happened to you just remember health come first then anything else and don’t worry about rating of your drama for us as your big fan of yours we really appreciates of your hard working and your drama are completely awesome , your caracter at this drama is so natural nothing can beat that,is more like your own self on you real life and that makes me even love you more then anything. I hope you’ll be success in future and I wait for your great movie with yoona with love romances story too….I love you so much and I will pray for you to become great actor not only in Asia but for the whole wold….I wish I will meet you some day when I visit Korea all the best Jks semangat…………..


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