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The possibility is 99% that those who say “I’m sorry” are unlikely to do such a thing which needs apology.
The possibility is 99% that those who say “Let’s improve” are unlikely to do such a wrong thing.
Therefore, you, smile! Let bygones be bygones.
미안하다- 말하는 사람은 미안할 것이 없을 가능성 99% 잘하자- 라고 말하는 사람은 잘못한 것이 없을 가능성 99% – 그러므로 당신! 웃어요! 이미 지나간 일이랍니다

It’s fortunate if he doesn’t open the door of his car. I’m afraid the door of his heart is closed, either…
차문만 열지 않으면 다행.마음의 문이 닫혔을까 걱정…

When the sunroof was opened… 5~6 bags were thrown… “Please close the door and go…!”, I uttered naturally….. Because you cherish your actor, you eels are loved by him… Please throw out the idea that I’m not that eel immidiatetly~ sigh…
썬루프가 열렸을때… 5~6개의 쇼핑백이 던져졌다고… 이제 문 닫고 다니세요…! 라는 말이 절로….. 내 배우 아껴주는만큼 장어분들도 사랑받는겁니다… 내가 아니라는 생각은 버리자~ 후후…

@ cherry2196
Once he accepted a present, others threw theirs to let him accept them, too. Under the sunroof, there’s a person and driving the car, which might have caused an accident. However, the fundamental issue is to refrain yourselves from visiting the shooting site. Just throwing isn’t the issue. TT
@minzzangde ㅇㅇ 선물 하나를 받았더니 옆에 분들이 본인것도 받아달라며 던지셨어요. 아래는 사람이 있고 운전중었는데 위험했어요. 하지만 본질은 현장에 오는걸 자제해달라는 거지요. 던진것만 문제가 되는게 아니구요. ㅠㅠ

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  1. About their tweets yesterday, they intended to tweet read by a lot of eels. All above imply many things. Especially, I really agree cherry’s tweet (last one). Just throwing isn’t the issue. Coming to the set is the issue although it was asked eels not to do previously. Again, I want to share the fact that we loyal Japanese eels don’t go to airports to welcome him. Because it’s prohibited by Frau. It’s true all of us eels want to see him in person, but if it’s prohibited not to come officially, we have to be patient.

  2. yesterday’s incident was really upset. i’m still can’t believe how could they throw 5-6 bags onto someone they admired, i understand sometimes we couldn’t hold our feelings to him but to throw all those thing is not showing our love and support,not even thinking about prince or other people’s safety.. i’m glad he was fine and not drifting away from us..thank God he’s not build a wall between him and eels(so relief)
    Totally agree with cherry2196..we need to respect what he want eels to do..just thinking this way, the more we respecting JKS,more and more loves we can get from him..^__^


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