5 thoughts on “[Video] “Romantic Piggyback of Seo and Jung” BTS”

  1. Sometimes I am so impressed that how the actors can be so fast get into the roles when there are tons of people around them during filming. For those sad scenes, how they can put up again and again, it’s just amazing and fascinating to me. The piggy back ride scene I heard eels on site it was filmed for an hour, just think that Sukkie have to carry Yoona again and again to walk that aisle. No wonder Yoona rubbed his shoulder and do some massage for him. And they only showed like 15s in the drama. Not an easy job for sure.

  2. Thanks sis Sarah for updating it here. Awww…these two are so cute couple. Funny, Sukkie is still carrying her purse even after the filming had ended….lol

    Filming for hours for 10-15 sec actually airing…that’s rough. Being actors/actresses are not fun like I always thoughts. There are so many people on the film site. No wonder Tree J warned eels not to go to the filming site anymore so they won’t be any distraction for Sukkie and the crew.

  3. Hi, does this BTS comes with English Sub?

    Was wondering what did JKS said @0:54, as he laught out loud so much,
    and what did the lady in black strip @2:00 said that made him respond with that “Cute” expression..

    I like and love to watch BTS, it always make me feel happy.


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