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  1. Amy, love it, is pretty straight forward. I especially love the you said when Sukkie went to grab Ha Na after he heard her revealed her true feeling and regretted that she didn’t choose him “JUST KISS HER” how much I wish that would happen too. Sigh.

    You’re exactly right about Seo Jun and his mother, I think as a child, even your parents are “bad” but you just can’t turn your back to them. Whatever it is you have to face them and never give up on them. I totally agree.

    Now, I think on one can predict what’s gonna happen at the end of this drama, we hope Jun and Ha Na will get happiness at the end, no matter what they have to go through before, just please don’t let them wait 30 years to repeat like In Ha and Yong Hee,

    I want also thank to Ivy, you did great job for the screen cut.

    Can’t wait till Monday. Torture of waiting.

    Jun and Ha Na fighting.

  2. Thanks, Amy Sd! Love it!!! What you said about him being an only child made me think twice about him choosing or ending up with Ha Na, esp with Hye Jung around. Oh, i hope it doesn’t end with them parting ways. That would be so heartbreaking!

    I was really affected when he said he was scared. He is in love for the first time, when he never thought it could happen to him. And when it finally did, this had to happen. Poor Joon! He’s slowly dying inside.

    Oh, and as for the shirt in the last scene, found it too colorful. LOL! But I think it fits his photographer character well. Moreover, it brings out the color in his eyes (even though they always look sad and lifeless in the drama lately. hehe)

  3. I heard that in Korea it is prohibited to marry any relative within the eighth degree of kinship… Did you know that? I think Korean law is one of the strictest ones…

    In my opinion if we choose which relationships is more fateful, I’d prefer to select Jun and Ha Na’s one. Because if In Ha and Yoon Hee had got married, Jun and Ha Na wouldn’t have given birth. But in reality they were born. It may sound very severe for In Ha and Yoon Hee (and their supporters), their fate may end up unmarried… Their present unmarried situation not having their blood related children may be the best for them. They are too old to have their babies, but thanks to their previous marriage they have children and they found true love like them. I’m sure for senior couple, In Ha and Yoon Hee unmarried situation can’t always mean their love is unfulfilled. I hope them to support their children’s happiness as parent.

  4. Amy! nice one…but why havent u talked abt Ha Na…??
    And my heart touching scene was when he told his fears to Sun Ho…i could see the vulnerable Joon…My heart!!!
    anyway I love that shirt amy kekekeke!!! 😛

  5. The scene where Hana hugs Jun from behind after the confrontation between their parents was really heartbreaking for me. I could feel their pain and sorrow though their didnt say much except apologies.

    Both JKS and Yoona have great chemistry between them.
    Is Yoona attached in real life? I would be happy if they really date in real life?

  6. Somehow I feel in ha and yon hee really irritating these days kekekekee ^^. Please PD Yoon ,hana and Seo jun must be together at the end.

  7. I kind of understand their situation. Been through this before, to choose family or the one you love. Well I’m married to my hubby for 19 years now and my family accept it after we married for 3 years but we got each other at that time and our love grow stronger. I think Joon and Hana should decide to be together, fight for your love. For In Ha and Yoon He their love is in the past already. They always keep secret to each other in the first place, their love are not mean to be. They made the mistake a long time ago, just let the children have their love and don’t repeat the mistake they make. If you really love each other it is not a one way street but give and take. You have to support each other in what ever decision you make. Anyway me and my husband elope because we know we cannot be apart.

  8. If someone will die in the story I will choose between In Ha & Yoon Hee,why?Because that will free all of them,more importantly Ha Na & Joon will be together!

    Joon & Hana had the most expressive eyes!Even if they don’t shed a tear,u can feel their pain..

  9. Yes my favourite scene has got to be the one where Hana hugged Jun from behind. They gave such intense emotions, and the way Sukkie said sorry… *heart breaks*

  10. Amy dear, it’s a great recap, I love it. This episode made me cry for several times ( as the eps 13 did ), and your writing made me repeat to cry even it’s a softly one…
    And yeah, I love the scene when Ha Na reveal her feeling too, but my fave is The back-hugging. Oh, I replay this scene again and again, and found myself crying again and again too sigh…hate it actually! But, this scene looks so real and beautiful ( even in a sad way ) for me…Both Joon and Ha Na expression were just too heartbreaking and describe thir deep sorrow inside…
    Sukkie’s acting’s just beyond believe, amazing! And for all who ever doubt YooNa’s acting, they must see her in this drama. I’m sure they’ll finally nodding head and praise her brilliant acting.
    And for their chemistry, wow! Sukkie and YooNa deserve the award of Best Couple this year!

  11. sis amy, love it!!

    aah..the heartbreak for this drama never seemed to stop.,and the happy-ending..still bleek up to this episode.

    agree, the ha na-hugging-joon moment was so heartbreaking, and Joon’s / Janng’s voice..there’s so much pain in it when he said “Miane..”..it was like he’s struggling not to breakdown then and there. 🙁

    Hye Jung – well – i was laughing when she was going hysterical upon seeing Ha Na. And my mind reiterates to her what Chang Mo previously said: “Please stop acting as if you’re the victim.”. And..i wasn’t able to say this before..but I would like to applaud the actress who plays the older Hye Jung..she’s also good, to the point that I’m really irritated on her. kekeke.

    In Ha – i really don’t get him these days..I’m trying to reconcile his and Yoon Hee’s past everytime they appear, but was utterly confused when there were the invitations and then, he suddenly revealed that he’s now aware of Joon and Ha Na’s relationship — that’s another mystery of the story i suppose. >_<

    Let's see tonight!^^


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