[09.05.2012] Tree-J staff twitter

After I tweeted that I had worked at night for two days, Guen-chan gave me a call!!
“Shall I bring fried chicken?”
Kindhearted Guen-chan!! The photo is a moon seeing with Guen-chan!
이틀째 야근한다고하니 근짱 전화가 뙇!! “치킨 사갈까?” “콜!!!!!” 은혜로운 근짱이시여!! 사진은 근짱과 함께 본 달!

He’s truly a kindhearted person. He’s never changed even if he’s become Prince of Asia. He is a kind of person who turns my question mark to exclamation mark.
아시아의 프린스가 되었어도 참 변하지 않는 착한 어린이 나의 물음표를 느낌표로 만드는 사람

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집집집집집집 야근야근야근 치킨치킨치킨 단짝단짝단짝

5 thoughts on “[09.05.2012] Tree-J staff twitter”

  1. he is such a thoughtful person………. i love his generous heart!!!

    as a side, the fried chicken really looks good lol yummy 😛


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