11 thoughts on “[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” in 2012”

  1. shit he is back to his old hair style!!!!!
    i hate dis hair style
    d hair style which he had in first 10 episodes was gud

    • I used to hate his hairstyle.But what can Ido?I dont own him.Because i am his fan I try to accept who he is.^^ don’t want to disappoint him for this percious period of time….

      • I agree with Lili, I love him more than anything else so even if I don’t like some of his outfits,I respect his preferences…

    • ya he does look lyk a gal
      in my opnion sexy look suits jks well
      but don knw y he always goes for girly style…
      instead of tryin to look hot

      • I’m not worried though hahaahah…i feel he knows himself better… and i don’t believe of some peoples opinion that he is gay or what…i just love who and what he is…or maybe i shared the same attitude with him not to please the people around but to show my real self…same with what he does…and i’m sure he is also convinced about himself about his own gender and not worry about peolple’s perception and opinion.

  2. That’s right..we as a fan should respect JkS as who he is..we are all humans so that is no way anyone on this planet can pleases everyone..never!! So why are we so confused over whether JkS is gay or not!! Whatever!! JkS is JkS..even he is gay..do understand that he is not causing any harm to anyone!! He is still the person we like and adore right?? Please it’s not right to judge JkS as we don’t even know him in person..support is all JkS needs from us and we should respect and love JkS ;-P

    • Shalyn, BRAVO!!! Well said!!! Thank you for believing in JKS. If he said he is not gay, I totally believe him. I don’t care what other people said…in fact I sometimes laughed the gay rumor off.

      No matter what hairdos or outfits Sukkie is sporting, all that do not change the real JKS, the fun goer, the sincere hard working, and one of the kindest stars whom we love dearly. I adore all of his images -the beautiful, the cutie, the goofy and manly handsome HOT guy. Believe me if JKS wants to look manly, he will look manly. *winks*

  3. He is an actor and only 24 years young. It is good that he tries out different styles and characters. It may not always be everyone’s cup of tea but I applaud him for it cos he is game enough to wear things which some idol stars may not. One thing for sure is he is never boring. I love watching him on and off screen. He is a great actor, quick witted and funny. After i got to know him better, I find that he is a genuine person with a big heart. He is fun loving but very serious when he works. Nothing else matters.

    • I totally agree with Wen.
      Other actors usually want to project a certain good image to their fans and the public. However, JKS can and is willing to show different images ( eg. acting cute / girly) sometimes. The fact that JKS is able to show different images on and off screen is what endears him to his eels. Ditto his sense of fashion.

      As his ardent eels, we shd accept his different images as we know that his awesome personalities are the REAL reasons why we love him so much.

  4. I think I just can’t stop supporting and loving our dear Prince, actually. Every time I get your update, I realize I like every little things from this man, more and more. Though all of us may have different points of view, and though he is not totally perfect, I still believe in Prince, a sincere person who wishes to take on challenges, appreciate his dears and things, work harder and follow his dreams. I don’t think he is an idol like others, but an actor, a singer, a friend, a real Jang Keun Suk who is willing to create spirit in various moments and feelings, look at things in a positive manner and make my dictionary of adjectives, verbs, etc. become colorful…uhm, I won’t say how long I can, but I trust that as in ECI’s vids, we are proud to be eels ^^ I really want to make sth with you all, eels to protect him 😀 Keun Suk may experience difficult times in this life but for these ups and downs, Prince and eels share this special love…


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