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2012.05.04 12:15
It’s the end of puberty.. er, what a waste of my 5 months… Ahhh!!!
사춘기 끝 아..내 아까운 5개월… 쌰아앙!!!

2012.05.04 12:58
Jang Keun Suk’s eels!!! You’re superb!!!! CRI-J (JKS fan club) gave us catering meals for more than 100 peoples!!! You’re true my eels. Kya Kya Kya
장근석의 장어들!!!위엄 돋네!!!! 팬클럽에서 100인분 이상의 밥차 받기 있다고!!! 너네가 바로 장어다 ㄲㄲㄲ

2012.05.04 13:01
Nya Nya This is truly a galbi (short rib). Kya Kya Kya Kya
냐냐 이게 바로 갈비라는거다 캬캬캬캬

2012.05.04 13:06
Do you want to be eels..?? You.. want to be a grilled eel (Kabayaki)?
*actually it’s not Kabayaki. It looks fried eels.
장어가 되고 싶은가 그대..?? 君..かばやきになりたいの?

2012.05.04 19:52
Guen-chan 26 years old this year.. But in Japan I’m 24 years old.. I’m still young and healthy Kya Kya
근짱 방년 26세..그러나 일본에선 24세.. 아직 건강 ㄲㄲ ぐんちゃん今年26さい。しかし日本では24さい。。まだげんきww

6 thoughts on “[04.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter”

  1. Hello Eels in this site,
    I have one question for you?

    Once Tenshi said that she afraid Soe Jun character smililar to SUK.
    now it’s already out 12 episodes.., so I think u all can give ur thoughts abt Soe Jun character? Cause as an Eel , I am worried cause at the first of LoveRain filming Sukkie once said he chose the difficult path, and he really tried hard and hope LoveRain to be his masterpiece..
    As for me, I finished watching 1670’s version, For Soe In Ha character, no need to say.. Suk acting is absolutely perfect and totally different from Suk character and other characters Suk acted.
    For Soe Jun, from the MV and some cut scenes I’ve watched, he is another dream guy of girls. Different from HwangTaeYaung, Attractive and love the way he love and the way he describe his emotion.
    I added Soe Jun to my favorite character list, 1.HwangTaeYaung, 2.Soe Jun 3.MoMo 4.KangGunwoo ha ha.. I think my list will be all of Suk characters.. Lol
    But as a conclusion.. non of this characters can beat Jang Keun Suk real character
    My prince JKS is always number 1.
    Oh.. Suk is on twitter ^^

    • Hi whiteyesmile,
      Thanks for your post to share our idea about Seo Jun’s character.

      First of all, I’m not the eel who was afraid that Seo Jun and real Sukkie are alike. Honestly, I’ve never had such an idea about Seo Jun. I really admire his acting. I know Sukkie has many faces and he’s really versatile. But I’ve never thought the character he plays and his true self are the same. He can act very naturally, but in my opinion it’s not because Sukkie just shows himself in the character. He can bring the character to life. I can feel Seo Jun breathing. For me, Seo Jun and Seo In Ha are alive in Love Rain.

      I think what makes him a good actor is his purity. He can accept whatever he faces. He tries to understand deeply what the background of the character is. He doesn’t read only the lines of scripts. So that he can make his character animate. Each character lives in each work. That’s why we can see very different characters he plays in each work. That’s why I don’t think they’re similar to Sukkie. Each character and Sukkie has their own characteristics. I love Sukkie best, but I really like each character as a living person. 😉

      • Kaori chan.. your words resonate with many of us ^_^ After getting to know Sukkie for his real personality, I appreciate him more than an actor or singer.. his professionism and passion in whatever he does make him stand out from the rest.. I have to use one description which many Chinese eels in BaiduSukbar like to describe him, a man with 360 degree of charm .. in and out…

      • Sorry tenshi, Sorry for my mistake and thank u for your answer.
        I really really like your answer and way of thinking. I love Sukkie more because of you EELS words. Thank you ^^

  2. He looks really pretty. He seems happy. Hopefully he will not fall sick again. Think he is getting too skinny these days. Poor boy


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