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  1. Hugs Ruba!! Gosh I miss you so much!!! Even though I contact you and all, I really miss your presence here and in ECI….

    Your recap and what you brought to light really makes me feel you’re way older than your age….. oh yes, once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!!!!!! Now the whole world knows and just maybe, Sukkie is lurking here….wouldn’t that be the best birthday present ever???

    Sukkie I think by far has really outdone his talent in Love Rain. In this drama we get to see all expressions, tender, cute, anger, emotional, pain, jealous, drunk, pervy, vocal…. and many more. I really hope LR will be the springboard that will gain him the respect due by his nation. While many do not deny his talent, they come short on their support of this young and bright star that is an asset to their country. Sorry if my bitterness shows here… just frustrated with it is all…

    The chemistry between Joon & Hana is exploding (not sure if that’s a suitable word lol). You can see the sparks between them and they’re in sync whenever they’re together. My favourite scene is the stolen kiss at the window. It was sooooo sweet!!! That’s why Hana finds it difficult to understand it all when he delivers the break-up line. All his actions prior to the last scene bespoke of his sincere love for her, which she reciprocated and that they both celebrate together.

    I cant help being aware that this episode 11 marks the second half of LR. And it’s counting down to the end 🙁 This is the first time I’m wishing for a Korean drama to be more than 20 episodes….my normal is 16 and I give exceptions to a few 20 eps… cos they tend to drag or start to throw in some strange scenes in between just to make up to that 20 Ep target.

  2. Thanks Ruba, that was a well written recap for ep 11. Amazed me is that how you well analysis the character by their lines and actions in the drama. I love how you described the hands holding of old and young couples. I’m not sure if this was PD Yoon’s idea to put that way, but I think it did make lots of sense for them. I totally agree what you said about the Jun and HaNa as a couple complement each other’s character so well. I think that would just mean they are in love even Jun and HaNa didn’t fully realize that. So far they both know they are attractive to each other, but I think soon when the “suggested break up” came out from Jun, they both would know they can’t live without each other because they just simply in love as In Ha and Yoon Hee, Ottoke? T_T. Ep11 is the episode for Love Rain 2012 really turns to melodrama, and we can see Sukkie’s acting is much mature and he would be a good melodrama actor too. I simply cried with him when he found out about that Yoon Hee is Ha Na’s mom, the shock, the sadness, the unbelieveness were shown by his expressions and of course the tears. As San Ho said he normally didn’t drink I think that was because of his mother was a heavy drinker, but he couldn’t go to face Ha Na just after he found out about Yoon Hee. Another way you can tell Sun’s character is more mature is that after next morning, I think he kind of have the thinking of breaking up with Ha Na, because it was simply just no way he found out that their relationship would work out when the parents wanted to be together. Yes, they have just started their relationship, but it would be easier to break now then wait the things turn out ugly for all of them. Also, as I said, he didn’t realize he is in love with Ha Na, so he think that would be an easy way to do it as of his historic personality. I love how Ha Na’s character in this drama, yes, she is a bubbly girl but she is a girl really knows her feeling very well and she is very open about it, not like Jun, I think thanks Yoon Hee gave her daughter a happy sunny life even she mostly raised her up by herself, not like Jun, even he has his both parents but wasn’t a happy family for him to grow up, that’s why he has his dark side. Totally agree with you about child feels guilty when their parents break up.
    Is so good to see your writing Ruba, I miss it. Thank you.

  3. A well written recap ^^. Thanks, Ruba! And Happy Birthday!!

    A bittersweet ep – sweet scenes of love tampered by the darker bonds of family …
    It’s saddening to have to describe family bonds as “dark”, but really, when a family is disharmonious or dysfunctional, it brings such stress to everyone in the family. Joon’s parents may love him in their own way, but that did not translate into any obvious affection or care and concern. Joon has rarely (if ever) felt any love from his parents, small wonder he doesn’t like to go home.

    And Joon is attempting to carry all that stress himself – his mom is turning herself into an emotional bomb that may explode any time and hurt all those around her, In-ha would rather spend time with Yoon Hee than with his son (sorry, but I’m on Joon’s side here), Joon realises Hana’s mum is Yoon Hee etc etc. The result? To protect his mom’s sanity and his father’s happiness, he decides to sacrifice his own love?? Joon may be depicted as a playboy, but his actions show the kindness of his heart, more than his stinging words.

  4. Thanks sis Ruba for sharing your thoughts on ep 11. Love your writing style. Also wish you Happy Birthday!!!!

    The beginning of this episode is so sweet and happy, young people feeling love, feeling like they conquer the world. Hana finally can’t deny her feeling for Jun anymore. Kyaa…wee…watching my bad boy Jun being tamed by an innocence girl is so classic, the arrogant mighty falling every time in the name of love. My happy scenes would be when Jun hugs Hana from her back and put his chin on her shoulder and the goodbuy hug, “it’s nice”…. awww… so sweet and bless of being in love. Just about Jun and Hana’s love are beginning to blossom….here comes the destroyer of love, even her own, Jun’s mother. My heart felt so much pain when I watched Jun cried in the car because of heartbreak knowing his newly love is a daughter of his Dad’s first love whom his dad could never forget which was the reason that caused his mom to become obsessed and crazy woman… aishhh…too complicated…heartache!!! Based on the direction Love Rain is going…omo…more tears jerking scenes.

    My tears just automatic fall every time when Sukkie shed his tears. I super love his crying scenes; he mastered these acting skills so naturally and beautifully. I remembered I was crying bucket for Prince Chang Wee in HGD. I like watching Sukkie acting goofy, funny and cutie like Memo in YMP….but I love Sukkie acts a matured and dark sorrowful and COOL character, like in HGD, BV and finally LR. I didn’t include YAB, because HTK is just simply beautiful and special character.

  5. Hello sis ruba!!! how are you…a sad episode for me…right til the last minute of the ep i wasnt expecting Joon to suggest breaking up…I really thought he will think things more…but then so much heart break…
    The scene in Ha Na`s room was hilarious..Sukkie delivered his lines perfectly jus lik a playboy should…but i was amazed at the boldness of Ha Na…she can drive Joon wild..
    Again u see that in the hot spring scene.. Joon was more affected than Ha Na…Joon is too much in love..Ha Na is innocent and naive and she likes to keep a distance to avoid breaking her heart much but finally we see that all those precautions are a waste..
    Poor Ha Na…
    My only worry is I want a happy ending for Joon and Ha Na…sry to say am not that much of a fan of In ha and Yoon Hee…as u said their love is like more of a friendship..but with Joon and Ha Na u can see the spark…I really want them to succeed… Love Rain Fighting 🙂

  6. I loved the last part of the crying scene in his car where his crying smile spoke volumes about his feelings of helplessness at his situation… wondering why he is in such a ridiculous situation.

  7. Thanks for the amazing recap of ep 11 and the beautiful pictures!

    Joon and Hana are such LOVELY characters, they are so wonderful, sweet, happy, warm and fun together. If at least one party has the positive attitude and will to hang on tight and refuses to give up against the odds, Joon and Hana will have a “Happily Ever After”. Because it is pretty obvious that they are soulmates and neither can really “stop” or “resist” thinking and wanting to be with the other for very long. This is my most ardent wish for the two characters and I have grown so attached to them that after watching this week’s two episodes, I am now constantly worried about what is going to happen to them and what can they really be doing next???!!! I hope the writer won’t go down the dull and uninspiring road of making Joon and Hana resist each other and holding themselves back because of their parents being in love. Do something interesting, positive, courageous and surprise us Ms Writer!

    Actually, I do feel strongly that InHa and Yoon Hee should go forth with their desire to be together. How many 30years (Joon is supposed to be 29 years) does one have? They have loved and missed each other for the past 30 – 40 years. One is a widow and the other is a divorcee – both are legally single and available. One can’t live one’s life simply for the convienience, approval, likes or dislikes of others (Hye Jung). Friends and people who love them (Inha and Yoon Hee) would understand and accept their relationship and those who doesn’t, their opinons do not matter! What is the BIG crime that Inha and Yoonhee committed? NONE, really!

    As for Joon and Hana, of course they should stay together like cute puppies and continue to go play in their warm, sunshine puppy house! They are not blood nor biologically related, have different surnames and any intelligent, reasonable person should accept that it is perfectly alright for them to be a couple! All those concerns about being seudo-siblings are so passe and stick in the mud.

    Finally, Hye Jung is nothing but a self-centred, ultra-obssessive and low handed BULLY. Plenty of relationships fail and breakup all the time, does she need to act as if SHE is the only one with a failed marriage and that in itself is the end of the world for her? There are people starving, living in fear of war, lacking clean water, education and liberty. Not having the love of a man that she loves simply does not justify her drunken, selfish and destructive behaviour. Why is it that NO ONE amongst the group of friends points the finger at Hye Jung that it is really HER at fault and not InHa and Yoon Hee? She’s been too much of a pampered princess amongst the group of guys. Hye Jung forces her way and possessed InHa for a good decade (InHa separated from her when Jun was 10 years old). Yet for the twenty years that Yoon Hee was thought dead, InHa was still in love with her, Hye Jung should realise and accept without a doubt that InHa never loved her and could never ever be in love with her. What’s the use of having just the shell without the heart? I think the Writer simply went overboard with Hye Jung’s character. It would seem that Hye Jung needs phychiatric help for her being obssessed with need of owning InHa rather than InHa himself.

    Conclusion: InHa, Yoon Hee, Joon and Hana should just simply follow their hearts, love each other and live happy lives. Ignore Hye Jung because a crying baby will only continue to cry longer and louder when someone pays attention to it! Anyway, no matter what any of these four lovers do, nothing would satisfy Hye Jung and who says only she has rights?

    • wow~ SUL~ wonderful! * clap clap * totally agree!
      and LOL at your comment that Joon and Hana “should stay together like cute puppies and continue to go play in their warm, sunshine puppy house”! that’s what it feels like!

      We just have to take Hye Jung out of the equation and all will turn out happily.
      Chang Mo has in fact told Hye Jung earlier to stop acting like only she is the victim, but it doesn’t get through her thick skull.
      unfortunately, as much as Hye Jung is selfish and self-destructive, she is still Joon’s mother and Joon is sparing a thought for her as he doesn’t want his mother to self-destruct….

  8. I’n not fan that much of Inha and Yoon hee…but …whit Hana(yoona ) and Seo joon (JGS) you can see the chemistry and true love.
    I preffer the couple Yoona and JGS…really ..I love this couple!..
    Yoona is a great actress..and JGs is a great actor….both ‘re very sexy and beautiful.
    I think that YOONA and JGS are the cutest, romantic and beaufy pair…
    really…they have very chemistry.
    I love this episode 11…wooow!…I want more episode.
    Don’t cry Hana …and ..don’t cry Seo joon….poor hana and seo joon.
    I cry..this is so sad.

  9. Cri-J. I love your recap.. after reading your recap.. i feel like going back to rewatch LR ep 11 again though I have watched more than once already…. your description of the couple Seo Joon & Hana as the most balanced bad boy/innocence girl drama is well said as I do feel the 2 lovebirds compliment each other in many ways… we hope for a happy ending for the 2 ^_^


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