[article] Love Rain, With Production Team On Site

Credit: KSC
Source: SK Communications
English Translation: Sarah Ye


– Hard work and sweat from actors and production team made “Love Rain”

KBS2 TV Drama Love Rain’s production team revealed filming site at Hongik University, Mapogu, Seoul.

Today’s shooting is at Lee San Ho’s Café Style clinic – White Garden. The leading actors Jang Keun Suk and Yoona are working actively during shooting. Before filming they talked to each other about script, practicing lines. When the filming started, they were totally into the roles’ as Seo Jun and Ha Na.

PD Yoon is giving instructions during shooting. Besides his unique detailed directing, the actors are so concentrating, as well the production team, such as person who was holding the reflecting board. Workers on every position are all devoting all their efforts.

At every corner of the shooting site, we can feel the production team’s circumspection fits into the coffee house style clinic well. On the first floor, they have menus and food just like a real cafe. PD Yoon said: “White Garden site was remodeled from Yoon’s Color Office. Hongdae would make people think of busy downtown. This site fits into the drama. I’m very satisfied with it. If we go somewhere else, we have to consider the schedule and other stuff. Because this is our building, so we don’t have to worry about those things. The birch trees that we planted 3 years ago are all growing fast. This brings beautiful background scene.” Other than that, PD Yoon also told us “70s, 2012 and middle age love are all new experiments. During planning we thought the drama would be a success. Even now the rating is not that promising, but to do “dream style” scenes is my strength. KBS high level officials are also gave “Love Rain” high expectation. The real result came out, everybody was a bit disappointed, but we still keep working hard. The atmosphere on site is really good. Everyone is doing a great job on their position. And there are not many criticisms towards the drama itself. So we have motivation.”

Around the shooting site, Japanese fans are quietly standing there in order. They all came here for Jang Keun Suk and Yoona. The producer said: “Even they shoot till midnight, fans are still waiting outside.”

After the shooting, Jang Keun Suk said: “Of course I do care for the rating, but the on site atmosphere is so nice. When I got Love Rain’s script, I read it and then I talked to directors of my company, we got only one conclusion. In Japan, I developed very well, but compare to take a safer path, I would rather to take challenges. I want to get out “Geunjang” flower boy image, and let people to see the other sides of me.”

Yoona said: “We are all about same age, so on site it feels really nice. I’m glad that through Love Rain I become PD Yoons’ drama’s “Godess”. I also feel honored. Sangbae Lee Mi Soo who plays Ha Na’s mother is very nice to me. She patiently instructed me how to act. I want to learn more and more in the future.

Love Rain is 70s and 2012 young people’s love story. It elaborates the nature of love through generations and time lines.

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  1. Thanks you sis Sarah 🙂 …The 2nd pic reminds me of KMG ^_^ ….. Its true that we all are dissapointed by the rating 🙁 ‘sigh’ ..But love to read that shooting has been done under the light & warm atmosphere and also that there are not many criticisms towards the drama itself and instead they are still motivated ^_^ Thats the spirit, Suk’s spirit, Fighting !!!!!!

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  3. Love Rain just gets getting BETTER, BETTER, and BEST episode per episode.
    I’ll be missing the fun and happy moments as the drama is about to unfold.
    I hope they sustain the excitement, unpredictableness, and freshness.
    Love Rain is truly a masterpiece.

  4. i dont understand y d ratings r soo low
    dis drama is very cute
    though dis drama doesnt have many twists nd suspence but stillits very colourful nd ppl r actin really well nd i think this compensates

  5. I’m always looking forward for the next episode..meaning love rain is great..lovely storyline..wonderful people especially our princejks always bring on excitement for uS..it’s alittle disappointing with the rating result but please don’t be discourage as for me…princejks is the number One best always ;-D

  6. Hello Sarah..I’m trying to join member at http://www.princejks.com but it’s all in Korean ..even google translate..first page is ok but second page was stuck with Korean again..may you please advise me on how to apply for the third member intake as I do not wish to miss it..thak you 😉

    • Shalyn, they haven’t started to accept international eels yet. The schedule is delayed for some reason. Please wait for a while. We’ll post how to apply the membership after their official announcement.

  7. First of all, I would like to thank Aphrael, Tenshi, and everyone for your great effort to bring us the latest news about our beloved Prince.
    Like all of you, I’m a huge fan of JKS. I have other actors whom I admire but none of them has such power over me like JKS. I’m happy when he’s happy, I’m sad when he’s sad, and I’m worried when there’s bad news about him. There’s one thing on my mind these days that bothers me alot. I hope you all don’t mind that I share it here.
    I will always treasure every single drama/movie and whatever projects JKS has done and will do because I know that he has and will always put his 100% time and effort into them. I was so excited and was so looking forward to watching LR and it hurt me so badly to know the ratings. I kept telling myself that the ratings will be improved in the next episode, but now I have to accept the fact that Koreans just don’t love it. JKS himself knows that LR doesn’t have the twists in the storyline and is not as dramatic enough to catch the viewer’s attention. He took it as one of his challenges to change his image, but I doubt LR is able to do that nor take his acting to another level. He is a very talented actor so I’m not suprised with his acting in LR, I just think it doesn’t do anything in his favor. Having said that, the ratings will never affect my love for him. Every project, failure or success will surely bring him some valuable experiences which will make him a better actor as well as a person. I just love him so much that I always hope everything he does will be a success and sadly it’s not the case recently. As famous and talented as he is, I’m sure he receives more offers than any actor of his age but somehow the projects which he chose to be in have always turned out to be just so so. I respect his choices of work and I’m grateful for him that he’s enjoying his work regardless but sadly the ratings reflect the viewers’s love for the movie/drama and in some ways it do hurt the actor’s reputation. JKS once said he lost some commercial deals in Korea because of M3’s low ratings. For example, before “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, Kim Soo-hyun was just a cute young actor and now he is one of the most loved actors besides JDG and WB. I really hope JKS will be loved by his own country’s people too. I know he’s still young but he only does one movie/drama a year and it’s just two and a half years until he enlists. We know Korea is famous for producing young talented artists and when JKS is in his 30s, will he still be able to stand out like he is now? JKS said he loves to act and wants to act until the last day of his life. I’m praying that his next projects will be able to capture the hearts of Koreans. I feel so sad and sorry for him when he works so hard but still his work hasn’t been appreciated by his own people. I hope he’s always be healthy and safe and happy with his life.
    Sorry for my long comment and I apologize if my comment upsets anyone.
    Aphrael, if you feel my comment doesn’t fit the atmostphere here, please don’t hesitate to erase it. Thank you. I love this site a lot.

    • hi Tam,

      Do u know I agree with every word u said? 🙂

      As eels, we experience these conflicting feelings. JKS’ talent is beyond doubt; yet besides YAB (which also had around 10% or 12% rating in Korea but became popular overseas), his choice of drama does not usually end up with good ratings.

      We feel sad because JKS deserves better – he deserves a really good drama that will have good ratings and catapult him to fame, especially in Korea. Once I read someone’s online published review of LR’s first few episodes, and that person said something to the effect that JKS is accumulating a string of low-ratings dramas to his profile that will damage his career, and to buck up or watch out (or something like that). I feel hurt by these sort of remarks and the worst thing is, I cannot even argue against the facts. The only comfort for LR is that it is at least better than M3 in terms of quality and director.

      If we feel sad about these comments, how much more sad and pressurized will JKS feel?

      “I just love him so much that I always hope everything he does will be a success”
      – Tam, I guess we all feel this way, but this is probably what leads him to say at the LR press conference that he “hopes that everyone does not excessively expect success of him”. We wish success for him for every single project, and he feels the stress when results don’t match expectations despite the 100% effort he puts in. And ratings is something beyond all of our control. JKS has done the best he can, we have supported him in the best way we can, and we cannot influence the results/ratings.
      And I suppose it’s life? That we are not always successful, our efforts don’t always pay off?

      And to JKS, he needs to breathe the air of freedom – the freedom to do anything he wants, and freedom to choose anything he wants. He’ll dislike it when people (even fans) tell him what to do, what drama to choose. It’s his life, so he does have the right to exercise his freedom. And like what you say, we respect his choice. Even when drama ratings are lower than expected, it’s his life, he learns from his experiences. He’s a practical and mature man – he knows that he will not be successful all the time, and most importantly, he is not afraid to fail. Learning how to deal with failure and recovering from failure takes a lot, a lot of mental strength. I admire him all the more for that.

      With JKS’ talent, I think there is no reason for worry even when his age reaches 30+. At that age, I think JKS will exude a different, more mature (and sexy?) kind of charm. His acting should become even better, and he’ll be able to tackle different, more mature men roles. I look forward to seeing his growth.

      Also, JKS has talent in directing too. I seem to remember that he said possibly when he gets much older, his career may develop behind-the-scenes, he wants to be a director? In his university years, he submitted a short film anonymously to some film competition, and he received the Silver award, evidence of his talent. I want to see JKS acting in front of the camera for many more years, but even if one day he goes behind-the-scenes to become a director, we will continue to support him too.

      For now, what we can do, as always, is to continue to support him and show that we love him 🙂

      Thanks, Tam, for sharing your thoughts.

      • Thank you Aphrael and Tenshi-akuma. I feel alot better after reading your replies. One of the reason I love this site is because I know that you will always give me the perfect answers and I will always find the comfort i need when im here. You are right, what we should do is to continue to support JKS and show that we love him and always believe in himXD

      • Ivy, maybe you and Kaori shld consider adding “Like” buttons.. I really want to like Tam’s post, yours and Kaori’s too!!!! ^_^

    • Thanks Tam for sharing your thought here. And thanks aphrael for your perfect answer.
      The only thing I want to add to aphrael’s opinion is we should sometime have wider view. Although it’s OK for you to look at Sukkie only, but I don’t want you to become blind to other works. I mean there might be another great dramas or movies in Korea. If there are many good dramas on air at the same time, viewers just continue to watch earlier-started dramas. That’s just the reason. So the timing of which dramas start to go may affect on ratings, but it doesn’t mean the low-rating drama isn’t good. Especially, about Love Rain we find so many reputations saying LR is worth of good ratings! So don’t worry about the ratings. We just enjoy the story and acting 🙂 And he tries to put everything he has into his job. So just believe him and your keen appreciation of what is a good actor. This year is his 20th anniversary since his debut, but he’s still young. So we don’t rush to make others appreciate him. Eventually people won’t deny how talented he is 😉

  8. Tam, Your post makes me cry bucket because every things you said are so true; it’s the fact of life. No matter how much we pray and wish that other people see our Star with adorable hearts, but it just seems so impossible. People just cannot see JKS the same ways as we see him…..and they are not wrong either to choose whomever they want to admire and love as their stars. Crying!! Sometime knowing the fact hurts so much!! And I feel hurt even more when I have no power to do anything but watching my STAR experiencing a setback, falling and suffering both physically and mentally from afar. He always said to himself (possible to his eels) to endure and think positive, but he must be sooo very tired, very exhausted, and disdained from everything going on around him. “Who am I…where am I.” To me, this simple phrase always left me with an impression that Sukkie is in turmoil with himself internally; especially he only said this phrase when things are not going well in his life.

    How can one person withstand the pressures, the bad publicity and criticism all the times? How much longer can a person withstand uphill battles, especially fighting alone? How much more does he have to prove to the world that he is one of the excellent and worthy actors in Korea, and deserves all the credits where credits are due?

    No matter what will happen to him in the future even though some of his fans’ hearts might not feel pit-a-pat when seeing him any more, and he might not be as a big or famous as he is right now….. I pray, I wish with all my heart, he will be remembered, if not the best, but as one of the Korean’s greatest Hula Stars in Korea history.

    My dear JKS, please continue to do your very best eventhough your best might not reach everyone’s hearts. Please never give up!!

    P.S. Thanks to Ivy and Kaori chan for comforting words. Love this blog so much!!

    • “How can one person withstand the pressures, the bad publicity and criticism all the times? How much longer can a person withstand uphill battles, especially fighting alone? How much more does he have to prove to the world that he is one of the excellent and worthy actors in Korea, and deserves all the credits where credits are due?”

      – Kailey, now u make me cry!! really! ^^
      ur words make my heart go out to him even more. but but but … JKS is not alone!!
      He has his family, his staff (esp ever-loyal manager Kim), and all of us thousands and thousands of eels!!

      And the overwhelming response to him in Japan has already set his status as the greatest Hallyu star nearing or even close to exceeding Bae Yong-joon!
      Lots of thanks to Japanese eels who love JKS so much too!! Gambateh, everyone~! Support our Star always!! 🙂

  9. Gosh!! I am crying too reading all the comments of Tam and Kailey.. no matter how positive we say or think regarding our prince choices of drama, the not so good results really hurts in reality and I am one of them. Although i enjoy watching LR there still part in my heart that so heavy and always wishing that LR will gain appreciation in due time. Just like Tam, I am all settled now that LR rating is until there. The only thing i can give to my prince is my loyalty. Whatever path he may take, whether he will succeed or not, my sincerity and support to him as his fans will always be there.

  10. I am so touched by the above comments.. JKS may not gained as much popularity from this drama in Korea but we know that international eels and others (such as sones from Girls’ Generations) have given praises to his acting skills. Ratings are no doubt important to any actors but the fact that Love Rain is a good production in all aspects means that JKS has not really chosen a bad project.

    Please have faith and stay positive – both JKS and all the eels who love him so much.

    JKS -stay healthy and happy.


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