[27.04.2012] Love Rain’s open press conference at Sangsu-dong

Source: Sukbar
Korean-Chinese translation: 小v
English translation: Aphrael
On 27 April at 11 am in Korea, many Japanese tourists gathered in the vicinity of Mapao, Sangsu-dong, Seoul to catch a glimpse of the filming venue of Keun-chan, Jang Keun Suk. They could not move close to him, but were still very happy that they saw him.

On 27th morning at Sangsu-dong, KBS 2TV drama “Love Rain” airing on Monday and Tuesday had a open press conference at their filming venue. The filming cast only had a short sleeping time from when they ended filming at Chuncheon, Kangwon province at 3 am and travelled to Seoul and started their filming in Seoul at 6 am.

At the press conference, JKS mentioned, “Basically, we have started live filming (*broadcast speed caught up with filming speed). Only sleep 2 to 3 hours a day. It feels like a dream when I’m awake.”

At every filming venue, JKS’ Japanese fans can be seen. JKS: “I also don’t know how they know to come here. Many fans are here to tour Korea and coincidentally come across the filming.”

“Regrets low ratings but we are unmoved”

Love Rain started filming in September last year and compared to other mini-dramas, had more time, but because of the background and props change from the 1970s to the modern 2012 period and the need to air sufficient footage weekly, the filming pace is noticeably more tense and stressed. In terms of the quantity of filming, JKS says, “I’m considered number 2. Yoona’s schedule is no joke. To me, it looks like a killing schedule [JKS sticks out tongue].”

The leads Jang Keun Suk and Yoona received favourable reviews for their acting skill, but the viewership ratings are behind MBC’s “Light and Shadow” and SBS’ “Fashion King”. Actors would want to consider viewership. JKS has not spent much thought about this. “During the filming for the 1970s, I’ve gotten closer to Yoona. Everyone is happy on the set, so (we are) resolute in the filming.”

It’s absolutely not easy to express the feelings of the 1970s without having gone through the experience. JKS calls this the “sentimental aesthetics” of the 1970s. In PD Yoon’s words, “throw out the fast-paced and aggressive plot development” – everyone is resolute on this. JKS smiles and says, “(High) ratings involves contradictory twists and turns and exaggerated character, but this time, we want to capture the nature of this drama. Of course there are many regrets, but I am satisfied with the beautiful images.”


JKS: “Please do not excessively expect success of me”

When we hear the name “Jang Keun Suk”, the first thing that comes to mind is “very grandiose”. JKS himself knows this very well. As the image of the actor “Jang Keun Suk” gives people a very strong feeling of an artiste, sometimes JKS feels lost as to how he should continue his path. JKS says, “Seo Jun in 2012 is typical of Jang Keun Suk. Seo Jun feels a bit domineering, but Seo In Ha in the 1970s was completely an innocent youth. My mum saw my character in the 1970s and also said it will be tough. If I want to choose a safe path, I won’t pause to consider image.”

Previously, the audience liked actors in their mid-20s to 30. However, recently, especially in family dramas, actors around the age of 25 years old are even more popular with the audience. JKS says laughingly, “There’s Park Yuchun, Lee Seung Gi and brother Ryu Ha In. Previously I was lonely and wanted to have some competition with everyone. Now it’s more interesting with more competitors. I want to share ideas and thoughts of responsibility with peer actors.”

“I hope that everyone does not excessively expect success of me. From the results, the low ratings caused continuous talk about the vast difference in my popularity in Korea and Japan, but to me at 26 years old, how can I have everything? Isn’t the 20s an age of continuous experimentation and awakening? Now I have a drama every year; forever I will keep on challenging myself like this.”


The reason for JKS and Yoona’s passionate kiss at fountain…

JKS answered questions from reporters regarding the kissing scene, and joked that he’s very worried that he will be beaten to death by Sones.

In Love Rain, JKS and Yoona’s kissing scene caused much talk amongst the audience. JKS said, “Seo Jun’s character is that even if he’s sitting quietly, he doesn’t look very cool. The kissing scenes were confirmed before filming, and are passive and lack a sense of reality. It feels too beautified. And Seo Jun’s character is obstinate and direct, hence I adopted an aggressive filming effect.”


JKS’ kissing scene with Kim Ha-neul in “You’re my Pet” also caused much talk then. This time obviously JKS is more experienced. JKS starts to joke again, “I heard bells ringing in my ears. Recently I’ve been filming many kissing scenes with seniors; this time, I am the leader in filming with a junior.”

PD Yoon adds, “I’m very satisfied with the acting cast. Although Yoona is a singer, her acting skills are not bad. Hope that we can hear more compliments about the acting skills of the actors.”


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  1. Ivy, Thanks for the sharing.. I must salute Sukkie for his positive thinking every time.. I got a feeling earlier he has put all his mind in acting with the good performance in the drama instead of worrying about the rating.. I love the way he mentioned about welcoming peer competition so that he is not alone ^_^ really admire his thoughts for his young age… he sure can go a long way with such attitude… that is also the reason why many of us like him so much as an artiste as well as a person…

    • Yes, I heard Suk and Yoona were quite disappointed with the low ratings initially, but glad to hear that ratings does not trouble them anymore.

      somehow i feel better knowing that PD Yoon has deliberately slowed the pace in the first 2 eps (n that it’s not a flop etc) … he is a director who knows what he wants. even if the Korean audience cannot accept the pace n plot, he still wants to do it his way *admire*

  2. I knew it! Although LR started filming 6 months ago, progress was quite slow. By end Dec, they had only done 5 eps. When it aired in March, i was thinking, is it too fast? shouldn’t they have waited a couple more months?

    now ep 10 has aired and the cast has to film 10 eps as they air at the same time ….
    this is really no joke. is it another 2 months of sleep-deprived schedule? sigh ….

    • and we were so happy then that they have paced the filming well.. i guess PD yoon is also waiting on the season, the full colors to bloom and be captured etc.

      i really hope people wont expect too much of him, at a very young age, he has accomplished many that others havent in a span of how many years, i want him to slow down too, be like other stars and not be always running. last year he was at full speed, this year looked the same.. were not even half a year yet, and he already had a movie, a drama, 2 albums and a cookbook!

      i just want him to enjoy this memory.. life’s too fast these days, one day when all these is gone, i want him to still remember the feeling.

    • I read that PD Yoon changed the story a bit. At first In Ha in 1970s was planned to appear until 5 or 6… so I think they’re busier than expected now.

      • but remember when Love Rain was rumored to get aired during May?? i have a feeling that PD yoon wanted that for the drama, but with the pressure and excitement from the entertainment business… they moved it to mArch.. my guess only.

  3. Thanks for your work providing this great article. It was very enjoyable.
    I think JKS did a great job with the interview.
    But don’t worry about the SONES, Sukkie, just keep doing your best.
    The Eels have got your back!

  4. Thanks Ivy for translating and share this. Yup, I think the 70 part because the pace of the drama and contents so you can just shoot that with this kind of “drive through” schedule. Also for the ep 5-6 since it happened in Hokkaido so they have to had all the team traveled there and shoot lots of outside scene. Now for the drama, the two big venues would be Yoon Hee’s home and Jun’s company where right now Ha Na is staying, but one is Seoul the other is in the mountain area, so they have to travel between that. Korean drama shooting is always like this which I don’t think is healthy, but that might be the money wise most efficient. sigh… Well Sukkie knows this so well, he is a “senior” in this. Yoona is even worse, with the drama and her SNSD responsibility, I can’t imagine.

    I’m so glad that when they asked about rating, he mainly just focus on shooting and don’t think that much and don’t give himself a hard time on that. As he talked before what Bae Yoon Jun told him, believe in PD Yoon and he did, he listened. He took that advise into heart and he worked with PD so well. I’m relieved for that. Seems he and Yoona got along very well which we can tell from chemistry they had between Jun and Ha Na. It would be a great experience for both of them.

    Another thing, I want to show my deep respect to PD Yoon, no talk about rating, Love Rain is a very good drama whatever the story and just for scenes, music, is definitely one of the highest quality Kdrama. They put lots of thoughts on so many details. All other actors and actress are doing great job too except the leading actors.

    I would keep recommend to everyone I know who are looking for a drama to watch. Here is you go “Watch Love Rain!!!” you will enjoy it.

    • oops, I feel so bad that I made a major mistake on writing the comments: at the third paragraph, last sentence should be: All other actors and actress are doing great job too besides the leading actors. Sorry Sukkie and Yoona, didn’t mean to scrub off the fantastic acting you too put on too. miane ;P

      Everyweek, Monday and Tuesday have turned angle and become happy days of the week for me and I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

      Love Rain fighting.

      And also with so many breathtaking scenes in Love Rain, I hope they will publish high quality photobook, so as a collection or souvenir for viewers who really love the drama to keep it. 🙂 Is that a good idea?

  5. So I saw a YT video, a person covered Love Rain on the piano and i requested the music sheet. she mentioned that Love Rain is her very first korean drama she has watched and she wrote the notes for this song only after watching 3 episodes, she’s says that means she really connected to this drama. She’s more of a Japanese entertainment. So when i received her email, I thanked her for supporting Love Rain and I hope you continue till the end, as I am a major fan of the male lead.

    Response: To be frank, Love Rain is my first k-drama, I’m a j-girl all the way. And the fact that it inspired me for this cover just after 3 episodes is truly amazing. I had some prejudices against Jang Geun Suk because of You’re my pet movie, but after Love Rain I truly appreciate his acting talent. In Ha’s character is so beautiful, I’m very fond of him.

    So I’ll be saying thank you to pd yoon also! From the so-so projects (MMM & YMP), PD yoon gave this opportunity to again prove he has the skill of being an actor.

    I liked his comment about the ratings.. He is on his puberty, as mentioned! haha. I think he has realized, he can’t get everything. as in, yes this drama is well made, but it doesnt mean it would receive high ratings. *sigh* Sukkie, you have matured so well. <3 and happy that he knows what the audience is looking for.. " ratings involves contradictory twists and turns and exaggerated character"
    can i say AMEN!!! *clap clap*

  6. I felt that both of them did a great job. The rating might not be good but it doesn’t reflect whether they did good or bad. However the show did bring sorrow , sweetness and excitement through out their acting,

  7. [“I hope that everyone does not excessively expect success of me. From the results, the low ratings caused continuous talk about the vast difference in my popularity in Korea and Japan, but to me at 26 years old, how can I have everything? Isn’t the 20s an age of continuous experimentation and awakening? Now I have a drama every year; forever I will keep on challenging myself like this.”]

    We can hear his plea here…. he’s feeling very pressured that people have such a high expectation of him and he’s afraid that if he cant come up to it, people will be too judgmental and that’s very unfair for him. He can’t be the best in everything; he’s just human and is subject to falls & failures. Hopefully the world will not judge him too harshly cos it will break him… I’m feeling on tenterhooks too and hope the best for him in all his endeavors and to keep a cool head like he has been doing all this while.

    [In Love Rain, JKS and Yoona’s kissing scene caused much talk amongst the audience. JKS said, “Seo Jun’s character is that even if he’s sitting quietly, he doesn’t look very cool. The kissing scenes were confirmed before filming, and are passive and lack a sense of reality. It feels too beautified. And Seo Jun’s character is obstinate and direct, hence I adopted an aggressive filming effect.”]

    I love the way he can assess his character so well and interpret & portray it so perfectly so that it becomes more in sync. I heard that the fountain kiss scene required only one take…. I wouldn’t mind if there had been retakes and I will scream & squeal at all the bts lol!! Sukkie, if you’re reading this, can you please amuse me and don’t execute perfect kiss scenes next time? Please?? Kekeke!!

  8. Thanks aphrael for your forever devotion in translating Sukkie’s articles.

    Oh my dear Prince!! I don’t know why I feel so emotional after reading this article. My feelings are bursting with mixed emotions of proud of him that now he becomes a more mature man who can withstand the pressures and high demands and expectations of him….and yet, I’m literately tearing up when reading his message “I hope that everyone does not excessively expect success of me.” I’m just so heart breaking reading this undertone message from our always and forever positive Sukkie, sure of himself, perfectionist with his crafts, who gives 100% to all his projects and who does everything with his heart and soul.

    The road of JKS is not expected to be easy…but what I didn’t expect how tiring and difficult to fight by himself or constantly defend himself from adversaries, from media bad news, and from HATERs in this big dogs eat dogs world.

    Since I have been followed JKS closely over 2 years now, I’d never clearly have my question answered……why JKS doesn’t receive much love in his homeland? Many people said because he’s not humble enough… girly looking…..arrogant….. unmanageable wild horse in Korean entertainment industry….. etc….. on and on with nonsense list. I feel so sad JKS has this image imprinted in many Korean’s minds, so no matter whatever he does, they just don’t play attention to him. These negative mindsets also spread to some international viewers too based on all the bashing and bad comments in English on some websites. Geezzz… some people need to be more positive and have more self-respect, not to go around on the internet saying bad and hurtful things about someone they probably never met in their lives.
    This article brought up my other unpleasant thought, Sukkie had such a BIG PLAN to do the DINER CRI SHOW throughout Korea…but at the end, he can only settle for ONE Cri Show in Seoul just to appease some of his loyal Korean eels. (I felt so touched when I read somewhere that Korean eels showed support by buying so many YMP movie’s tickets…even they couldn’t possible go to the movie theater to use all of them up). Let’s be honest!! To have a successful movie or drama, you need viewership from majority audiences who are neutral party, not fans or haters.

    As a life of an actor, your wish and dream are to be recognized by your own people by winning awards or have high rating in dramas or movies. At least, JKS had won some awards…. Thanks God and eels for that.

    P.S. My prince, remember after raining days, there will be beautiful sunshine. No matter how treachery and thorny path you are walking on, PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP!! True eels will stand by your side forever…..!!!!

    • @kailey, may I know what happened with Sukkie’s big plan for the 20th anniversary dinner? Y would the big plan become ‘not so big’? Is it because of his insanely hectic schedule or other factor? Ermmmm…. I’m very concerned about this. I don’t want korean media to use this news to bash him again.

  9. i don’t care if the rated going down, we’ll keep supporting him not just because the story but his talent,and it was improved a lot..JKS!! more loving you..more respecting you..more supporting you..more adoring you..getting more excited about you..n believe it..we’ll always be by your side! fighting!!! :):):)

  10. I think Keun suk should change his image in the next project. I must to be honest that ymp (momo) and love rain (seo jun )look like he only play “him self”. cute, adorable, fashionable, women will fall for him easily, pretty, handsome … that soooo JKS. For us as a loyal EEL it doesn”t matter, we will support him no matter what, but for other people it’s not work :(. Next drama or movie he should be poor, nobody love him, ugly (I know it’s hard to make him ugly lol), wear ‘normal” clothes,cut his hair,the story line not only chase a girl but something serious like how to pursue a dream… you know something like that ^^. sorry this is just my opinion. Please don’t give up keun suk, you still young . EELS always be yours forever !!!!

    • Sasha.. I got a feeling Sukkie will play those roles which you mentioned as he mentioned in his interview before that he likes to challenge those roles which many would not like to act in as it will affect their image.. may be you might have heard of the story of his previous role as murderer in “Itaewon homocide” movie.. he got many objections from his eels to take up this movie but he proceeded with his own decision as he wants to challenge the role as well as to support his seniors who invited him for this movie with little budget.. for that movie, he got the 46th Baeksang Arts Awards for most popular actor in 2010 ^_^

      • yes QQ, I know the movie itaewon homicide. he’s amazing !!! he took serious roles when he was younger . I hope in the future he will find a perfect role for him. I always pray for his success. I’ll be be his eel forever (^o^) /

  11. I am happy with who he is.Well,there are many actors who behave more politely and nicely than JKS.But my fav actor happens to be him.(I hope I could be his fan forever)
    He is never perfect in my eyes.that’s why I love him more.

    He is just 25 years old.Many young men in their 20s can enjoy their lives in any ways but he can’t! I don’t really mind him for wearing some weird(TOTALLY WEIRD) stuffs and etc.I really enjoyed all his dramas and movies except for YMP and MMM.He is doing good job.I hope Koreans can accept him for who he is.

  12. I’m really happy that JKS has that way of thinking.. its a relief to know that he is not affected of the rating.. Love Rain is such a beautiful and simple love story drama.. so its alright by now for him to take that project.. as he said he is still young, there so many opportunities will come to his way..

    These past few days i just thinking if he’s really bad in picking a project then it came to my mind that its only his 3rd drama as a lead so it seems to me that he is trying to do the movie or drama that he wants to act even its not the trend nowadays before he set himself to more challenging drama. Sukkie is an intelligent person. I’m sure he knows what he is doing. It is better to be slow but surely that’s why he lives in showbiz for 20 years and still popular and still gaining popularity. I believe that this man will make history in the entertainment of Korea.

    Sukkie just go on to your dream. do not hesitate, we your loyal eels will always be here to cheer for you. JKS Fighting!!!

  13. thanks for this post! I’ve been following and reading your posts for 3 years now…
    I’m just so impressed the way you writes…good job and keep it up!

  14. “Seo Jun’s character is that even if he’s sitting quietly, he doesn’t look very cool.”
    –> is he serious?? Suk is practically acting himself, and he is anything but uncool!! the fire and passion in his eyes… leaves a burning feeling in my gut =p

    thanks for this, Ivy! we’re always glad to get more insights into Suk’s thoughts.

    our Prince is really mature, i guess that’s the problem when you’re forced to grow up so fast… this “live filming” thing can’t be good for health, hope everyone on set manages to stay as healthy as possible and keep their spirits up!

  15. LOVE RAIN is one of the best korean dramas i have ever watched. And even if korean viewers do not appreciate this drama, i am pretty sure, we here in the Philippines would love this drama… i am hopeful it would air on one of the local televisions here, sooner.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. thank you Jang Keun Suk & all the other casts & staff, especially the Director for sharing your talents with us.. Saranghae!!!


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