[26.04.2012] JKS at 48th Baek-sang Arts Awards (1)

Video credits: HicriBlog
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JKS’ award acceptance speech
(from Chinese translated by KeunSukChina)

JKS: It’s been a long time. I’m filming Love Rain now and came over from the filming venue today. Sorry I’m late. I guaranteed on my life that I will come. In front of so many seniors, shy to receive this award but in the long 20 years since my debut, credits to fans that I got this award, I feel even more honoured.

Emcee’s question: Which actress would you like to work with most in a movie?
JKS: I’ve acted with Park Shin-hye already, so I hope to act with Kang Sora.

Question: How about a horror romance?
JKS: Sounds fine.

For more pics….

Came 5 mins before receipt of award

Going on stage to receive award – pic blur but he’s still very cute!

So beautiful on stage!

Brief interview before departure

23 thoughts on “[26.04.2012] JKS at 48th Baek-sang Arts Awards (1)”

  1. He looks really healthy in this pics. Happy for him and his eels. JKS won an award and despite his busy schedule, he makes sure he turns up because eels voted for him and they waited for him to appear in the award ceremony

  2. thanks so much for posting, aphrael! i missed the live stream so i’m kinda hoping to get a peak, at least, of what happened and also what he said.

    as always, he looked dashing even with just that simple white cotton shirt underneath the coat, and he doesn’t look out of place amongst those in tuxedos and coat & tie. what a charmer! and a very busy man, indeed! i heard that he changed into those clothes after arriving at the venue and that he arrived just before the movie category was announced. i’m glad that despite his very busy schedule, he made sure to come and receive the award. a true blue professional, one who treasures and gives importance in his craft and everything that comes with it.

    CONGRATULATIONS, Prince! you more than deserve it!

  3. He has such an awesome stage presence. He smiles a lot and speaks with confidence … I notice that his eyes are so expressive when he answers the MC’s questions. Prince is always charismatic and dashing with a twinkle in his eyes~^^

  4. How come there are different translation to sukkie’s speech? Nate has a different translation too.

    Are there many dialects in Korea? that one word may another if you come from another province?

    • Not a dialect issue, but translator’s issue, I think. Some choose to summarize or take only the important parts and leave out minor parts, some may interpret the meaning as they think it should be intended and not translate literally, and then there’s also some adjustments due to grammar differences etc etc

  5. Kyaa..weee… Congratulations my Prince!!! Love his speech. I laugh at his answer “sounds fine”. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. It also means to shut the MC up. Please “horror romance”?? Sukkie’d been there, done that already!!

  6. I really wonder how he continues to remain so radiant with his super tight schedule and constant lack of sleep …. I want to know his secret formula !!! Though simply dressed, his charisma and charm still shines through …. Congrats Sukkie !!!


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