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  1. So fast you write the comment.
    All his reaction so attractive, i enjoy to watch his acting, full of reaction.
    This drama more & more attractive, the rating is more high & high..
    Hope everyone having a sweet dream!!!

  2. WELL DONE, Ivy! So quick too. I just finished watching ep 10 raw and will come back and reread your recap with my comments. Where are you watching the drama with chinese subs btw? Totally love the kissES. I think Seo Joon is giving all his got because Hana “hasn’t yet been kissed”. Heart stopping!

    • Hi Sul,
      if you want Chinese Sub, might be you can try http://www.funshion.com or http://www.midianshi.com. both using same download cert.

      It will download and save on your drive, you can repeat as many times you like even not on line (like me). I always save into USB and pass to my friend & colleague.
      now more & more friend watching Love Rain and feedback are very good.
      i’m so happy that they are start to know JKS & like him.
      there is a good comment that I like ‘you hv choose a right person (JKS)’

  3. First of all, I realized again I really like your writing. The first reason I’ve visited here was to enjoy reading your thoughts. As you’re busy these days, but I’m looking forward to reading yours like this! 😉

    OK. Let’s finish my declaration of love to you aphrael here :p

    Using the word, fate or fated love, we sometimes feel it must be that unilaterally. But when it comes to fated love, I believe it happens mutually and inevitably. It may sound too romantic but I also believe love is something that can’t be tried as In Ha said to Hey Jung in episode 8. Hey Jung and Miho mistake their one-sided love as fate, but the others have found the right ones already. I hope they’ll eventually understand what true love means and release their loved ones wishing for their happiness.

    Both In Ha and Jun tried to start their fated love. Actually Jun experienced a lot of love affair, but none was serious for him. Ha Na’s case must be his truly first love. At first he himself couldn’t figure out why she is special to him, but after realizing that is love, he doesn’t hesitate to express his inner feeling toward her. And his sincerity reached Ha Na and she accepted his kiss…

    Jun has grown up without a concrete idea about love. But he found it now! He looks quite different being with Ha Na. His friends were all surprised to see his gentle side like not to make her too drunken. I want them not to tease Jun about that. I want them to support Jun and Ha Na even if there occurs many obstacles in front of them in the future.

    I’m just happy to see Ha Na made him feel at ease after his knowing unacceptable facts. At this scene, Jun smiled purely and cozily. It might be his first time to be filled with a feeling of well-being. No wonder he had urge to kiss Ha Na soon after a while.

    • Ivy, I sure miss your writing & thoughts in words these days.. same feeling like Kaori chan and many eels sisters here ^_^
      I somehow miss the ep1-4 In Ha’s expressive eyes & emotional voice.. senior In Ha still lack the feeling I got from ep1-4…. but I love senior Yoon Hee though as she is very considerate towards the feeling of others..
      There is a bit of Sukkie we can see in Seo Jun in ep 9 & 10.. his cuteness like a child (when he smiles like a boy) when he is in love.. he can be the coolest guy with a change in his facial expression but he can’t hide his childlike cuteness ^_^
      Gosh.. I think we are going to miss this smiles from ep11…

  4. Aphrael, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I agree with Tenshi too that i really enjoyed your style of writing and the depth you analyse the episode; it was really a nice recap for me as i read through your thoughts, and i can feel myself smiling at some of the details you noted (plus of coz drooling over the cute pictures of Sukkie in ep 9)! 🙂

  5. thank you so much for the lovely recap, aphrael 😀

    episode 9, for me, really can’t be described in one word, specially because of Seo Joon and Ha Na’s blossoming love story / relationship..

    yeah, we now found here Seo Joon being sure of his feelings, and pointed it directly to Ha Na..which gives the viewers the feeling of being stunned and speechless.

    then the romance starts..and they are literally romantic! i also haven’t had any experiences on that — but, somehow, it made me realize that maybe true love comes naturally..Ha Na, is actually being honest when she mentioned that she’s not yet sure about him..every moment with Seo Joon is new to her (and yet, unconsciously, special to her also)..and Seo Joon, also felt the same way..everything Ha Na does is new to him (and yet, unconsciously special to him also)..what a fated love it is!

    last, the kiss..whether it be the stolen one, or the unexpected peck, or the passionate one..it all boils down to being MAGICAL! 😀 Magical in such a way that even the viewers were all taken to dreamland after the scenes..as if you’re also happy that Seo Joon and Ha Na both found love in each other, and took the risk. 😀

    Such a lovely episode it is!

  6. I will reserve my opinions until I watch it subbed 🙂 but yes I agree with all of you abt Ivy’s talent for writing and I like the way she puts things in perspective….

  7. Aprael, thank you so much sharing your thoughts on this “fated” episode. It seems like a long time since I had read your long post. Back then your daily posts and thoughts on this blog were my daily newspaper.

    I just finished watching Ep 9, I still feel daze from love overload. I never seemed Kdrama had these many kisses in one episode before. I didn’t expect first date for love birds would be this HOT….hmmm. I like the ways Jun and Hana fight and make up…especially make up with kisses…kekek. These two lovebirds are too CUTE.
    Honestly, I don’t really like the current In Ha, I feel like he is stalking Yoon Hee. I feel so strange…about In Ha. He becomes suddenly selfish…which it just doesn’t fit the young In Ha’s loves. At the same time, I love love a lady who plays Yoon Hee, she is so beautiful and her acting so convincing great. She acts so naturally. I love the close-knit relationship between the mother and daughter. Despite, Hana grew up without a father, she is joyful and happy girl because she has a great mother who is both father and mother to her. (In real life, I don’t if a single mother can raise her children in such a happy loving environment without some type of bitter regrets).

    Love Rain is truly a drama about loves: Sweet pure love, friendship love, one-sided love, passionate love, and of course, don’t forget obsessive love…that is Jun’s mother.

    This drama is not for everyone for real…. it falls into two categories: people either LOVE and HATE it…nothing in between. I wonder if I’m not an eel, would I love this drama? I don’t know….. not sure…. aishhhh….I would definitely love it.

    PS. As an eel, falling for JKS is my fate.

    • Hi Kailey,

      Quote “Honestly, I don’t really like the current In Ha, I feel like he is stalking Yoon Hee. I feel so strange…about In Ha. He becomes suddenly selfish…which it just doesn’t fit the young In Ha’s loves. ”

      – ya, when I first saw the scene where In Ha popped up behind Yoon Hee, I got a shock and the 1st thought was, yew.. He seems to be stalking her! But well, if it’s only once just to get things rolling…suppose it’s fine, as opposed to it being a frequent routine. I think In Ha is fine though, maybe nearly 30 years of thinking that his loved one is dead and suddenly finding out she’s alive, and he doesn’t want to let this precious chance slip away again. I don’t see that as selfish, it would be a different case if Yoon Hee detested him and told him not to do it ever again and if he still does it. Rather, Yoon Hee is still so passive that it seems right for In Ha to take the initiative, if not, there is no hope for these two. Also, some time back, In Ha’s friends have hinted that In Ha has changed over the years.. maybe less cheerful, more brooding….

      AND I love your line “As an eel, falling for JKS is my fate.” – so classic!! 🙂

    • yay sis kailey, i found your comment. keke.
      haha i thought I was the only one who didn’t like him too.. But after reading your comment and aphrael’s,,,i think I’m confused on whether i’m disliking his acting skills or current Inha. But my original thoughts were I didn’t really like Senior InHa’s acting.. idk
      Young InHa (Sukkie), had that mellow tone and his speech was mildly slow. Even if his lines are SUPER cliche and cheesy, Sukkie really did a good job in showing InHa’s feelings and made it that 70’s was suppose to be like this…In the other hand, Senior InHa is a bit…hmm idk. His speech would go slow than fast than slow again.. the volume would also increase too, like he’s out of breath or something. I’m trying to figure out, maybe it’s out of his character to do that, but the tone of his voice just makes it sound he’s trying too hard to give this poetic speech or something. idk. made me feel like his acting of InHa wasn’t really natural.
      Sukkie is also better showing emotions in his eyes than mr. senior actor (idk his name kk) and i don’t think I’m bias becuz i was expecting mr. senior actor to be a better actor than Sukkie..,also i noticed that my mom doesn’t cry anymore when senior Inha speaks lol,,but she would always cry when Young inha did.

      haha. i always tell my sister.. “hmm i think meeting Jang Keun Suk was meant to be for me.. to this point he makes me happy and out of stress when i need some company.”
      my sister’s response.. “……well shall i say thank you to him?” hahaha

    • Hi girls,
      Sorry I’m so late commenting on this post but i’ve only just finished watching with english subs, and what a beautiful episode. I will expand on that further down but I just wanted to stop here and make a note about the grownup In Ha which I think you might have missed (maybe not but no harm in trying). Ok so everyone has taken a bit of a dislike to In Ha because he is now being perceived as not only a stalker but more selfish and therefore out of character, in addition we have the dislike of how he speaks, the pace and volume. I am going to attempt to address these issues in order to hopefully get you to like and enjoy this character as much as I do. Ok, where to start, let’s start with the begining of the episode, In Ha has just found out that Yoon Hee had lied to him and that she wasn’t in fact still married but a widow, she then goes on to tell him a further lie to compensate for the hole in the first one, she tells him quite a cruel lie this time I think, probably in an attempt to really push him away. What she tells him this time is that she only told the first lie to cover up for the fact that she had forgotten all about them and was trying to spare his feelings. So understandably In Ha goes away heartbroken and once again my heart burns for this man, and I think to myself, how many times does she have to break his heart because she thinks she is doing the right thing before she will realise that she will hurt him a lot less just by being honest. In any case the key piece of the puzzle is here, Ha Na spoke to her mum about this encounter, so knew all the key aspects, more specifically she knew that her mum was ill and why she wouldn’t be asking anyone new into her life, and then who did she go to see? Well we get a clip of Ha Na and In Ha on a bench talking but we don’t hear what is being said, before this conversation though, In Ha was rejected and lost and afterwards he starts following Yoon Hee. My guess is that Ha Na explained the situation and now knowing the situation he is making himself available to her because he knows that she can’t ask for it, he tells her that he is being selfish as merely a reason for him to be there. He is waiting for her to be ready, if you look at it like this it is more like a support than a stalker, especially when you count in the scene when she was getting all the eye tests done and she needed someone to be there but she couldn’t pluck the courage to call anyone and then he was there just when she needed him the most. I just found it beautiful that he was prepared to wait for her and be by her side for the long run despite not knowing if she would ever let him in, just so that he not only could be ‘with’ her but be ‘there for her’ too. As for his voice I think you have to watch his face when he talks, now this may just be me but I think that his eyes say everything. A lot of what the current In Ha has to deal with is rejection and loss and these are emotions that would make you choked up causing you trouble getting words out trouble breathing that sort of thing, I see this a lot in the new In Ha you can see his lips tremblin and his eyes red and expressive, hard emotions toportray but he does them beautifully, and you have to remember, he is probably going to have even more complex emotions because he is hiding the fact that he knows what is going on with her. Also I think that there are certain emotions that you would cry over and young In Ha had a lot of those but so far Adult In Ha hasn’t had that many, the worst one for me was that initial meeting again under the umbrella when he said, “is it you?” I can still feel my eyes starting to water just thinking about it. Anyway, those are my thoughts on In Ha and I hope that at the very least you can enjoy this character a little better now. Hugs xxx

  8. Thanks to everyone for your kind words… after reading Reb’s ep 8 thoughts, I’m totally stressed out!! Reb is very analytical and picks up on details that I would have missed (I’m a limited writer actually ^^), I just pick up the general idea and share from there….

    But after reading your comments, i think we all agree that ep 9 is really so beautiful about love and fate, and the blissful interaction between Seo Jun and Hana (even their petty squabbling, haha).

    • Oh bless you, you didn’t want to go after me? lol, You make me sound like i’m something special when in reality your thoughts are just as good as mine and vice versa. I loved your review and particularly there was a paragraph at the end that I though was so charming and lovely:

      Love Rain is not just about a romantic moment in the rain, but perhaps the rain also represents the obstacles that the two main pairs of lovers will face, and through perseverance and continuing to share the same umbrella, whether their love will be able to endure until rain is over and the sun shines.

      What a sweet analogy, I almost want to pick up my umbrella right now and go striding into the rain until I find someone to share it with. :0) In anycase great job sweetie, hugs xxx

      • Reb, u should pick up JKS before going out into the rain … only he will give us the sweet feeling… on second thoughts, I’d have preferred to pick up In Ha cos he looks after the lady, unlike Seo Jun who doesn’t want to get his clothes wet! 🙂

      • Ivy, if I had JKS to pick up, why would I be going out into the rain to find a lover, lol. Ah but you are right it has to be him even your suggestions of In Ha and Seo Joon won’t do, it is only him in my heart so an umbrella in the rain will be pointless, but it was a fruitfull dream for a moment, kekeke. Hugs xxx

  9. wahh.. love this sis!.. the whole chemistry and fate thing.. ! and it seems like you enjoyed adding so many pictures.. kekeke they’re all cute!!
    and yea, when i needed to write ep 5.. i didn’t even know what to write, took me awhile. haha!

  10. i love your writing and thoughts too Aphrael.. i been following your blog since it’s opened.. i feel warm here.. and not to mention all eels here are sensible.. i learned a lot from them.. 🙂

    Anyways, i just finished watching this episode with sub.. i totally love this episode.. full of love, cuteness, sweetness and the chemistry of Joon and Hana is undeniably perfect.. i do believe in fate coz that was me and my hubby feel about our union that sometimes we talk about.. 🙂 so as to Joon and Hana that meant to be because this is their story..

    In this episode I felt the pain for In Ha when Yoon Hee say to him that “you’re just a memory to me..” this line made me cry maybe because i also hope that they should be together.. i want them to continue the love they had before so that even once in their life they may feel happiness which every people have a right to have.. my heart really aches for these two people..

    Another thing that I observe in this episode the gist that PD Yoon give us is when Hana released Joon hands and following the grabs of In Ha to Yoon Hee hands, it seems that Hana will give up Joon for his mother and In Ha will insist his love to Yoon Hee.. so this means the 10 last episodes of this drama will go around the melodramatic label of Love Rain.. really needs to prepare emotionally.. Oh thanks to Reb because of her review i became more sensitive in every movement in the drama..

    I’m thankful that Hana loves to drink unlike her mother hehe.. because of this Joon got a chance to kiss her.. i find this romantic than the deep kiss.. i don’t know how JKS do it but even it just a sneak and quick kiss it looks passionate to me or maybe is it because of JKS hotness.. 😉

    thanks for the space given us to recollect this drama,.. waiting for the next review..

    • Glad to be of help sweetie, lots of undercurrent in this one and 11, am so excited for 12 now. So torn, don’t want to wish my life away, but wish it was monday nonetheless lol. Hugs xxx

  11. Ivy, thanks for sharing! I’ve been trying not to read all these spoilers cos I’m watching on KBS World, but all the talk and pics on ECI totally got me turned on and eager to know what was happening with the KISS(es) hahahaha!

    Yes, I too, love the way you write – its fun and engaging and you balance sharing about the episode and your personal thoughts very nicely.

    Fate – its what brought us to Suk, and what brought us to jksforever and ECI!! <333

  12. Aphrael, Thanks for sharing your eloquent thoughts on EP 9. I love it so much! One of the reasons why I kept on coming back to this blog is the beautiful write ups and translations done by you and the rest of the Eels. Maybe you are still apprehensive about destiny ( hahahhaha), but I always believed about it, as I experienced it in my own life and people I know. And I believed fate also brought me to discover more of Sukkie through your write ups that I appreciated him more beyond his talent. Through what you have written here I discovered more of his deep personality, his love for his familiy, friends and fans and how he values a lot his artistry.

    Going back to the aspect of destiny, Joon was so skeptical about it, but I could say he has started with the virus of believing on it when he met Ha Na. I was so amused when he responded Mi Ho, if she is a duck when she mentioned about they fated since she was born. Obviously in his psyche, Ha Na is the ” frozen duck” hahaha.

  13. Sis Ivy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love how u contrasted the looks he reserves for other women and Ha Na…yes as i said in ECI Joon is a diff person in front of Ha Na..he changes completely..having never gone behind a girl he is amused and thrilled..also he loves the fact that she is innocent…ALL MEN LIKE THEIR WOMEN TO BE INNOCENT no matter wat other stories they say abt liking sexy sophisticated women…Joon is jus following the rules written for men kekeke!!
    And he was hurt when she rejected not knowin that Ha Na was very much affected by him.. Imagine ur a normal girl with not much if not zero relation experience and then a handsome rich guy approaches you…says he likes u but u know he is a player…wat can Ha Na do? poor girl…
    But as soon as Joon knows that Ha Na dint reject cos of absence of feeling but rather due to her fear of the feelings.. He understands…
    He swoops for a kiss…and the amazing thing She Responds…if oly she dint pass out the next instant..
    And another amazing thing is Joon can never stop doing different things when he is with Ha Na…and now he cant stop kissing her… the 3 stage kiss just shows how determined he is…once he did it spontaneously…second with permission..a deep kiss where both are immersed so much..
    And even when water interrupts them he wont allow her to move away…he still continues to devour her… i think if Ha Na hadnt broken apart he would continue kissing her…
    Jus shows how much passion Joon has… now only thing we need the passion from Ha Na…and its known fact…with Jealousy comes passion..
    Ha Na is super jealous..the way she looked at the rivals pic in his room itself shows how possessive she is..so the ques is “When will Ha Na start bossing over Joon??”
    As many have stated this is a drama which has a predictable plot…but this drama also has the best after good feeling along with one of the best drama pairs..
    My final verdict I give 90/100 in chemistry to Joon and Ha Na!!!!
    Note: the remaining 10 is after another smoldering kiss fro the OTP!!!

  14. Just wanted to add a couple of my thoughts too, firstly did anyone notice that this entire episode was just the journey from the confession to the kiss and the next episode is the complete opposite (kiss to the confession) but that’s another point entirely. I love the fact that they spent a whole episode taking us from the confession to the first date and really with very little interuption from other characters storylines. They got past the botched confession with a little drunken babbling from Ha Na which gave Seo Joon room to hope. The bit I love here is that he sneaks the tiniest of kisses and he is totally over the moon, had it been anyone else he probably wouldn’t have even counted it as a kiss, I just love the cuteness of it all. I think that it wasn’t just the kiss that he loved but what the kiss symbolised, that Ha Na did in fact like him and that he did have a chance after all. I love Ha Na’s reaction to the kiss, she’s mad, she is upset that he just took her first kiss, without asking no less, so she is geting ready to tell him off but then the alcoholic haze kicks in and she starts to pass out, which he mistakes as an invitation for a real kiss, until her head flops backward out of his reach that is, lol. The other thing I see in this episode is lots of role reversals, for instance at the begining, Ha Na and Seo Joon are doing the adult thing and being honest whilst In Ha and Yoon Hee are being selfish, lying and generally upsetting each other. Then later it’s the daughter that is giving the mum advice and telling her what she should be doing until eventually it is the mum that is relegated to her bedroom to think about what she’s done. Complete role reversal of mother and daughter, you see the same with Seo Joon and his mum after the photoshoot, keep looking you will see more. The last thing I will say is about when Ha Na cheers Seo Joon up at the end, this scene would have been beautiful on it’s own but to give it that extra flare there is an earlier scene where Mi Ho trys to cheer Seo Joon, and she succeeds but the moment is fleeting, measured against this the scene just doesn’t have that extra connection and laughter only duty and boredom. It highlights the last scene in a way nothing else could and it does it subtly so you won’t realise that this is why you are looking at the scene in a different way. It’s perfect, once again PD Yoon and his team show that nothing is left to chance, I am once again impressed and waiting for the next episode with baited breath.

  15. Thanks Ivy and Dream for letting me know where to watch Love Rain and Download it! I was just thinking of doing the downloading thing so that love rain and keun suk could be rewatched like a thousand times in HD!!!!

    You guys all watch the drama in such details! I frankly have my eyes glued on Keun Suk alone and the rest of the characters are just like the accompaniment part of the “show”. Keun Suk’s every expression is so adorable and this drama have him dressed like a fashion icon (because he is a fashion photograper and have to be seen as having good fashion sense and designer creativity) in every scene. He looks great in every change of clothes and is incredibly magnetic.

    I do however, have one question that’s been bothering me since last night after watching ep 9 with english subs in the wee hours of morning. Question is : after Joon confessed to Hana that he liked her, he told her to move to the white garden and BE PREPARED. When he saw her in his room at the white garden for the first time and subsequently dragged her to the hut, he also said that since she have moved there, then she should BE PREPARED. Thing is, what does Joon mean by telling Hana to “be prepared”? Prepared for what? For his love and attention ie kisses, hugs and all territorial marking behaviours? Can someone please enlighten!

  16. Almost 2 months now,after last episode of LR was on-air, I still love reading all your thoughts and cooments for each episode. Thanks to Aphrael and all who shared your comments here.. I still enjoy..and smile everytime I watch this series and read all these..


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