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HS Media (19 Feb 2011, 02:59 hours China time):
Once, also on a late night as this, through a restless crowd, after being overwhelmed by applause and cheers, Jang Keun Suk shed off a day’s exhaustion… In the hotel room, he worked seriously on editing a video for fans to watch. In the extremely quiet room, he showed his quiet side, deep in thought. He always smiles in front of other people. Behind the scenes, we watch his efforts with heart-ache. Because of this, we are gathered together, only because of you, a man named Jang Keun Suk!

Aphrael77’s note:
A sensous message from HS Media – sometimes they post these messages, for promotional purposes I think. This is what I mean by professionalism. Besides acting, he studies movies in the university. Which other actor/singer edits their own videos?

HS_Media官方微博 :曾几何时,也是在这样的深夜,穿过熙攘的人群,被掌声欢呼声淹没后的张根硕张先生,卸下一天的疲惫…酒店房间内,认真的编辑给粉丝们看的视频。安静无比的空间里,留下了他不愿多语的一面,沉思。微笑,总是留给别人。幕后的我们看的辛酸,因此,凝聚在一起,只因有你,一名叫张根硕的男子!

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