Every Little Thing STAR (PV)

Credits: tpfyfl @ Youtube

The “Star” PV shows the plot from the perspective of the woman, but I don’t understand the plot. Two questions:
(1) What relationship does the girl in the wheelchair have with the male lead?
(2) Why did JKS suddenly become upset and leave the table at his party??

… again, the answer seems to be … wait for the subtitles or the “Moon” PV to be out, which will show the guy’s perspective.

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  1. Hmm from what I get from the convo in the beginning (thanks subtitles) she just ask him why he seems so down, and he replies that he has just broken up with his gf… There’s no indications in the convo whether they already know each other or just met, but since she uses a familiar tone I guess they’re friends.

    It seems everything starts to fall apart when he opens the present, I guess we need to see the other video to understand completely.

    I think he and the girl in the video make a great couple! And I like the song, typical ELT!

    Thanks for the video!


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