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  1. hi Reb,

    – really, the middle-aged In Ha is really well acted. The emotions on his face when he meets Yoon Hee again are really so touching, n from his emotions, I can finally connect that this is (our beautiful) In Ha of the 1970s, his emotions run so deep and the feelings in his eyes. To be able to portray In Ha of the 1970s despite the age and a different face, credits to the actor (he’s wonderful)

    – “First he asks Ha Na “let’s end it all here and start again”, and we all cheer, and then, when asked “why?” he just ties himself in knots again because he is too proud to come out with the simple truth”

    LOL, truly, i wish Seo Jun will untie himself from all his knots. I think it’s his mouth that gets him into trouble. The moment he opens his mouth, no good words come out.. haha

    – I must say, I do judge Hye Jung harshly. Not to the point of hating her … yet.
    Back in the 1970s, I can forgive her for revealing the truth about the diary, cos the truth will be out one way or another. I can forgive her for feeling hurt by Yoon Hee’s supposed betrayal when HJ confided her love target to Yoon Hee, but really, what could Yoon Hee do, say I also like In Ha?

    what I cannot forgive, was her intention to break up In Ha and Yoon Hee, then and now. It’s not that Hye Jung was not given a chance to love other men; she did not give herself a chance to love other men. She knew that In Ha loves Yoon Hee, yet she married In Ha.

    Yoon Hee and In Ha’s love is about wanting the other person to be happy. Hye Jung’s love is not about wanting her beloved to be happy; it’s about possession so that HJ can be happy, and she doesn’t care that In Ha is not happy.

    The current In Ha said something I completely agree with: Love is not something that can be tried. Love between 2 people either exists, or doesn’t. If one party doesn’t love another, no matter how hard the two try, there is still no love. Of course, there’s the adage that love grows with time, but obviously in this case, it doesn’t work.

    And after so many years, Hye Jung has not learnt her lesson. She still wants to hold on to In Ha with teeth and nails. She doesn’t mind resorting to sneak methods to get what she wants, and Seo Joon is right in saying that his mother is using him as a tool to get In Ha back. By withholding news that Yoon Hee is alive, Hye Jung tries to get In Ha to reconciliate with her, but what’s the point? Even if it succeeds, once In Ha knows the truth, they will separate anyway.

    Hye Jung’s failed love and all her wasted years are brought on by herself. I don’t have any sympathy for her. I may be wrong, but I suspect that she’s going to be the biggest antagonist in the drama. She’s going to continue to interfere in the love between In Ha and Yoon Hee, and she’s going to object to Seo Joon’s love interest Ha Na. She cannot stand the thought of In Ha being in love with Yoon Hee, and she will not give up her son to Yoon Hee’s daughter.

    • Hey honey,
      Ha ha I love it “The moment he opens his mouth, no good words come out” what a fantastic way to put it, well that has definitely been true 90% of the time he’s known her, but give him a chance I have high hopes for Seo Joon.

      As for his mother, actually my comment “don’t judge her to harshly” relates only to her asking Chang Mo to do something for her that he wouldn’t have asked her to do for him. In a lot of other senses I judge her quite harshly too.

      Unlike you I actually wouldn’t forgive her in the 70’s for telling Yoon Hee about the diary, it wasn’t her secret to tell and she told it out of vindictiveness because she didn’t want them to be together and she was determind to drive a wedge between them.

      But yes I totally agree with you, she had every reason to be hurt about Yoon Hee’s betrayal but at the same time it was not like she really left Yoon Hee with any option but to do exactly what she did, so it is hard to feel fully for Hye Jung.

      I still do feel for her in some way though because either way you look at it she was fooled. We don’t really know how it was when she married, was she aware that In Ha still had feelings for Yoon Hee? And even if she was by the same argument that she had to move on because he would never forget Yoon Hee you are also saying that she would never forget him, and if you say it is possible that she could forget her love for him you are also saying that he could forget his love for Yoon Hee. I can see how she could have convinced herself or been convinced with these arguments, it was clear that In Ha had allowed her to keep on thinking they had a future however twisted. In actual fact I pitied her that she had stooped so low and it was sad to see that sweet kind In Ha had become so casually cruel.

      As for her scheming, I can more forgive it now as it is clearly the last stand of a broken woman who is not thinking rationally. Yes you are right she was using Seo Joon as a tool and her love is about taking because it is one sided, only a two side love can be about giving. But I do feel sorry for her, the man she loved has never loved her, she even won him but he never came around and after all this time even the small contact she has with him is going to be taken away by the woman who is the reason she could never have him in the first place.

      They have been apart for 10 years and she still hasn’t gotten over him and you are right when you pointed out what In Ha said, love cannot be done with effort and this goes for her too, he mentions in the last episode that she is seeing someone but clearly she cannot get past her heartbreak to actually love again, to me this is a woman I can only feel sorry for. I don’t condone her actions by any means, but I can certainly understand her motivation.

    • Will JKS and the Love rain crew be able to read Reb’s opinion toward the drama? If yes, they would be happy to hear this. So they won’t be worry much about the rating.

      • I can’t see why they wouldn’t be able to read it if they came to the site but they would have to come here and find this specific review first. Ah but the idea of JKS reading my review, I’ve gone all shy just thinking about it lol

    • I absolutely agree with your comment about the actor playing older In Ha – and compliments also to JKS as well, Since between them they have created a consistent character who is so believably the same person though so many years apart

      • I think we will see their separate characters getting more and more defined as time goes on. The way I see it is that between the actors and the way the script is written and set out, they have created a perfect combination, if one of those things hadn’t been just right it wouldn’t have worked. What great team work! It’s really good that they support each other. This is one of the things I love about JKS, he works so well on his own, but throw him into a group situation and he integrates perfectly, often helping those around him whilst he is at it. He truly can adapt to all situations, he must be a joy to work with. If only we could sis, :0) Hugs xx

  2. This is the most thought provoking piece of reflection on LR. Thank you so much, Reb. Your language skills is fanastic and you are able to lead us to compare and contrast the emotions of the 2 generations. Well done.

  3. Wow,
    excellent review on ep 8-I had some similar feelings too when I was watching it! this is really a great episode. And I think Jung Jin Yong (hope I got the name right) really portrayed the old In Ha well-Suk started and left a deep impression as In Ha and seriously it’s almost as if the young in ha really grew up and became the In Ha now. I liked watching suk and Jjy since their happy life stint. 🙂

    And I Thot the scene when In Ha went to find Yoon Hee and embraced her-OMG, it was really emotional and at that instant I imagined young In-Ha hugging Yoon Hee. It was a hug that he took 20years to give her….T.T

    Of coz I simply LOVED all the interactions between seo jun and Hana.
    Loved his awkwardness when he tried to express his real feelings towards her. And when he went to say sorry to her-OMG, seo jun, the guy who never says sorry-apologized? you can see how hana is really causing him to change…I mean, considering his family background (I think his mum really caused him to be the way he is)…

    And when he is doing the photo shoot w hana, what a brilliant way to get Hana to act natural!

    Ah, loving this episode very much!

    LAST NOTE-URI SUK IS SO GREAT AS SEO JUN! I loved to see him in blue and he really acts like a professional photographer! Ah…he never fails to amaze me! Our Actor Jang!!!

    Sorry for the unorganized thots-typing from phone, kekeke…

  4. Thanks anjellsmiles, I could have gone on forever but I had to curtail myself, I think I still got a bit carried away but I couldn’t help it it was such a great episode and I wanted to take you all on the journey with me. bibian I couldn’t agree more about the hug it was like you saw the entire 20 years pass behind his eyes and she just knew and instinctively comforted him, it was beautiful. And I love your statement “the guy who never says sorry apologized”, I didn’t touch that because it was in an earlier episode and as you can see I already has way to much to say, lol, but if we wanted to add that into this one I think that would contrast perfectly with In Ha’s painting, both of them doing something they would never normally do because they fell in love, I really like that, such a fantastic statement.

  5. dear eel sister, your review is just so smart and thorough that really make me watch this episode once again to get all the connections and contrasts. good job, sis. though seo jun is sexy and cute, but young in ha has two scenes as his weapon to make me can’t get over him: 1. the umbrella scene, 2. the beach scene. despite his passiveness and cowardliness, in ha is perfect for me. The beautiful, talented, warm and soft spoken in ha is just too sexy for me, plus, he is from an insanely rich family. where else can you find such a perfect guy? but it’s so sad that he has wasted half of his life in sorrow. And i really wonder, do koreans really dislike JKS that much which reflected in the low rating? are they all blind? they have this gem who makes all girls in Asia to be crazy over him, but they just ignore his masterpiece? I really worry that the low rating will force the production team to shorten the whole drama. let’s pray the rating will reach 2 digits soon.

    • and the fave seo jun scene in this episode is how he responded when this assistant told hana that seo jun is so handsome. LOL. in ha would just smile shyly or hid his face or look at other direction i think, but seo jun really showed hana how handsome and cool he was literally. this seo jun is really one of a kind, as what he told hana when they’re sheltering from the rain: where else can you find a guy like me? it’s true, seo jun is just so unique, just like JKS.

      • lol, me too I loved his posturing like a male bird trying to attract a mate but after that scene it always makes me laugh because all his assistants start wolf whistling and calling out wow and always I think it’s for Seo Joon and then we realise it is for Ha Na, it’s very funny. I think that Seo Joon is a bit in love with himself, I don’t think sukkie is really like this, I think he is more positive than proud. Maybe that is just my opinion :0) xx

    • I think darling that it is a small area that the ratings are counted from and I think that it is unlikely that it is a deliberate act to sabotage the drama either. I think there are a few things that we have to look at here, the first is that the people in the area where the ratings are collated may just be interested in other shows, second the area may not have many eels, just because someone doesn’t watch something doesn’t necesarly mean that they are doing it with bad intentions they just may not want to and thirdly the eels that are in that area could be watching via other methods like the internet or on their phones, you have to remember this is a digital era. I am quite certain that PD Yoon and all the production crew are aware that the ratings are not a true reflection on the dramas popularity, especially when it comes to other countries where they will be certain to sell out the DVD’s in no time. If you look at these conclusions I think it is fairly safe to say that they wouldn’t want to shorten the drama. So don’t worry sis and just enjoy our beautiful prince both as In Ha and as Soe Joon. Hugs xxx

      • @rebikita: thanks for your explanation. Feel quite relieved now 🙂 Can’t wait for monday. there’s one more mystery from LR: can seo jun sing? In ha is a great composer and singer. How will this talent connect with seo jun? can’t wait to find it our soon. ahhh…. how come weekend feel so long after LR aired? i love mondays now 🙂

  6. Wow, this post is great. i will have to take my time to read it carefully. I would say i really like Seo Joon in this episode. He is very cute and i am a bit surprise he confess this early. He really is the little boy who likes to bully the girl he likes.

    I will also suggest people to start posting at soompi Love Rain thread. I cannot write so well so i cannot contribute much but i think people who can write and analyze should post their comments and reactions at soompi. So far there are a lot of people in that thread. I hope that with more people posting there, it will attract more people to watch Love Rain.

  7. Dom, I think you are not the only one, bosses all over the world must be wondering why they have offices full of bright and bushy tailed people on Mondays and Tuesdays for no apparent reason, and only we know the secret, the world is full of eels :0) xxx

  8. you’re truly a poetic person.. love the connection and contrast you point out in this episode.. as i watched this episode i felt the word that sis vita told us in ECI that its like a roller coaster.. when In Ha and Yoon Hee showed on the screen my heart was squeeze too much that brought me into tears and then in the moment here’s Joon and Ha Na bickering that makes me laugh.. this drama makes me like a crazy woman.. and at the same time giddy to our handsome-cute prince.. 🙂

    i can’t say more but this drama is getting better and better each episode.. Can’t wait for Monday.. thanks for sharing your thought..

  9. Sis Reb, Wowww…BRAVO!!! This is super great recap. I love your thoughts. Reading your post is like reading your poems, so poetic thoughtful and full of meaning. After reading your thoughts and everyone’s thoughts here, I’m totally speechless. Reading this threat answered some of the things I don’t understand in the drama. I was one of the millions, watching dramas for pure entertainment, only watching on the surface…no deep thoughts behind the scenes.

    LOVE RAIN is the first drama I ever watch RAW and while it’s still airing. I like to watch drama when it completed. Love Rain is my first of many things, especially it has taught me to think a lot, in a perspective and objective way. (I bet if I ever go back to watch all the dramas I watched in the past, I will see it differently now…….)

    Honestly, I watched LR Ep 8 three times now. 1st, I watched it raw because couldn’t wait, missing Seo Joon too much. 2nd, with English sub, I missed a lot of important points in the drama because I was busy drooling over Seo Joon, I forgot to read the Sub altogether…kekeke. 3rd, I watched it to fully feel and understand the drama. Strangely, every time I watched LOVE RAIN, I felt like is the FIRST time, despite the fact that I watched at least each episode 3 times. I enjoyed every single time I watched LR. This is saying a lot from a person that love to fast forward almost all the dramas I’d watched in the past; I didn’t care if I missed some scenes.

    Geeezz…..how come some people missed all the points and poignant themes of this beautiful drama so badly. Literally, some people openly dared to call this drama one of the worst dramas of the year. I understand this drama may not be the type of dramas they like …… but calling this is bad drama is very uncalled and unjustified for.

    Please people don’t judge or watch drama by its cover or purely based on some people’s bad comments. Don’t let’s people influence your judgment!! Watch it yourself and find out you like it or not.

    • Wow thanks sis, and you even plugged my poetry too, thanks lol. I am so glad you are getting so much out of this drama and if i’ve been able to help in that then that just makes me all the more glad. I hope my review will help people to see this episode in a positive light if they aren’t already doing so, but for me, I can’t imagine what’s not to like. :0) Hugs xxx

  10. I have only one thing to say about Love Rain: it is a work of ART! Kudos Reb to further bring it to life and enhance all the different shades of colour that our eyes may have missed in this drama…it not only covers this episode, your contrast encompasses all the past episodes and it was a brilliant display of past and present.

    • Aww honey, I knew I could count on you to come to the point of what I was saying, lol. Thanks for the compliment babe, if I’ve only partly done it justice I will be satisfied :0) Hugs xxx

  11. Hi Reb, I must say your thought on the episode is truly impressive. U sounds like a professional movie critics or having backgrounds in literature, I guess. Anyway, your writing makes me captures all the beautiful subtext of Love rain and marvelous work of PD Yoon rather than solely mesmerizing on JKS beauty as I usually do. Keunsuk ‘ s never disappoint us in his acting. Not only his acting is perfect, but also the matured In ha and Yoonhee ‘s acting are very good too. Normally I don’t like melodrama much as it’s too cheesy and slow in moving the plot. But I finally got hooked with the dialogues (of course by JKS too).

    • Toytinglee, no, no background in literature and I’m not a movie critic either, I just love to see the subtext in things I guess, that and I dearly love words. On the whole I think you can find beauty in just about everything if you look at it in the right way ,I think it’s a lot about perception, here try this, did you know vodka and tonic was this beautiful?


      And this is coming from someone who doesn’t drink it. I just wanted to show everyone the beauty that I saw in this episode, when I read your comment “Anyway, your writing makes me capture all the beautiful subtext of Love rain and marvellous work of PD Yoon rather than solely mesmerizing on JKS beauty as I usually do.” It made my day, not that I should stop you drooling over our prince of course, kekeke, but that you appreciate his work, I am sure he would love that too :0). Hugs Sis xxx

      • Reb, I did look at Vodka & Tonic as u suggested. I can’t believe it’s real. I like that u said everything has its own beauty , we have to look at it in the right way. U know what, I quoted this to my hubby to let him know that though I change from skinny girl to chubby matured woman, I still hold my beauty but he has to look at me deeply. 555

    • Toytinglee, aww you are so sweet, what you said to your husband made me laugh, I too put on weight, a lot actually rather than just a little like you (this was due to illness that stopped me exercising for a long time, i’m loosing it now, I just have to learn to adjust my eating habbits instead.) and the thing is, even when you are overweight there are thing that a man can love, you become curvier for a start and you become soft and by that I mean you are better to cuddle you man will like to lean his head on you, lean up againt you or generally squish you,lol, you retain heat better so that you are like their own personal hot water bottle on romantic walks in the cold, they will never have to sit in a restaurant and be embarassed that you will hardly touch your meal and usually if your a bit chubby you have really cute cheeks and get less wrinkles too, so you get to be cute and get to do it for that bit longer. You see, everything has it’s positive side, but in honesty i’m sure you don’t need to tell your hubby, I bet you he allready has his own list, lol. And I tell you one thing, I have only ever spoken to you via text and I can already see your beauty, maybe I haven’t seen you but there is the biggest thing that people often forget when they talk about beauty, but it is the first criteria I go by, and that’s your personality. If you are beautiful inside, I don’t care what you look like on the outside, but people will see the beauty in you because that kind of beauty can never be hidden. Love you sis, hugs xxx

  12. Hi Reb! You do the BEST, shall I say “episode review, analysis and after thoughts” EVER! I have been searching for a write up like this to truly enjoy the episode indepth and I have found you! Thanks Ivy too for allowing this platform. Do continue to write Reb and I will be looking forward to reading your next write up after Love Rain’s episode airing tommorrow!

    PS. I agree that colours have been used to signify certain events and emotions. Sadly, yellow may be the colour of separation and coupled with the “Love Story” movie theme embedded in In Ha and Yoon Hee’s relationship, I am afraid this may be a forwarning that the two will go to a similar end. Fortunately, HaNa and Seo Joon’s colour is not yellow and they may have a more positive and happy outcome. BTW, I always thought that Hana’s yellow coat was water resistant/ proof (ie some sort of rain coat) which was why Seo Jun allowed her to be wet. Nevertheless, I am sure it was done on purpose to clearly distinguish the difference in attitude/behaviour between the father and son.

    • Staying Up Late, thank you so much for your glowing endorsement, I don’t really know what to say :0), I’m proud to have been able to have written a review for you guys, but the point, I think, of these bi-weekly articles is to give everyone a chance to share their thoughts on this beautiful drama, I am honoured to have been asked but will be just as glad to pass the torch to another talented eel for the first of this weeks episodes. Though if you want to see more of my writing in general I do have a site that I have only recently opened where I post the odd poem which you can check out if you like http://www.rebikita.tumblr.com and you can follow me on twitter @Rebikita on the site or on my RSS feed so you never miss anything.

      As for the colours I think you are correct in regard to the seperation ultimately, but only in the sense that she is sick and that will definitely give a finite time to the relationship, I have hopes that they will have their happy ending in the end before she leaves, I also think that her dying will be the thing that brings the son and him back together, but these are only my guesses :0).

      The raincoat Ha Na was wearing was a waterproof one by the way but it still doesn’t mean he should have been allowing her to get wet, waterproof or not she was pointing out to him that it was not proper behaviour. In Ha would have covered her despite it but Seo Joon argued that his clothes cost more, lol, times have truly changed, people are not alltogether wrong when they say that chivalry is dead. I hope to find someone that still believes in it, what do you think? :0) Hugs xxx

      • You have a gift, Reb. Have not come across anyone who could appreciate so profoundly what the director and writer are trying to achieve with Love Rain. I am still very eager to see another episode or two reflections from you!

        There are goodness abound in the world around us. Chivalry is alive and can be found in the gracious environment with the right people posessing openess of mind. You will find one (or many) such persons good in time.:)

      • Awww, thanks so much sis, you have so much confidence in me I’m truly touched. As for the rest it’s not up to sweetie, and even if it was, I think it’s good to hear lot’s of different points of views, and we can discuss the remaining episodes in the comments just as well. And you never know maybe I’ll end up writting something else for aphrael at some point in the future, so you’ll get to see my writting again at some point i’m sure :0). Hugs xxx

  13. I wish I could share my thought with you, Reb… but because of my poor English skill, I just can say I love your profound analysis! I really want Sukkie and PD Yoon to read this.

    • Ha ha, maybe someone will tweet them the link, lol. But I don’t understand what you’re talking about honey, you english is wonderful, and if not (which I think unlikely) we can take a couple of try’s, after all we are all sisters here, what’s a little time and patience between family. But you give me too much credit, thank you so much for the compliment, you make me glow :0). Love and Hugs xxx

      • Reb, today I tweeted to @LoveRainTV ^^

        Your encouragement gives me power to learn English. Honestly I don’t use English in my daily life, at work nor at home. Only here, I use it. I like writing and organizing my thoughts, but it takes time to do it in English. Now dictionaries are my friend 🙂 In a year, I wanna handle my English more naturally and see you someday.

    • Awww, Tenshi my darling you praise me too highly, I am crying with happyness with the comments from everyone on here today. I am going to start to get big headed, lol, it seems like so many people tell me that I have inspired them to do something, or restart something,or learn something, I feel like I should have a special title kekeke, but but in all seriousness, if I was able to encourage you with your english that makes me really glad, it’s something that you clearly want to do and although it isn’t part of your work now it is something that could help your career in the future. As I said your english is great and I like your bit about the dictionary being your friend, that’s good, I know the feeling, it was the same for me when I learnt spanish. And if you ever need help or have a question you need answering, I am more than willing to help babe. I would love to see you some day, that would be truly wonderful, I shall hope and pray that in a year I would be either well enough for you visit me or well enough for me to visit you.
      As for the tweet, gosh my heart is beating, is this the official page? I think it is unlikely they will see it amongst the many though right? And they probably won’t read it now unless there was a special reason because it’s episode 8’s review and we’re already after 10 now. Don’t know if I’m relieved or disappointed, lol, hmmm well I think I am a little sad, keke. Oh well them’s the breaks. Hugs sweetie xxx

  14. Honestly, I don’t need to watch the episode again to feel the different emotions each character portray, because your exceptional talent in writing does it all. I wonder if PD Yoon will ask you to join the team 🙂 Love it Reb!

    • Thanks honey, i’m stunned by your compliment, I really don’t know what to say except thanks, and I am so glad that you took so much from my review, it really means a lot. Also, I don’t know if you like poetry but if you do, you can find more of my writing here at http://www.rebikita.tumblr.com please feel free to go and leave comments on there too.

      As for PD Yoon, oh my, could you imagine?!? I would be in total bliss, I can’t imagine anything more fullfilling than working with such a fantastic director. Maybe in my dreams eh, lol. Though I suppose anything’s possible if you wish for it hard enough, kekeke.


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