[Video] PON_20120419

Credits: JKSgogo

Brief text translation: JKS’ new CF of which he’s the ambassador will go on air tomorrow. The new product “MACCOLA” uses ingredients of Makkori (rice wine). We’ll get the CF to airing fast. JKS told PON his secret how he spends at night in Japan. Sukkie said, “I usually work till midnight, so most restaurants are closed already. Then I go to Yoshinoya (the largest beef bowls chain in fast-food industry).” The host was surprised at JKS’ fluent Japanese.

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  1. New cf? JKS said something funny again? Ah…..i think to be his fan, it is best to know Korean and Japanese. Sadly, I know none.

    But at least, i know Eng and Chinese. Waiting for sub and translations.


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