[Music] S.Jin – The Girl And I (“Love Rain” OST)

Credits: uploader and Gabby/ ECI

This song appeared in 70s, can you remember in which scene they used this song? Please put your comments and thoughts about this song. 🙂 70s part of the drama is over airing, but the poetic quotes, beautiful scenes and touching music will last long time in audience’s heart.

7 thoughts on “[Music] S.Jin – The Girl And I (“Love Rain” OST)”

  1. Tks for your posting, Kaori-chan! This song appeared many times in 70s part and the melody seemed to leave regrets as I didn’t understand the meaning. Something might need to be told rather than hidden. I remember that there was a short piece of piano & guitar version when Seo Inha found Yoon Hee’s diary while packing up belongings for volunteer army and Yoon Hee sat in the corner of the library, thinking about the image of singing Seo Inha. Those were very sad, just because it was quite late. As Yoon Hee said: “A lovely scenery is always the most beautiful; however; a beautiful love scene may not be always filled with happiness. Love…always have both sides, sadness and happiness.” (Ep2)
    I will have to read the lyrics while recalling…
    Everytime I watch 70s part, again and again, I can’t stop…just slowly and gently…Keun Suk’s acting and expression really influenced me 🙂


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