7 thoughts on “[Pics] KBS “Love Rain” in 2012”

  1. From the 4th second onwards after the 3 counts by Hana at the osen in Hokkaido, Seo Jun has been like melting putty in Hana’s hands. He is falling, falling and falling hard in love with her by the minutes past. Love the way Keun Suk portray Seo Jun – resisting, denying, defiant yet knowing with increasing surety that he is not going to win the battle against himself falling in love with Hana. He could hardly take his eyes off her! One could literally sense his heart skipping a beat, the highly strung alertness and territorial marking instincts whenever Hana comes within his radius. The last picture is so sweet and calm – looks like he is finally resigned to his fate of giving his entire heart to this girl in his arms and that he would travel to the end of the world and back with her, if necessary.:)

    • I agree with you! And I felt so giddy each time Seo Joon feeling crazy not beiing able to control himself falling in love with Ha Na. Bwahahahahaha its not easy fighting himself, liking all the opposites of what he is looking for.

      • this is the first drama which we see Sukkie playing a lead role Seo Joon who is confused about his own feeling and the confusion is much more than HTK in YAB ^_^

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