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“I hate… I hate… I hate…” I hate home without love. I hate my mother who collapses. I hate my father who refuses her. Above all, the most hateful thing is me, their child who exists in the discrepancy between them.
“싫어요… 싫어요… 싫어요…” 사랑없는 가정도 싫고 무너지는 엄마도 싫고 거부하는 아빠도 싫고 그 어긋남 한가운데 존재하는 자신이 가장 싫었던 아이

“맞습니까…” 떨리는 목소리 흔들리는 눈빛 아무것도 찾아오지 않는 마음을 30년동안 가지고 산 인하 형의 시간이 움직인 순간.

이틀 연속 키스씬 소식에 장어 단체 멘붕하나훀ㅋㅋ 내 청춘 돌려줘어 ㅠㅁ ㅠ 임원 되신 분들 축하드리며 감기 다 나으면 치맥 쏠게요!! 크리제이 화이팅!!

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  1. The first tweet jus tears my heart…so is that how Seo Joon feels… It is indeed tough to come fro a broken family…to feel worthless… T_T that explains his personality…why he is so surly… and wat does the last eel with bloody tears signify?? Hmmm strange…

    • Meg, I couldn’t translate the third one… It seemed about that eels must had been shocked to hear kissing scenes for two days. But she asked eels to keep supporting Sukkie.

    • so excited to comment for the Thoughts on Ep 7~..this episode really marks in my mind (no exaggeration intended).

      the first tweet..deeply describes Seo Joon’s struggle in Ep 7..it must have been frustrating for him to witness, in his very own eyes how his mother persuaded his father to live with them again..and (as he’s been dreading)..see how his father rejected his mother in front of him..~i can’t blame Seo Joon for reacting and feeling that way for his father..given that he does not have any experiences in love and does not know the history of it all, of his parents. For him, his father In Ha is just a cold-hearted man..or turned into a cold-hearted man.


      • ione, yeah we don’t know how In Ha and Hey Jung got married.But from the beginning In Ha has never loved her… for the child, Jun that hurt him a lot.. Will Jun forgive Yoon Hee after he knew that she is the his first love? ummm.

      • tenshi-chan, your question is a good one, and alarming at the same time! hmm..with your question..i realized, true, unconciously (or was it conciously?) Seo Joon developed an unfondness to his father’s first love..ugh. can sense the complicated situation already. >_<

    • hey Meg,
      this is shilpa from India and so happy to find someone who is also crazy for jks…
      got hooked onto him last month and watched every movie and drama related to him … i used ‘ dramafever ‘ when in US..now i’m back in India and am lost as its not working here.. could u plz suggest some sites where i can watch LOVE RAIN with eng subs..
      thanks in advance…


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