29 thoughts on “Thoughts on Love Rain ep 6”

  1. Wonderful write-up!! Don’t worry abt the length, i loved every bit of it!

    I’m gleeful with all the spars betw the OTP! And yes, the highest compliment that I can give to Yoona is that she DID NOT OVERACT! She managed to make her cute gestures natural and it’s really a breath of fresh air… I find it irritating frankly to have to put up with so many of these characters which you can somehow only find in Korean dramas… Sukkie, is without a doubt, too attractive beyond words…

    His all-in-one assistant is so cute I wanna pinch his cheeks! Lol!!

    I hope Seo Jun’s rivals have more umphh in them than just being nice and sweet…

    • Kekeke!! i liked the assistant too LOL!!! he is the perfect pair for our cranky joon…and his timing always amuses me…esply his haunted scene in ep 5 was awesome…LOL…and yoona u better dont try the Am Cute U adore me act…something which irked me in many dramas esply BOF…shudders…

  2. Meg, I love your frank views from generation Y ^_^ really a good write up like those from Gabby.. agree with Farina that Yoona is natural in her acting, just like what Sukkie has said earlier about Yoona in an interview I saw in Chinese.. For Sukkie, whether in 1970s or 2012s.. he is perfect as a chameleon actor.. different images, different speaking tone, different smiles & facial expression, different gestures.. I believe later we will see him crying differently in his 2 roles..
    I wonder if anyone notice PD Yoon in the drama during 1970s…and also if we look at the filming done.. the 1970s have that rustic setting including the surrounding backgound colors whereas the 2012 have more colors..


  4. Kobanwa ..Oppa Jang Keun Suk mother is beauty,cute face, ….Oppa take care your health, Oppa take care your mother health..
    Annyeonghaseyo ! Saraghase…….! Saraghase..oppa jks

  5. BRAVO Meg!!! Really love your essay. Just like farina said, I don’t mind either with long essay as long as it’s understandable and able to make me nodding my head agreeing, smiling, and even say YES RIGHT!.
    Looking forward to your next awesome writing Meg!
    And now….long waiting again…eps7!

  6. dear meg, i love your writing. I love it when seo jun teased hana in the restaurant, so playful, naughty and bossy, and also dramatically handsome and sexy. These are my fave scenes in this ep: 1. when hana asked jun y he wanted to kiss her and jun denied, 2. when the cafe waiter explained to hana how jun put his sign board there and many people yelled in front of the cafe door, and the way hana yelled was also naturally cute, 3. when jun sat down and enjoyed his triumph after giving the impatient actress a lesson (I used to hate over confident person, but JKS is just too handsome that I can’t help but accept that jun’s over confidence is hot), 4. the best one: when jun said: stand by… to his staff. that’s the sexiest bossy order I’ve ever heard. If i were his staff, I’d be willing to work with him for 24 hours.LOL.

  7. good job meg!! you said it well.. never mind of long writing just like the others love reading your review.. Love Rain Fighting!!! 🙂

  8. My dear Meg…..Bravo!!! I love love your LR thoughts. You have said it all. If I haven’t watched this drama yet…I WILL SURELY WATCH IT now after reading this wonderful insight recap. You are such a wonderful writer. Thanks dear for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Heyyy…you always know your ECI sisters like it long……* winks*

  9. Superb analysis Meg… since i hav a few moments to spare, thought i’d just add in my few cents worth.

    Seo Joon: the egoistic playboy will not stand being pushed away by any girl. The only difference is that this time , he didn’t figure that his heart would go racing 1-2-3 sec after she mocked him! And never in his life would he have imagined how hard he’ll have to work to get her … competition from other suitors & that, unlike other girls who willingly fall at his feet, this one is going to be a tough nut to crack!!! This brings me to my first point …

    Hana is attractive to him too because she’s probably the only woman who has ever dared challenge his ego n one he enjoys ‘sparring’ with (eg. the ‘ru, ru ru’ scene? looks like bullying BUT Hana will never let him have the last say if she can help it).

    Secondly, the screen play: is that what you call it? Anyway,my favourite part in Episode 5 is the part when he tried to seduce her in the hot spring…turn on the French song … after 1-2-3 secs..NOTHING happens! And just as he realises it n turns away, the music suddenly screeches to a halt like a broken record and I laughed my head off at his reaction… the turn of the head, shoulder in perfect synchronisation with the music!

    • Oh, I love the scene at the hot spring too. The moment where he turned away and the music screeching to a stop was hilariously!

      Meg, you have aptly described the episode to a T. Great work!

      • Ah the hotspring scene…missed oppurtunities…hope Joon and ha na can recapture those moments later 🙂

  10. Meg, I love it, right on the key points. I do love Yoona’s acting part that when Ha Na overheard Seo Joon was taking to his assistant about her.
    And yes, Chris and Farina, the hot spring part, when he moved away after he failed on trying to seduce Ha Na with his “first time feeling” skill, the music and motion he did were hilarious.

    Meg, I laugh and love the part you talked about 70s, that’s the Meg I knew. :))

    Thanks, great job.

    Can’t wait for ep 7

      • Hi Sis Meg,long time no chat?So far I have not watch any single episode of LR but I enjoyed reading ur thoughts on episode 6..Somehow,u gave me tidbits of what I’m desperately missing,sighs!! Thank you and I’m hoping that I get the chance to talk to you in ECI one of this days..I miss u:)

      • Hi Miracle,i miss u too!!

        @Meg,I’m fine sis how bwt u? I barely log in ECI co’z net in our place had signal problem..Even watching LR is not possible w/c made me sad but at the same time a little bit happy co’z I can open JKS Forever here in my work.Have you and the rest of the girls joined Prince official page,the new one?Pls. let me know so I can arrange my application too.Thank u!!

  11. Thanks Meg, well written. I finally watched Ep6 this morning and I watched it twice! I love the hotspring scenes but a bit annoyed of the over-steam occasionally blurring Joon’s face. I like it that Joon has a bit of playfulness in him – at the curry restaurant when he decided to call her Rururu and that triumphant smirk on his face after he had the upper hand. I like it that he’s not afraid to go after Hana although he is still confused about his feelings. When InHa’s wife is so obviously still in love with him, I can’t help but feel InHa is wrong. It’s after 30 years for goodness sake, it’s very irresponsible to his wife and son! Anyway, I suspect there may be an explanation for this later as the plot continues on, it’s only Ep6 so long way to go. I was happy to hear more of the CCR song again in Ep6 (around 45min), I so love Cest la’Vie’s version! Ep7 is tomorrow, yay! By the way, I was wondering why they play T-ara’s Lovey Dovey song in the car (when Hana was with her senbae) and not SNSD but it just crossed my mind that it’s a shuffle dance song, was that coincidental?!?


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