[News] JKS kept Ha Seok-jin company at Ha’s father’s funeral

Actor Ha Seok-jin’s father, aged 56, passed away on 12 April 2012 at home. When police arrived, Ha’s father had hung himself. The father had suffered from heart problems and also depression.

Ha Seok-jin and Jang Keun Suk are both Hanyang University’s alumni with a good relationship well known in the entertainment scene. According to sources, JKS is currently busy with filming Love Rain but after hearing the news, JKS’ filming ended at 5 am and thereafter he went straight to the funeral parlour to keep Ha company and offer his condolences.


Source: Innolife

8 thoughts on “[News] JKS kept Ha Seok-jin company at Ha’s father’s funeral”

  1. I get to know about Ha Suk Jin via Sukkie and their close friendship.. really heart warming to know that Sukkie is helping his friend to tie over this tough period despite his own busy schedule..

  2. Yes condolences to HSJ’s family and friends. I am sure it is one of the most difficult times in HSJ’s life… losing his father in such a way. I am glad that JKS can be there for him to lean on. I hope that their friendship becomes even stronger because of Sukkie’s act of loyalty & friendship when he already has more than enough responsibilities on his plate!

  3. princejks do shows his soft kind side..to me he is always a kind young achiever..i like his enthusiasm in everything he is doing..i believe and always support his dream..


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