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  1. No matter how tire I’m, still insist to watch LR…
    Cant stop to love him…. he acting ‘speechless’
    He makes me no generation gap with people around me and we always having topic about him.

  2. Yes, ep 5 is much better in terms of pace and action, which goes to show there is a reason for the intentionally slower pace of the 1970s episodes. Unfortunately, some people write off an entire drama based on episode 1 .I must admit I’m one of those people. There are dramas where I cannot even get past ep 1, and I’ll forgo the whole drama if ep 1 is not to my taste. Hence, the importance of Ep 1 as a hook to get the audience interested.

    Needless to say, JKS is the reason why we’re watching this, and my hope of PD Yoon and scriptwriter that they should be able to produce quality dramas. They have shown they can do that in ep 5.

    Ep 5 includes a few comical elements that got me laughing i.e. Seo Joon getting interrupted twice in his attempted kiss.

    Also agree with Gabby, I love the transformation of the characters, and Yoona more so than Seo Joon. Yoona seems natural in acting Ha Na, and her lively personality a refreshing change. Guess most of us like her cute mobile ringtone, and her funny prank in the restroom of Seo Joon’s hotel room, amongst the cute and lively gestures she shows.

    On the other hand, I am not so taken with the character of Seo Joon. This is not to say that JKS has not acted well, but rather his character is rather… hard to like. We’re getting the message that Seo Joon is supposed to be a playboy, but he keeps using the same lines to hook girls … is that lack of creativity or what? Not that I’ve much experience, so tell me, will modern girls really fall for that? I laugh the 2nd time he uses these lines on Ha Na!

    So Seo Joon is a rich playboy, not so good tempered, a bit rash in the way he keeps turning away business with that temper of his … I haven’t seen anything about Seo Joon that I like, so looking forward to more eps and more of Seo Joon’s character development. I think I’ll be disappointed if Seo Joon remains the superficial person he is in ep 5.

    • normally drama will start with ‘bad’ boy then become ‘good man. only that there hv story to continue.. i like to see this character… normally girl like ‘bad’ guy mah.haa
      男人不坏女人不爱! agree?
      watch esp6, sure you will fall in love with him, uncontrollable!

  3. Episode 5 was just a glimpse of the fun we’re gonna have betw the two leads, betw Seo Joon & his rivals kekeke!!!! That will teach him some…. Can’t wait as the story unfolds…

  4. I don’t think Seo Joon is a real playboy. If he’s like Casanova, he tries to seduce girls as much as he can. But he doesn’t. He’s just not interested in girls and love relationship as he said that his father’s unfruitful experience affected him. For him, seducing girls is like a game. It’s obvious for him to know that girls are interested in him and want to spend time with him even if it’s an one-day-night relationship. He knows just saying “I’ve never experienced such a feeling before” makes girls hooked on him is really silly and foolish consequences. Before Hana, whenever he repeats this ridiculous words, he never fails to fascinate girls. It’s boring for him… I think it natural for bossy, self-centered Joon that he doesn’t focus on others including girls. He hates to be obsessed with others trivial things. But after he met Hana, his previous love theory has broken. As he said in the beginning of epsode 5, Joon has never experienced to fall in love with girls. For him, this is the first love. His girls experience is quite different from In Ha though. I think In Ha and Joon are both clumsy about love. I like seeing Joon’s confusion not to know the way he deals with his inner feelings toward Hana. I’m sure In Ha and Joon are a real parent-child.

    • Agree with you sis!!! Thanks for pointing this out. I have a feeling he might be scared or yeaa basically doesn’t believe in love because his Dad couldn’t forget his first love which must have hurt Seo jun’s mom. oooooo complicated, in other words really good story line!.. In ep 6, In Ha mentions that she’s like her mom, looking for that old fashion love. (teared up in that scene since i had a bit of connections in her part).

    • I agree with you that Jun is not a real playboy. As I watched episode 6 ( this episode is more addictive to me hahaha ) its spills more maybe of his childhood experience why he is scared to be entangled with a real love. The more I see how he was affected of his dad not being able to move on from his first love. But I’m so amused by the transformation of their characters. If In Ha is a shy and so romantic Jun is the completely reverse of the dad. And I’m so excited to see how Sukkie would breath to life Jun without the trace of Hwang Tae Kyung. Jun & HTK may have parallelism in terms of over confidence and meaness hahahaahah but you can really see the difference of the 2 characters…and Jun is more mean than HTK that I want to bury his face in the snow hahahahah…Sukkie is such a great actor, but I’m more surprised of Yoona she is more natural as the perky and bubbly girl. Hope the rating of LR would continually improved specially after episode 6 was shown. I cannot wait to see the love hate relationship of Ha Na and Jun.

  5. wow, Tenshi, that was very well said about Seo Jun’s character. I do think he is a child that has some dark side but from his experience, he grew up with parents who they don’t really in love to each other. That’s really hurt to be as a child in the middle. So he said he doesn’t believe in love because he never seen his parents really in love. He was just a confused young guy but when he met someone he started to have feeling, for sure he wouldn’t know that was love at first, he keep denied. As playboy part, I agree is part of game. What do you think a young guy like him confused, unknowing about his own true feeling and also has a privilege life would do, of course, he thinks girls he was with mostly easily fell to his game play. For sure, Ha Na will “teach” him how to face your own feeling and he will realize what love is about. I’m really looking forward to the next. I think as In Ha’s son when he knows he love the girl, he will just feel the way he first met her forever. Let’s wait and see. I bet it will take him a quite journey to get to the point and again, he is the one who fell in love first, because Ha Na hasn’t yet. Jun for sure will learn some lessons first. kkkk

  6. random thoughts on this episode..^^

    i personally like Ha Na here..good acting by Yoona. For Seo Joon..I’m still quite worried that I’ll be seeing Tae Kyung in his acting..some scenes, yeah..but Seo Joon’s playboy and unpredictable personality is really different from Tae Kyung’s reserved character.

    and..remember the scene in the karaoke bar where he invited the model to go out?..Keun Suk’s so sexy in the scene where he simply whispered “let’s go” to the model..it’s like..Has Keun Suk ever invited a girl that way?..ugh..so realistic..as if Keun Suk is used to it. ^^ kkkk…

    • In my analysis, Seo Joon just wanted to complete the love game. He must hates to be interrupted his plan by others, but he failed to kiss twice. It’s enough for him she followed him to his room as he asked her so. He doesn’t emphasis on love affair itself.

      About Sukkie, his parents are said a happy couple who say “I love you” and kiss every day. Sukkie has grown up with a lot of love, so I don’t think he undervalues love relationship.

    • I guess I should mention one thing about the HTK and SeoJun relationship.. keke Personality wise, they’re quite different. I know they’re both mean but in different ways i guess, but if this was a different drama, I bet you a thousand dollars that his character that he will most likely portray will be a mean one. haha like what all kdramas have these days. anywhooo back to the point.. Maybe the only complaint i have with this issue is his movements or facial expressions. Sometimes you might feel he’s doing the pouty lips or how he gets mad looks like HTK, which hopefully I don’t see a lot. But soo far, he has this different attitude when he gets angry.. Will watch EP 5& 6 AGAIN to see. LOLOLOL. 😛

  7. At first, I was varied about LR 2012, reason #1 because I’m still missing In Ha…#2 I was afraid that Seo Jun is too close to HTK’s character, and #3 worrying how would Sukkie convince viewers in seeing these two strong characters as individual and separately.

    After watching Ep 5, now I can say I’m impressed and surprised at the same time for both Yoon Hee and In Ha’s transformation to the modern day. It’s way better than I expected. Yoona does a good job playing Hana. I like Hana character a lot…so cute, fresh, lovely talkative and straightforward person…can’t help but fall for her too…lol
    As for Sukkie, I always knows he can play any characters throw at him….despite worrying at first how Sukkie would play Seo Jun without reminding the viewers of HTK’s character all over again.. Phew!!!! Superb acting skills, Sukkie!!! Even though Seo Jun has few of HTK’s traits, such as being mean to the girl he falls in love with and being in self denial of loving the girl…. sooo glad that I can clearly see Seo Jun as Seo Jun; not HTK at all. Seo Jun is just simply a devilish irresistible bad boy most girls hate but can’t help themselves from falling for again and again….kekeke.

    Ahhhh…first time I heard of Diamond Snow and its mythical meanings, too. I always love snow… therefore, I super love the snow beautiful sceneries in Love Rain. Just watching the beautiful sceneries alone is worthy in watching this drama.

    Hahaha… each of my LR thoughts, I keep repeat myself …. I love love this drama and I don’t care about the rating anymore. As long as I love it, it’s enough!!!

  8. I finished watching eng subs of ep 5 last night and i was like, “Arrgh, i want more!”. What i like about the character transformation is that you can’t see the trace of the 70s! Yay! Though i miss In Ha’s melting stare and Yoon Hee’s way of speaking slowly, i’m thrilled of seeing Ha Na’s impatient look and own naughtiness and Seo Joon’s arrogant and cool style!

    And how Seo Joon looked when Ha Na didn’t fall for his 3-second thing, priceless!

    Kudos to Gabby for her wonderful thoughts on this episode! 🙂 Chukhahaeyo!

  9. There were so much funny scenes in episode 5.. not only the cinematography but I like also the musics they are using for each scene in this episode that gives me good feeling as i watched.. especially the music background wherein Seo Joon flirting with the girls.. it makes the scene more funnier and more insincere.. 🙂 the whistle sound music they used while Joon taking picture.. love it too..

    Good job for Yoona as Ha Na.. I love her character, not over done.. so natural.. i like the way she speaks and run.. so she got my heart in this episode.. with Seo Joon, of course because he is JKS, he’s so cool.. kekeke..

    I love the expression done by JKS after he answered all Ha Na’s riddles.. so cute.. and the scene where he fell down in the hole, he sounds so mature as he’s saying pali, pali to Ha Na.. 🙂 and the eyes when he was flirting.. waaahhhh to die for…

    LOVE RAIN fighting!!!!

    • Hi! You watch episode 6 and the more you will be hooked hahaha. I watched it 7 times already. Its funnier than episode 5 and the level of excitement would make want to push the days for next week, and want to find out what how a certified playboy would finally struggle to find excuses just deny his feelings hahaha. Though I missed the romantic and shy In Ha, the quiet and shy Yoon Hee, but the the opposite characters of the kids have grown in me.

  10. I read these lovely messages after 10 years! I saw Love rain last year..and I saw it again and again since then..It’s my precious!The episodes 5 to 11 are in my opinion the most beautiful from this kromcom genre!God bless you, my dear prince!I love this ‘world of warmth’ created by you!


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