3 thoughts on ““Love Rain” props change”

  1. i love these parallel comparisons. The more i watched LR, the more i love it. I am saving to watched all episodes with subs together, as i want to purely experience watching without understand what the conversations are first, but focusing on their expressions, and the beauty of the scenery and drama effects. LR is like a literature lesson, the more you read it, the deeper meaning of its content is revealed.

  2. even though the props were change, but father n son have same thought, same action and it happened the same way….

    1. seo in ha had yoon hee’s diary, and seo jun had hana’s cell phone. the bump to each other and acquainted since then.

    2. seo in ha said to yoon hee (when she find out her painting), that he meant nothing, she’s nothing but scenery….
    and seo jun also said to hana (when he shot her in the snow), that hana block his scenery, he asked hana to move out, yet he shot her again… they’re pretty funny

    3. they also use the same question mark & exclamation mark wrote in the glass… *grin

    but i hope….the result is different….this time should be happy ending!

    • sis cajuputte, agree! and you noticed..one of them didn’t intend to say “sorry”..if you think about it, there maybe a reason to that..or even if it’s coincidence, it’s still based on the fact that “Love means never having to say sorry.” PD Yoon’s so witty. ^^


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