[Video] KBS “Love Rain” Behind-the-scenes (5)

UPDATE: the previous video was deleted and uploaded the newer one on April 11. I left the previous link, too. The newer one was a bit shorter. We couldn’t watch the director PD Yoon hugged Sukkie anymore… why did they delete the part?

Credits: 1004KBS
Newer one : 2:44 long

Previous one : 3:00 long

6 thoughts on “[Video] KBS “Love Rain” Behind-the-scenes (5)”

  1. What happened….JKS looked so sad and almost cried when the director hugged him. It looked like the director was trying to comfort him or something. I’m worried…..

  2. omo… what ‘s wrong with my prince??????? he looked so sad:(…..btw PD yoon very nice to him ^^. Keun suk ah cheer up (^o^)/. Pd yoon fighting!!. YoonA I love you ^^

  3. Judging from the clothes he’s wearing which is the same as a previous BTS vid, I think that might be the day that he was very sick with fever and headache, so sick that he didn’t know what he was saying. It’s so nice to see PD Yoon comfort him, they seem very close, like father and son. Obviously, he must be better now cos he went to LMFAO concert last Sat.


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