5 thoughts on ““Love Rain” in 2012 character relationship chart”

  1. History repeating? I hope not. I have a feeling Seo Jun will NOT be the noble idiot for the sake of his friend like his father was. I wonder if it will be a bit of a role reversal since Jun is supposed to be a confident playboy. Does that mean that Sun Ho will be a gentle sweet guy? Questions abound. I can’t wait until Monday!! I wanna see more Love Rain.

  2. kaori chan, do you know the title of the background song when sukkie ran into the librarty to find the yellow umbrella in ep 1? and the song played again when they’re dating in the night train to east sea. I’m really in love with this song. i hum it everyday. i think this song reflects In Ha’s personality perfectly. Though seo jun looks drop dead gorgeous, but I still miss In Ha (the young In Ha of course LOL)

    • dom, I’m sorry I don’t know… but it may be the original song for Love Rain. I like this song, too! I hope it’ll be included as one of the OST songs. Probably after the OST releases, we’ll see the title.

  3. very interesting!!..I love this!….great!….
    Jun Hana + seoJun
    Jun Hana + Lee Sun Ho
    Jun Hana + Han Tae song
    ..omg!..this is cool!….I can’t wait. for next episode….LOVE RAIN is THE BEST DRAMA!!!…YOONA AND JANGE GEUN SUK ARE THE BETS COUPLE 😉


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