6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Love Rain ep 3”

  1. I think I started to fall in love with LR from ep 3 onwards. Perhaps my feelings about ep 1 and 2 are coloured by the negative reviews about LR – despite the quality of the visuals, admittedly, the beginning was slow paced, but upon hindsight, the slow pace brought out the conservative mood of the 1970s.

    What I like about LR so far is all the glances that In-ha and Yoon Hee were giving each other – eyes that speak volumes of their tumultuous, shy, awkward and oh-so-in-love feelings that words can’t really express, and this continues into ep 3 where love between In-ha and Yoon Hee blossomed so sweetly. I was counting the number of times they held hands or were about to hold hands…

    And action definitely started picking up in ep 3 – hope that the momentum continues strong!

  2. Sis Nancy! I could finally read your review lol and I kind of agree with you about the “Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry” XD… i guess it sounds nice and romantic but it doesnt really make much sense lol as you said

  3. Thank you 🙂 I’m just getting around to checking out stories and reviews for Love Rain. I agree it is very hard to consider Dong Wook as “the enemy” because he wasn’t an actual rival of In Ha. Dong Wook was quite sincere if a bit oblivious to his friend. I found it quite frustrasting the In Ha chose not to step forward. I considered him a bit of coward at first. He even went as far as considering joining the army instead of admitting to anyone how he felt. I found it to be quite sad when Dong Wook finally got his date with Yoon Hee only to wait and wait for her and eventually risk detention because he was out past curfew. If In Ha and Yoon Hee had just been honest with themselves, each other, and their friends so of the heartache could have been reduced.


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