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  1. hope Tree-J will come up also english website for international fans.. waiting for it.. thaks for sharing this..

  2. ” Love Rain ” TV drama is a rush product. Too may mistakes found and spoil the hard work team members. Hope that JKS will value his talent to take more good films and drama in future.

    We love JK’s acting, singing and most of all he is our superstar.


    From your fans in HK.

  3. Catherine, actually Love Rain is not a rush product compared to all previous drama with Sukkie , many eels and non-eels fans love this drama so much as it has been a long time since we have such a drama.. PD yoon, the whole production team have started this drama since last year for the first 4 eps for the 1970s generation.. and the rest started beginning of this year.. besides, from the BTS of the drama, we can happy to see all the team members work happily despite the schedule and really have to congratulate all of them as this drama was also showcase during the recent Cannes festival as well as being the drama to break the broadcasting sales record in Kdrama history overseas as we really can’t wait for the DVD to be out despite we have watched in many times over internet.. I’ve seen read through our eel friend who wrote about her thoughts for ep20, really amazing as I didn’t realise she has picked up so many details and thoughts from the drama which I may have missed…
    Here is a link to share on Love Rain’s achievement and we are so happy for the whole team who work hard for it.. great work! Last but not least, Sukkie & Yoona did a good job especially I’m so glad to see Sukkie showing his great acting skill in the drama.

    • I agree with you. Love Rain is not a rushed project but it is well planned, beautifully written, creatively mounted and its crafted very well in every aspect. Its critically acclaimed . And I’m so happy this is given to Sukkie and for me, this not only meant for Sukkie but nobody could excellently portrayed those 2 different characters with such depth and passion except Sukkie. I do not mind a lot about the rating games. Those who did not watch it missed the oppotunity to marvel a masterpiece.


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