[News] Love Rain’s poster at Cannes and KBS building

Credits: Sukbar Weibo
English Translation: Sarah Ye

这个不是愚人节的玩笑哦~~上面两张图,是在戛纳电影节展厅外的KBS WORLD #爱情雨#海报,第三张图,是首尔KBS大楼外挂的#爱情雨#海报,爱情雨一定会给力的,fighting
This is not an April Fool prank ^^, the top two pictures below are from Cannes International Film Festival, KBS World’s drama Love Rain’s poster is hanging on one exhibition hall. The third picture is Love Rain poster hanging on KBS building. Love Rain will be empowered, Love Rain fighting!

11 thoughts on “[News] Love Rain’s poster at Cannes and KBS building”

  1. hahaha, sarah… still need to specially mentioned that its not an April fool prank..

    but im super proud & happy for the achievement of Prince…. Go go Prince…

    To the international platform step by step ^^

  2. Thanks sis Sarah for posting LOVE RAIN poster in France!!! This is very good news. I’m so happy to see LOVE RAIN poster in any other countries. Love Rain soars to the World!!! Fighting fighting.

    Sukkie, don’t get despair by low rating!!! Internal EELs will stand by you and support your drama, no matter what.

  3. What a good news today!!! I think this mellow drama will be loved by French and European people! 🙂

  4. I noted that French and USA media were present at Love Rain pressconference. Does anyone know what organisations they represented? Also, Sukkie was interviewed by CNN last year, does anyone know what the interview was about and if there is any vid available?

  5. Love Rain Fighting!!! JKS Fighting!! We are very happy for you… Love Rain will be love by International fans because its really a beautiful drama.. 🙂

  6. Sarah, Thanks for posting. Sukkie…Love Rain is not appreciated much in your country, but your talent and work are much more appreciated beyond the borders. That means you are more popular and your dream of becoming the World Prince is not impossible! You are loved by many all over the world. And those who will not watch this drama will miss the opportunity to see a magnificent work of art, Keep fighting!

  7. so happy to see this update! it’s an opportunity for the LR team to be known / recognized in France, and at Cannes too!

    I just hope that there’ll be a lot more people there who are able to appreciate this beautiful project. ^^

    Good luck.^^


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