[11 Feb 2011] Lounge H in Osaka

A beautiful poster of Lounge H, with a beautiful message on it from Jang Keun Suk:

“It has always been my hope, in a space where I can feel everyone’s proximity, to enjoy our time together. In the cherry blossoms season in Japan, I hope my wish can be fulfilled. Jang Keun Suk’s legend is just starting. Please look forward to the future me.”

Fans at Lounge H today can take home this beautiful A4-sized poster – so envious!

Lounge H has already ended, and from Sukbar’s online broadcast gathered from fans’ Twitter, it seemed to be a wild, wet event… … wet on account of the alcohol being sprayed around, and with JKS and Kurt dancing their hot dance, drenched in alcohol. JKS also pulled his manager Kim and another fellow worker on stage to join their dance and during the encore, took off his shirt and splashed himself with water/wine(?). Frankly speaking, if everything goes well and I’m able to get my hands on a LH ticket for the Singapore event, I’m not sure whether my heart can take it! Too ‘hot’ for me!

JKS shared that he had finished his new album’s song recording last week, and he sang a small part of it at Lounge H. One new song in his album is “Let Me Cry” – aptly named because I feel like crying just looking at the song title and I don’t know why, haha~ If it’s a slow, sentimental song with JKS singing it full of feeling, I think my tears will really flow…..

He will be going to London and a European country, Hungary (??) in March to film his 15th anniversary DVD and photograph book. The question mark is mine. Hungary and Czech are two different countries, right? So is this a confusion here or what?

There’s also one part of Lounge H where JKS will select one Valentine’s Day card out of five, and it seems that JKS will do something for the lucky winner, though it’s up to anyone’s guess at the moment. I love JKS’ little considerate acts and the way he would go out of his way to do something special for fans.

News & pics credit to Baidusukbar unless otherwise credited

【suk-LH日本巡演大阪站】海报上的文字翻译:我一直希望,能在感觉的到大家的距离里,享有同样的时间。 日本的樱花盛开的季节,我希望我的愿望能够实现。 张根硕的传说刚刚开始,敬请期待以后的张根硕—翻译:柚衣

【suk-LH日本巡演大阪站】Suk has finished CD recording last week n he sung his new songs a little bit, prob phew phrases RT@sato_jks: あっ!CDの収録は先週終わったらしい。少し歌ってくれたよー—suk上周已经完成了cd的录制,现场小唱了一下

【suk-LH日本巡演大阪站】日本发行的CD专辑里面,新歌主題曲為let me cry !



Cr: Cri-J Indonesia (pic taken during rehearsal)

13 thoughts on “[11 Feb 2011] Lounge H in Osaka”

  1. Oh wow sounds crazy… And so hot loool!!! And yea Czech and Hungary are completely different country, a small mistake I guess?

    I will be soooo happy for you if you attend Lounge H in Singapore, then we can have a full *visual* account BUT YOU MUST NOT PASS OUT!!! lol

    • I’ll be over the moon if I can attend Lounge H. I only hope that my quirky memory works so that I can give a good account of the happenings, cos sometimes I can even forget things in the next second!

  2. Just came across something funny on Facebook, which made me laugh outright….

    When JKS took off his shirt for the encore, all the eels present saw two Salonpas plasters on JKS’ back. Not sure whether this product is sold in the West, it’s a medicated plaster meant for muscle ache.

    After the 29 Jan Seoul fan-meeting, (if I remember correctly) JKS blogged the next day saying that he and dog Sunni were extremely tired. JKS had over-exerted himself during the performance and he stuck these plasters all over his back, said he must be getting old.

    I know I’m a bad eel for laughing at JKS, but it strikes me as very funny…. Sorry, JKS, hope you recover soon from your muscle aches….. *hides somewhere and continues laughing*

    • actually me too.. same reaction..
      but don’t get me wrong fellow eels..
      i love JKS to the MAX…
      i hope he can find some time to rest well..
      take care of your health Sukkie..
      Health is wealth.. 🙂

    • two Salonpas plasters on JKS’ back ? it could be for cable of wireless microphone ..please … don’t said that it’s a medicated plaster meant for muscle ache…please..hahaha because it’s too shame to heard that hihiihiiii

      • it definitely is Salonpas….. Maybe I misunderstand your meaning… I don’t understand why it is a shame …. just goes to show that he’s human 🙂 I like that (not his muscle ache of course)

    • @aphrael77 ..hehe i meant plaster for small microphone cable which usually wear by performer on Live Performance but i’m not that ‘shame’ anyway .. just a little bit funny imagine that Salonpas in his back. i even wanna be the Salonpas ^_~

  3. i hope you can come in the indonesian
    because i really really love you
    i have many your photo
    your song
    because i love you
    if one day,i not hear your song or i not look your photo,
    i will can’t to sleep
    i feel in my heart, you will always in there

  4. Hi ,to you, today!
    I hope you’re doing well. I’ve seen on Facebook some photos with JKS in some ‘private’ moments and I want you to clear for me one problem :” How far a paparazzi can walk in the privacy of a person even he ‘s a star?” If somebody loves a star it means the person loves HIS WORK AND SKILLS IN HIS PROFESSION. What could be funny to discover that he is a human being like any of us? For instance all of our great writers had or have their own habits or problems.Does any of their problems affect their work? NO! They are still valuable , trustworthy and LOVED ! I WILL LOVE JANG KEUN SUK FOR HIS ACTING PERFORMANCE and second for his physic appearence. He can express feelings only with his eyes in a million ways, without saying a single word. Hope I didn’t bothered you.Be well!

    • Hi Magda,

      wow, the only people who can answer your question very well are lawyers 🙂

      Same problem celebrities face in the West with the paparazzi.
      Theoretically, of course, the paparazzi shouldn’t invade the privacy of stars, but how often is that ideal followed?
      i guess it depends on the culture in each country as to how far the paparazzi wants to go.

      My personal opinion, for what it’s worth, is that the paparazzi will go as far as the celebrities will allow before they sue the paparazzi in court.

      Just to raise an example with Leon Lai in Hong Kong – a case several years back.
      His apartment was on a very high level and facing the mountain (i think). The paparazzi had found a spot on the mountain, used a very powerful zoom lens and took pics of his intimate scenes with his model girlfriend just because he didn’t draw his curtains. I mean, this is a very obvious case of privacy intrusion, but from what I recall, the celebrity didn’t even sue. And so the paparazzi got away with it.

      Media coverage is a double-edged sword – it can increase stars’ popularity or bring them down. So because of the power of the media, many celebrities tolerate it and learn to handle the reporters in their own way. But I guess the stars do have to take some responsibility for what they do in public. If a star gets drunk (erm hm, as in the case of our dear JKS sometimes) in public or do some other ‘stupid’ things in public and think that they won’t be on the front page of newspapers, well, they’ve got another think coming i.e. why did they have to do that in public in the first place?

      and you’re right, us fans love JKS first and foremost for his talent and character.
      to me, both are equally important. If a star has talent but dubious/negative characteristics I don’t admire, I won’t even care about the star no matter how talented he is.

      but many of the fans (me included) are so smitten with him that we want to know as much as we can about him, so there are situations where fans follow him all over the place, or circulate his personal pics on the internet …. of course, I like to think that we aren’t as insensitive as the paparazzi, cos we care about what JKS thinks and how he feels, so in the end, I think most of us still will try to give him the privacy he needs and the respect he deserves.

      Did I answer your question? 🙂

  5. Hahahaha!!!!!
    Do you think it’s possible? Here, in Romania, some celebrities sued the paparazzis and won the trials.The paparazzi had to pay compensation for their intrusion in private life. But also there are VIPs that cause especially some incidents to be in the attention of the press.
    Well , I’M SURE IT ISN’T THE CASE HERE as he IS LOVED by ….n people all over the world. Yes, you are right, they should be more careful , but they are so young, The stuff (payed!) should take care of them. OK.Thank you! Good night!


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