Excerpt from “Love Rain” Yoon Hee’s Diary in 1970s

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This is an excerpt of Yoon Hee’s Diary. In Ha secretly read it… and it made him love her more and more… It’s very touching, so I want to share here.

What will you mean to me?
by Yoonhee
Warning: this post contains spoilers, so you may not wish to read if you have not watched episode 1.

“Love does not say sorry.”

This is a line from the movie “Love Story” that my parents liked. But I still don’t understand what it means. I read it over and over again, repeated the line over again, but it still confuses me.

My parents died while protecting me during a bus accident. The life with my grandmother after my parents passed away was very lonely, but I had to endure. I couldn’t worry my grandmother, who even sold our family gravesite for my tuition.

I encourage myself when I’m lonely by writing in a diary, but sometimes even diaries cannot embrace my loneliness. At those times, like the lead characters of the movie my parents liked so much, I want to meet someone to love just like how my parents loved each other.

He came along when I was feeling like that. The person that I could only write about in my diary and the person that really understood me became a reality.

The man who accidentally bumped into me one Autumn day, when the leaves are falling, is he a person who can explain what “Love does not say sorry” means?

4 thoughts on “Excerpt from “Love Rain” Yoon Hee’s Diary in 1970s”

  1. I love it! Thank you for sharing…I saw the first episode but no eng subs out yet…this totally explains the look on In Ha’s face while he was reading the diary. :’)

  2. thanks Kaori chan.. this poem is too beautiful to be a spoiler even though I haven’t watch the drama yet. As I expect, I will probably watch this drama over and over again… watch with no sub, with sub and watch again while waiting for the next episode…kekekeke

  3. oh my, this is totally so romantic & sweet…. thanks tenshi for this translation..
    i love it & after reading this made me love this drama more….

    no wonder In Ha still not return it to her…… he’s so enjoying reading it…

    the first episode is going on quite fast……. so i really cant wait for the 2nd episode today… ^_^


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