[Rice Wreaths] Yay! We made it!!!

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UPDATE:We can see our rice wreath in KBS official pics!

The most clearest one!

This is just fantastic!!!
The rice donation from Jangkeunsukforever was spotted at Love Rain Press Conference, see the following pictures.

Here is the one before they put on ECI and Jangkeunsukforever joint banner, but you can is there.

Here is the closer shot (just the wreath) of ECI and Jangkeunsukforever’s donation

And here on the top left pic you can see edge of the banner

Here is the picture of original design of the banner. What a great job we have done. Thank you everyone!

21 thoughts on “[Rice Wreaths] Yay! We made it!!!”

  1. Thanks~~ sisters in ECI kept saying they saw JKS Forever rice wreath, but i didn’t spot it anywhere till this pic 🙂

    great job, everyone! that belongs to all of us ^^

    and of course, thanks to QQeyes and Farina for the coordination, and also to Shiro for submitting our rice wreath orders!!

    LR presscon is definitely a great success!
    and eel power worldwide to support our Prince~!!! that is a YAY!!!

  2. aphrael77, yes.. both JangKeunSuk forever 100kg and ECI+JKSforever rice bouquet 200kg are found up there.. taking good view ^_^ we must send message to Sukkie’s applications to make sure he keeps the picture for the rice donation from us.. even if it is bedsheet cover for Suni… LOL!

    • Carol, the “ECI+JangKeunSukforever” rice bouquet -200kg is the middle with green frame in the last picture.. you can see the picture banner folded on the rice with the pink banner with the last wording “….. KeunSukforever” on the rice bouquet… omy.. on JangKeunSuk forever blog, ECI is hidden behind… even on the rice bouquet it is hidden behind the pink banner! LOL!
      As for the JangKeunSuk forever 100kg rice bouquet, you can see it clearly in green frame on the right in the top picture…

      • Thx QQ, I can’t see any of the pics in my office coz being blocked now !!!! Only can see wordings LOL

        Luckily still can access to this blog site ….. like seeing the head without tail hahaha

        Will go home to check again …. 🙂

    • Shiro.. YES!!! I saw ECI+JangKeunSukforever rice bouquet pink banner being hang up on the right extreme side here with a bit of the picture shown!!! THANKS!!! ^_^ hope Sukkie will see this when he passed the entrance of the hotel…and remember to keep as bedsheet for Suni ^_^ hahahaa…

  3. Kyaaa..Weeee…Yeyyyy….Finally, I can see JKS forever banner and ECI banner locates beside Thailand banner. The ECI banner placed on the perfect spot, right at the walkway…Kyaaa… so many people must have seemed it. This post really makes my day!!! I was soo bumped out earlier when I couldn’t spot ECI banner with all the flags anywhere. NOW, I’m beyond excited and happy coz our ECI sisters’ hard work finally shows its reward.

    Thank you a million times to JKSforever and ECI committee team for organize this event. This is our first contribution event, and yet… all sisters did an AWESOME JOB. Great Team Work!!! *my head bows to all sisters involved*

    PS. I super LOVE our ECI banner. The messages said it all what’s our heart felt.

  4. all the best to ECI and JKSForever!!! and of course, Love Rain!!! thanks so much to the organizing team for giving all of us a chance to participate in this event through this!!! nomu komawoyo!!!

  5. I’m happy beyond words to see these rice bouquets!!! Thank you so much to everyone who made it all possible! Cheers to JKSforever and ECI! Love Rain, fighting!!!

  6. I am so happy for the jks forever fans that you were able to give support to jks thats amazing……keep it up!!!

  7. let me bring up this post for eels who have not seen before.. our support for JKS in Love Rain and also to spread the love to the community..


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