[17.03.2012] JKS Weibo

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nya!!! Let Love Rain rain in China too!!!! Even if it doesn’t, I also want to go to China!!! But it’ll be good if it does…. ah… don’t know!!
nya!!! 在中国也下爱情雨吧!!!! 就算不下也去中国!!!但是 要是下了就好了。。。。啊。。。不管了!!
ㄴ ㅑ!!!중국에도 사랑비가 내리냐!!!! 안내려도 중국 간다잉~~!!! 근데..내렸으면 좋…겠….아 몰라!!

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  1. I hope it will be aired on China too, but Suk seems too tired in that pic, I see dark cycle under your eyes, take care Suk. You are the most important than others.

  2. His hair looks slightly shorter … hmmm did he cut it again?
    Does anyone here know if they are filming the drama in Korea now or taking a break after Hokkaido?


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