Background Song with Lyrics of Love Rain Teaser (3)

credit: Love Rain Teaser 3 – KBS
Song “Forever Friends” on YT – tkyumish
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Love Rain Teaser 3

This is background song “Forever Friends” on Youtube

and this is the lyrics of song in English + Chinese
Now watch Love Rain scenes and listen to the song, do you feel the beauty and sadness of 70s love? I know I have already fetched my tissue box and my heart stop a beat for a sigh. I’m totally in love with Love Rain. Can’t wait for it. 9 days to go!

5 thoughts on “Background Song with Lyrics of Love Rain Teaser (3)”

  1. Thanks sis Sarah for posting the lyrics of this song. The melody of song has such eerie sweet sound and meaningful lyrics too. I feel so relaxing and peaceful listening to this song. I love it so much.

    Every time new LOVE RAIN teaser comes out, I’m falling blindly in love with it more and more, my heart fills with such joy and at the same time, fills with agonizing pain in waiting to see something you yearn for a long long time. I pray to DramaGOD, for LOVE RAIN to receive much love and recognition in Korea and the world.

  2. thanx for sharing Sarah!! it’s a very beautiful song….even brings some sweet memories back!!! i think this song fits our long-awaited melo Love Rain’s theme very much!!! Can’t wait to watch it and be drowned in love of LR!!!!! <3

  3. thanks for sharing the song.. it really fits for the 70’s era.. love love this 3rd teaser so much.. LOVE RAIN fighting!!!


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