Samsung Galaxy Player – JKS cut & interview [English sub]

Sukbar (Chinese translation and video)
English subtitles by Aphrael77 from Chinese translation

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I waited for the English subs to come out. Either I missed it, or it didn’t, so I subbed it myself because this is a really great interview where I am smitten all over again by Jang Keun Suk (he always does that to me…).

His voice is so gentle, he’s modest and he’s always making others laugh. I love his laughter! And he’s so spontaneous, wanting to check out his body proportion though it wasn’t in the programme, and taking a dig at himself when his body proportion was less than what he estimated.

And when the ahjumma winner of the game was interviewed and asked what JKS’ charm was, I was very, very happy at her answer – what an apt description of JKS! All eels have very good taste in liking our JKS 🙂

I think the host does a good job in balancing the promotional parts of the event and also in asking questions that draw insightful answers from JKS. After the game, the host commented that JKS seemed to have the ability to bring happiness to fans. Extremely well said! And I love JKS’ modest answer even more; he said not really, he often drew his motivation from fans. He’s so sweet and sincere.

And yes, there was the part about JKS’ friend describing him as frivolous, though it was meant to refer to JKS making his own decision not to follow the script sometimes.

Enjoy the interview!

一直等不到英文字幕版﹐是我錯過了嗎? 所以只好自己做字幕和大家分享﹐因為我太喜歡這個訪談里的張根碩﹐聲音那麼溫柔﹐人那麼謙虛﹐又常給別人帶來歡樂。超愛他的笑聲。小碩的個性咱們都了解﹐想做什麼就做什麼﹐隨性得很。他試了那個量身段的游戲﹐身段數字比自己猜測的底﹐還挖苦自己應該加個靴墊﹐真風趣﹗

玩了游戲之後﹐主持人不是問那位阿姨贏家小碩的魅力是什麼? 她也回答得太好﹐太貼切了﹗可見我們鰻魚的眼光一致﹐完全懂得欣賞張根碩的好﹗



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