3 thoughts on “[Pics] KBS shooting pics of “Love Rain” in Hokkaido”

  1. I like his smile in the 1st pic … he has a “shiny” presence wherever he goes.

    The huge crowd of happy smiling faces in the 3rd pic … I think they just loved to look at him … he must have felt so much love and support from the eels at the filming site.

    Oh, one more thing … even Sukkie’s back in the 3rd pic looks good ^^

  2. LOVE our Keun Suk’s look for the role of the son in Love Rain! Sigh… 🙂 our boy always look like sunshine no matter what the weather is like outside. He literary makes the world a “brighter” place, don’t you all think?

    • Yes, that’s one of the things I like about him – he’s always optimistic and bring happiness and laughter to the people around him and to the world. He’s my sunshine.


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