[News] “Team H” cafe will be open for a limited time in Tokyo


In commemoration of their debut album “Lounge H The First impression”, Team H cafe will be open for a limited period of time in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The cafe is the collaboration between “Tower Record @Shibuya” and “Cafe Manduka”. It will run for one week from 19 March to 25 March. The cafe will serve special menus for this event. Some photo panels will be displayed there, and lucky three eels can get them. Needless to say, people can enjoy Team H music there. If you buy the album at Tower Record at Shibuya, “JKS paper currency(?)” will be given and you can get a discount service on that cafe.

Cafe Manduka


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  1. I heard that Cafe Manduka has received numerous inquiries about this event and the number of them exceeded the record. I want to go there… but can I enter in the cafe? >_<


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